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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Raine, Jul 22, 2015.

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  1. Hey I'm Raine. I am going to work my ass off to become a WWE DIVA when I get older. I am 13 years old and my Dad introduced me to the WWE and Wrestling 4 years ago when I was 9 years old. My favorite DIVA right now is Paige. She kicks Royal Ass. The DIVA from the past that I really like is someone my Dad introduced me to by watching her amazing wrestling skills on video. She is my Dads all time favorite DIVA and I think she is awesome too. That would be Lita. I love watching RAW and SMACKDOWN and the PPVs especially during the Summer when I don't have a bedtime curfew. Other shit I like to get into is Karate, Skateboarding, Classic Rock Music, Horror Movies, and Hanging at the beach.

    Oh yeah, when I do become a WWE DIVA I already have a finishing move name. The Raine Maker. Fuck Yeah!!!!!!
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  2. Thanks Solidus. I am also going to try to get my Dad to join here. He is also a big WWE fan, but he works a ton of hours so I don't know.
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  3. Welcome to WWEF, Raine! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  4. Welcome to the forum! It's nice to see more ladies joining the place
  5. Welcome aboard. Keep working on your dreams and get into training as soon as you have a chance. Have you mulled over any school you are thinking of attending?
  6. Thanks for the welcomes. I think more girls should watch the WWE cuz a lot of the guys are hot Like Dolph Ziggler, Seth Rollins, Adam Rose, Alex Riley, Byron Saxton, Davod Otunga, Fandango, Heath Slater, The Miz(Yes even The Miz), Neville, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, & Zack Ryder.
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  7. I have always enjoyed watching the videos my Dad has of The Dudley Boys especially matches versus the Hardy Boys. They were incredible matches. So when I heard they opened a Wrestling Academy and it was in Florida too I wanted to go there for sure when I get older.
  8. Sounds like you have a bit of a plan figured out, so that's good.

    I'm not Florida based, or Ameria based for that matter. But maybe you could also try and get in touch with any of the women of Shine Wrestling (an all female wrestling promotion that runs out of Florida). Could be a good start in the business even if it is just getting to ask them a few questions.

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  9. Thanks, that is awesome. All these schools you have to be at least 18 so I have 5 years to go. for that.
  10. That is true but it is never too early to get a foot in the door, even if that is helping out putting up rings/chairs, getting the girls water bottles or such. Paying your dues and such. Not to mention building a network so when you do start training it'll be a bit easier to get booked for shows.

    Another advice from a guy with absolutely zero wrestling training himself is watch as much as you can. Dip into every style, WWE, TNA, ROH, English wrestling, Japanese wrestling, lucha libre and so forth. Find what you like and study study study. Then when you start training you can start building your own moveset and character. If you need advice on stuff to watch, just ask around.
  11. Oh that is a great idea and when I start in high school in 2 years I need volunteer credits and that would be an awesome way to earn them. Thanks so much. Having a dad who has watched Wrestling since he was a teenager is a huge help to me when it comes to having old videos to watch & shit like that it is a super big plus. I would totally love to learn the stuff that former DIVA Wrestler Lita has done. She is by far the best I have seen perform in the ring.
  12. No worries. Allow me to get you started on your worldwride wrestling journey. Here's a fun match from Japan that took place earlier this month (featuring former WWE star Evan Bourne)

    Have fun
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  13. Awesome. I am always in the mood for new matches.
  14. Damn, these guys sure have technical wrestling down to a science. They really know what they are doing in the ring. They are also very quick with there moves which really makes for an exciting match. The execution of there moves is so precise. No sloppy shit at all in this match. The wrestlers showmanship is somewhat different then the WWE or other American Style Wrestling, but they still get the crowd going. The flying in the ring is top notch. The length of the match was amazing. You don't see that very often in the WWE. Overall an awesome match. Thanks Again.
  15. It's nice to meet ya Raine! Hopefully you'll love it here as much as I do. And I hope one day you'll be on RAW and I can cheer you on! :emoji_slight_smile:
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  16. Thanks, that is my dream. I know it is lots of hard work but I think I am a hard worker.
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  17. It'll be a tough journey, with lots of bumps in the road. You're only young, so try to stick to this dream - the longer you work at it, the better you become.
  18. Yep, I have been training in the Martial Arts since I was very young and working on those things. I have come a long way in that. I do lift a few times a week at the gym but not heavy weight. I just stick to high reps and low weight.
  19. Welcome to the site, and glad to see you're going to have a big future with a well plan. Just please don't come to my house and body slam me and we're cool... Or if you do, make sure it's from the roof onto a flaming table.
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