FWC: The Fantastic Wrestling Club. A self written BTB

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    The demented mind of Stopspot brings you....

    The Fantastic Wrestling club


    This is a self written BTB mixing comedy, ring work and intricate/"epic" storylines. I've tried writing BTBs before but fell out of love with it. But then this idea came to my mind. Of writing a company from the ground up, using existing wrestlers but giving them new gimmicks and a new company to work in. That way I can keep it under control for myself, also the idea of writing these very out there characters/gimmicks is very fun. With FWC I say: Expect excitement, fun, action, attempts at epicness and the unexpected.

    Founded in the summer of 2014. The Fantastic Wreslting Club (FWC) is the brain child of recently released WWE superstar Brian "Curt Hawkins" Myers. Myers envisions a company that combines the colorful characters, personas and extravagant storylines of comic books and blockbuster movies with technical ring prowess, big match feel and great fun. To provide a promotion where talent are allowed to stretch their wings creatively and in ring. Myers hooked up with another recent WWE alumnus, Matt "Evan Bourne" Sydal and brought him in as his first signed wrestler. He then assembled a crew to help with the administrative work through his connections on the independent scene, including ROH star Christopher Daniels as an agent, before assuming the role of Head of Operations. FWC then went on an aggressive talent hunt. And once enough talent was signed: The first card was booked and set for the beginning of July 2014.

    Roster (As of episode 2):
    Chuck Taylor
    Biff Busick
    Marion Fontaine
    Matt Sydal
    Josh Alexander
    Ethan "Ego" Page
    Nick Jackson
    Matt Jackson
    Trent Barretta
    Tony Nese
    Mixed Martial Archie
    Pinkie Sanchez
    Johnny Gargano
    Drew Gulak
    "Varsity" Mark Angelosetti

    Non Wrestling staff:
    Brian Myers (Head of Operations)
    Veda Scott (Backstage interviewer)
    Larry Legend (Ring announcer)
    Christopher Daniels (Backstage agent)
    Nigel McGuinness (Manager and talent scout)

    List of events:
    Episode 1: I said wake up!
    Episode 2: How to Catch a Tiger

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  2. [​IMG]
    Brings you
    Episode 1:
    I Said Wake Up!

    An opening statement
    We open to a shot from outside BB Kings Blues Club & Grill in New York City, New York! We go inside to see a decently packed house of roughly 150 people for the first ever show put on by The Fantastic Wrestling Club. In the ring is the founder and Head of operations of the FWC, Brian “Curt Hawkins” Myers.

    Myers has a michrophone and greets the fans. He welcomes them to his new project after being let go from the WWE, The Fantastic Wrestling Club! He talks about how he has always had this vision of an organization where prime athletic competition and all out fun met, and how he plans to achieve this with the FWC. How he is going to turn being fired from the WWE from a set back into an opportunity. He hopes the fans will enjoy the show and leaves to let ring announcer Larry Legend handle the announcing duties.

    A backstage segment with Armani's Angels
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We cut to a backstage dressing room where we see two men, Tony Nese and Trent Barretta. Both men are busy trying on different outfits in all the colors of the rainbow in front of two large full body mirrors. They turn around and face the camera and seem almost surprised to see the camera crew filming them.

    Barretta: How long have you been there?! Meh, guess it doesn't really matter. My name is Trent Barretta...

    Nese: And I'm Tony Nese!

    Both: And we are... Armani's Angels!

    Barretta: You see we're not just ridiculously good looking – but really, we are! - we're also two incredibly skilled wrestlers. And we have decided to team up and bring our dashing good looks to the FWC. A quick phone call to Giorgio Armani and we had a sponsor and a name for our fabulous team.

    Nese: And tonight you will witness our debut, as we take those two teenybopper munchkins Nick and Matt Jackson to beauty school. And we'll prove that we're not just pretty faces, but down right dangerous!

    Barretta: But pretty! We're still pretty!

    Nese: Of course we are! Now if you excuse us, we need to pick out the perfect outfits.

    The flamboyant team turns around and continue going through their massive wardrobe as the camera goes black.

    Match 1: ACH vs Norm McNormster
    [​IMG] vs ?
    McNormster, a scrappy young lad in plain white trunks is waiting in the ring, hyped for his first ever match and the first match ever in FWC history.

    Gettin Jiggy with it blasts out of the speakers as ACH struts out, green and white zubaz pants full of swag. ACH compliments his zubaz with serious amounts of bling around his neck and a green snapback cap on his head. He shuffles to the ring and high fives fans at ringside.

    Larry Legend: Ladies and Gentlemen, his opponent! Extra Milk Chocolate... A..C..H!

    *ring the bell*

    ACH and Norm lock up and it's a bit of a war of styles. Norm is still working out the kinks in his game whilst ACH uses a very energetic, high flying style. ACH quickly establishes control and starts wrestling circles around his much more inexperienced opponent. ACH whips Norm into the turnbucklees and delivers a running dropkick to the chest of Norm, who crumbles to the ground. ACH jumps the ropes and hits the best 450 ever (450 from the second rope) and 1... 2... 3... it's all over! (ACH at 4:10)

    ACH celebrates in the ring as the referee raises his hand, his music blasting over the speakers and he begins to cut a rug with some Will Smith style breakdance moves...when suddenly his music cuts off and a mysterious man in a white labcoat walks out... It's Christopher Daniels!
    Daniels: I don't mean to be rude or anything like that Mr. H, keep on cutting your rug. I'm just out here to introduce myself. My name, is Christopher Daniels, multiple PhD’s. I'm here to compliment you about your win Mr. H, you are certainly a talented and quick athlete, and a man with copious amounts of...swag I believe it's called. But you could be so much better!

    ACH looks confusedly at the bald man cutting a tirade by the ring.

    Daniels: You see I have found a way to....edit the human genome. I can make men stronger, faster, wear leopard print fashionably and even fly. In short I can make men, into supermen. Just imagine Mr. H, I can take your already impressive speed and agility, and make you the fastest man alive! We could make history you and I if you allow me. So what do you say Mr. H...Will you allow me to make you a superior specimen?

    Daniels offers ACH his hand. ACH looks at it but refuses to the relief of the crowd.

    ACH: Sorry cat. But I think I'm gonna pass. You seem to have a couple of screws too many loose for my taste.

    Daniels: I was afraid you'd say that Mr. H. But I'm afraid it won't be that easy. If you won't join me, perhaps a … “beta test” would be in order?

    A remix of Monster comes on as a muscular man with a blond fauxhawk, dressed in a red and white singlet and a Hannibal Lecter style mask walks out to the ring. He gets into the ring as Daniels introduces this mystery man.
    Daniels: Before he met me he was nothing but an ordinary wrestler, stronger than most, but he could still be stronger, so I made him stronger. I made him into a stronger man, a stronger being. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Josh Alexander, or as I call him nowadays... A Walking Weapon!

    Weapon swipes out and lowers ACH with a short clothesline. The ref looks shocked but Daniels forces him to signal to ring the bell, and we have an impromptu match underway.

    Match 2: ACH vs Walking Weapon

    Weapon works over ACH with heavy blows, landing a series of stomps to the back of the downed high flier. Daniels directs traffic from ringside as Weapon dead lifts the limp form of ACH up into a stalling suplex, holding him up for 20 seconds. But just as Weapon is about to drop ACH the downed hip hop sensation comes to life and slithers out of the hold, turning it into a crucifix pin attempt... but Weapon is too strong and ACH jumps off to gain some ground. It becomes a battle of strength versus speed as ACH uses his speed to avoid Weapons grip and to land kicks to the legs of the bigger man. ACH starts gaining some momentum, working over the knee of Weapon to get the big hoss stopped in his tracks. But when ACH goes for a run of the ropes Weapon lashes out and nails him with a running lariat, sending ACH straight of the ring! Daniels laughs maniacally at ringside as his creation lays the pain on his opponent. ACH groggily gets to his feet as the ref counts down to 20, and gets up on the apron at the count of 12. But Weapon is up on the second rope, and he has ACH by the head and shoulder! He dead lifts ACH back into the ring, and hits a super sitout powerbomb from the top rope! Weapon covers. 1...2...3! (Walking Weapon at 10:06)

    Christopher Daniels climbs into the ring and raises the hand of his specimen. He then rips the microphone from the ring announcer and stands over the downed ACH.

    Daniels: What did I say Mr. H? You're fast, you're agile...But you're not superior. The Walking Weapon is, all who agree to be my specimen will be. You lost out tonight Mr. H, but I am a forgiving soul. Next month, at Episode 2: I will make you a new offer... And maybe this time, you appreciate what I am trying to do to you and accept.

    Daniels and Weapon leave finally leave the ring, allowing the referee and ringside staff to care for the still downed ACH. Two of the ring crew put his arms around their shoulders and help the beaten man to the back where doctors can take a look at him. ACH receives an ovation from the crowd and “be okay” chants. ​

    A backstage segment with Kentucky Gentleman, Chuck Taylor
    We cut to the loading bay behind BB Kings, where Chuck Taylor, the Kentucky Gentleman is sitting with a glass of beer in his hand.

    Chuck: I've been all over the world in my career, Europe, Japan, Canada and all over this here country of ours. But I am a simple man, with simple pleasures. I was raised to not cry, to work hard and put one foot ahead of another, and good things would come to me. But like many of my kin in Kentucky, I fell off the wagon. I started crying, weaseling and cheating to get my way, and it burnt a lot of bridges for me. But then I got this opportunity, to make a fresh start for myself.

    Chuck looks directly into the camera for the first time.

    Chuck: FWC offered me a place to work when my past actions have closed all doors behind me and barred them shut. Tonight I get a chance to turn my life and career around, and I won't blow it. Tonight in the main event I face “Flying high”, Matt Sydal. Matt, you just got back to the independents, and everyone wants a piece of you, but me? This is my last chance, and I ain't blowing it dude. So bring your A-game... Because I am bringing mine!

    Chuck throws the beer to the ground and marches back into BB Kings.

    Fade to black.

    Match 3: Biff Busick vs Marion Fontaine
    [​IMG] vs [​IMG]
    The eternal sounds of Queen comes on as Marion Fontaine, the handlebared haberdasher struts out of the entrance way and towards the ring, shaking hands with the crowd before sliding into the ring.

    Larry: Ladies and gentlemen, the handlebared haberdasher...Marion Fontaine!

    The soundtrack for Gladiator comes on and a man steps out, dressed up like a Roman gladiator. With a lion shaped helmet covering his face. He stomps to the ring with authority, not saying a word or acknowledging his opponent. Once in the ring he removes his helmet to reveal a clean shaved head and a neatly trimmed beard.

    Larry: And his opponent... Biff Busick!

    *ding ding ding*

    It's gentlemania versus strong style. Busick works hard and explosive strikes, but Fontaine uses an unorthodox style with classical dance moves and courtesies worked into his agile moveset to confuse the seemingly time displaced gladiator. And it is Fontaine who lands the first strike! Landing an open handed slap to the face of Busick, who lashes out in anger with a wild punch only to have Fontaine duck under it. Fontaine uses his quickness and agility to avoid the raging Busick whilst landing slaps and kicks to make him even angrier, that is until Busick catches him in a bearhug and rams him into the turnbuckles! Busick takes control and starts laying into Fontaine with elbows and forearm strikes, but he breaks off as the ref gets to the four count. Busick goes for a running big boot in the corner but Fontaine rolls out of the way. The match goes on with both men being more serious as it turns into chain and mat wrestling. Busick gets Fontaine in a headlock and really locks it in, dragging the mustached warrior across the ring like a rag doll. Busick throws Fontaine into the ropes and hits him with a European uppercut in the rebound! He lifts Fontaine into the half-and-half suplex and goes for the pin! (Biff Busick at 12:15)

    Larry: Here's your winner...Biff Busick!

    The ref raises a stoic Busick's arm in victory, but Busick rips his arm loose and turns to the downed Fontaine. The fans quiet down as if they expect another post match attack like earier...But Busick pulls Fontaine to his feet and helps him to the apron where staff help him backstage, earning him a round of applause. Busick grabs Larry Legend's microphone and begins to speak.

    Busick: Fontaine, you fought bravely today. But you did not have what it takes to conquer the unconquerable one. Now, FWC crowd, my name is Biff Busick... and I have a question: ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?

    The fans pop for the Gladiator reference and cheer for Busick.

    Busick: I am the unconquerable gladiator. I have fought a million battles to the death on a hundred different battlefields. I have begun establishing the Gladiator's reign here tonight. And next month, at episode 2... You will meet my brother in arms. And you will see just what we really are capable of. As FWC rises, so will the gladiators.

    Busick drops the microphone and walks to the back without acknowledging the crowd.​

    An interview with “Flying High” Matt Sydal
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    We cut backstage to backstage interviewer, Veda Scott.

    Veda: This is your intrepid reporter, Veda Scott! And I'm here with an exclusive interview with one half of this night's main event, Flying high, Matt Sydal.

    Sydal walks into frame.

    Veda: First off, thanks for taking the time, Matt.

    Sydal: No worries Veda.

    Veda: So earlier in the night we saw a video from your opponent tonight, Chuck Taylor. He talked about how this was his last shot and how he was going to grab it by the throat. Any comments on Chuck?

    Sydal: Well first off, it's great to be here in FWC. Myers has done a great job putting this joint together. As for Chuck. I met Chuck before I went to the big E in Stamford and to see what he has become now and how far he has come along is great. He has learned from his experiences and become a real talented wrestler. And to see him take things seriously is fantastic. But Chuck, if you think you're going to have a cakewalk you better think again bro. I'm back after a long time on the shelf, I am hungry and above all else I am flying high!

    Sydal digs his hands into his pocket and pulls out a joint and a lighter in front of a shocked Veda Scott.

    Veda: Uhhh, what are you doing?

    Sydal: What? I said I was gonna fly high didn't I?

    Veda: Ohkay...........

    Veda walks off awkwardly as Sydal lights up his joint.

    Sydal: Was it something I said?

    Fade to black.

    Match 4: The young bucks vs Armani's Angels
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I'm bringing sexy back! Comes on as Barretta and Nese come out in matching silver gray tights with gold designs, golden shades and matching mink furs around their shoulders. They strut to the ring as the female half of the crowd swoon over the two good looking gentlemen.

    Larry: Ladies and gentlemen! The team of Tony Nese, and Trent Barretta... Armani's Angels!

    As Nese and Barretta flex in the ring in front of hand held mirrors the familiar tunes of Mmmbop! Comes on the speaker system, and Nick and Matt Jackson, the young bucks walk out, microphones in hand.

    Nick: For those of you who don't know us, we're the Young Bucks baby! International superstars!

    Matt: And we heard that two nobodies were talking smack backstage. Do people even remember that the two of you were on TV a few years back? Nope! Do people remember our glorious run in TNA? Yep! Do people know of us as the super talented international superstars from New Japan pro wrestling? Yup! Whose been named tag team of the year a million times? We! But hey, if you two prettyboys want to talk smack, I hope that you don't mind a superkick party kicking your teeth down your throats?

    *ding ding*

    This match is a high speed car chase. Both teams work a fast paced junior heavyweight style. The bucks establish early control and throw Nese out of the ring, followed by Matt doing a suicide dive between the top and middle rope out onto Nese! Leaving Nick to work over Trent in the ring. Nick starts delivering a series of stomps to the back of Trent before pulling him to his feet and launching him into the ropes. Trent hooks the ropes and dodges a running dropkick from Nick, who goes out over the top rope but manages to stay on the apron, until he eats an uppercut from Trent! Trent runs the ropes looking to make a dive, but Matt catches his feet and pulls him face first into the canvas, allowing Nick to get back into the ring. As Trent gets to his feet he eats a running dropkick from Nick, who grabs him by the head and drags him to his own corner, tagging in Matt. Matt delivers a series of stops to the gut of Trent in the corner before tagging Nick back in. The series of quick tags goes on for a while before Trent finds some fighting spirit and fights out of the corner, ducking a running dropkick from Nick, who hits Matt instead! Trent jumps across the ring and tags in Nese, who's in like a firecracker! Nese hits a series of punches to Nick's head before sending him into the ropes and hittting a big lariat on the rebound! But Matt flies into the ring...But Nese dodges him and lands an enzugiri kick to the head of Matt! Nese has both men in a suplex position, but can he pull it off.....YES! Nese has both bucks up over his head and suplexes them hard to the ground! Tony Nese showing that he's not just speed and a pretty face, but unbridled power as well! Nese rolls Matt out of the ring before tagging in Trent, and the two set up one of their tag team moves, a double running knee drop to the face. Nick eats a double serving of knee cap soup and Armani's Angels pose in the ring to celebrate. But out of thin air Matt flies back into the ring! Hitting both men with double flying dropkick! Matt and Nick throw Nese out of the ring before Matt hits a big tope con hilo out onto Nick on the barrier! Both men are out! Nick and Trent trade elbows in the ring until Trent goes for an enzugiri kick which is blocked, SUPERKICK! Nick connects with a superkick to the head of Trent and he goes down, but he gets up at 2!

    Nick launches Trent into the turnbuckles and does the double hand spring backrake to Trent. But Nese is back in the ring! A spear! A spear to Nick from Nese! Nese pulls both Nick and Trent into the middle of the ring before placing Trent over Nick, leading to the ref starting the count.... but Matt brakes it up at 2! Nese goes after Matt but Nick gets up to his feet behind him. SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF NESE'S SKULL FROM NICK! SUPERKICK TO NICK FROM TRENT! SUPERKICK TO TRENT FROM MATT....NO! TRENT BLOCKS IT AND HITS AN ENZUGIRI! Three men are down in the ring, leaving Trent as the sole man standing, will he go for the pinfall!? Trent ignores the pinfall and instead climbs the ropes, what is he going for? Trent takes flight with a senton from the top rope...BUT NICK HAS HIS KNEES UP! Nick and Matt plant double superkicks to Nese, sending him out of the ring and Matt then hoists Trent's limp form onto his shoulders. The brothers hit more bang for your buck and the ref goes for the count as Matt keeps Nese outside of the ring. 1...2...3! (Young bucks at 20:45)

    Larry: Here are your winners.... The Young Bucks!

    Nick and Matt celebrate in their usual arrogant manner in the middle of the ring, throwing crotch chops to the fans, telling them to “suck it”. Nese slowly gets into the ring while clutching his head to check on Trent who is writhing in pain. Nick and Matt have gotten out of the ring and nicked a microphone from Larry Legend.

    Matt: What did we tell you? We said we were going to bring a superkick party and a superkick party was brought. Now if you excuse us, Nick and I need to go wash the stench of loser off of us. After all, we're actually world wide famous superstars. Unlike the rest of these losers. Later nerds!

    The bucks disappear backstage as Nese helps his beaten partner to his feet, both men staring angrily towards the backstage entrance. But that is only short lived as both men start checking themselves in mirrors, to make sure that their faces aren't damaged. Nese and Trent start heading backstage, stopping to pose for pictures with fans. The two male models might be beat, but their spirits seem far from broken, signaling a possible rematch in the future. ​

    A backstage video from “the man known as Ego”

    A video camera comes on, in frame is the face of a young man with handsome features, brown hair and dark eyes covered by black shades. The man smirks confidently before he begins speaking.

    Ego: Fans of the FWC, some of you might know me, and with reason. But some of you might have managed with the achievment of not knowing of me, to which I first say good job... but secondly I have to say: what are you, stupid? Who would not want to know who I am!?

    I have gone by a few names, Showreel and Ethan Page to name a few. But wherever I have gone I have been known for one thing above all else, above my gorgeous good looks and great skills in the ring. And that, is my ego. Ego is defined as an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Some would say conceit. That one believes himself to be better than everybody else. Am I a bit egotistical? Sure! But I have reason to be. I am egotistical because I truly am better than anyone else. I am wrestling's best kept secret...until now. I will use FWC to launch my superstar career. I will be on billboards. I will be in commercials. I will be the face of this industry for years to come.

    The man pauses.

    Ego: You can call me Ego...And I am the most amazing man that ever lived. And next month: at Episode 2... You will all be made aware.

    Fade to black.

    The Head of Operations speaks.... Again!

    What I want comes on once more. Myers starts talking about how great the show has been and reveals that as a response to the reactions of the show, he and the financial backers of FWC have decided to extend the trial run for FWC from two shows, to four! And that if the shows keep going the way they have with attendance and crowd reactions they will become regularly scheduled events, and the work to crown a FWC champion will commence! Which is met with applause and cheers from the crowd! Myers then reveals that he has signed a couple of special guests for Episode 2, and the first one to be revealed will be..... Classic Colt Cabana! The king of comedy wrestling will make his FWC debut as a special appearance at Episode 2 in one months time! This is also met with cheers from the New York Crowd. Myers then states that the second special guest will be revealed on the FWC website during the month leading up to Episode 2. But he can reveal that as a result of Dr. Christopher Daniels and Walking Weapon Josh Alexanders actions earlier in the night: A tag team match has been signed for Episode 2: It will be ACH and a partner of his choosing, taking on Josh Alexander and a partner of his and Daniels' choosing! The crowd pops once again. Myers closes with once again thanking the fans and hoping that they enjoy the main event. ​

    Main Event: Kentucky Gentleman Chuck Taylor vs Flying High Matt Sydal

    I GO HARD! The theme of the Kentucky Gentleman blasts over the BB Kings sound system as the man who has been turned away from nearly every other promotion enters the ringside area. Chuck is dressed in his usual ring attire. But gone is seemingly the cocky jester attitude and strut. Replaced with a much more somber Chuck Taylor. Chuck climbs the ropes and stares out at the crowd, parts of it cheering him, the other half booing him. Chuck shrugs his shoulders and whispers “Let's do this” under his own breath, waiting for his opponent.

    CLAVICLE! Comes on and smoke starts flying from the entrance way as Flying high, Matt Sydal steps out. Dressed in black tights with designs in the color of the Jamaican flag. Sydal saunters to the ring casually before jumping the ropes and landing on his feet in the ring.

    Larry: This is the main event of FWC, episode 1! And it is a singles match! Introducing first: to my right, from the civilized part of Kentucky.... Kentucky Gentleman! CHUCK TAYLOR!

    Chuck steps into the center of the ring and raises his right hand in the air, index finger extended.

    Larry: And his opponent...He is Flying High! Matt Sydal!

    Sydal does a standing backflip, landing on his feet.

    *ding dong ding*

    Both men circle each other, feeling each other out with a slow start before they go for the initial lock up. Sydal establishes control over Taylor's left arm and wrenches on it. Taylor reverses it into a chicken wing before moving his right arm into a chokehold on Sydal, who reverses out of it and creates some distance. Sydal runs the ropes but Taylor leapfrogs over him, both men pick up the pace before colliding in a double shoulder block. It goes to a test of strength were more of Taylor's comical nature shines through...until Sydal kicks his knee out. Sydal locks his arm around the neck of Taylor and plants his head to the mat with a DDT. Sydal runs the ropes and goes for a slingshot leg drop... But Chuck moves out of the way! Chuck is to his feet first and plants a kick to the head of Sydal, pulls him to his feet and launches him into the turnbuckles. Back is the stoic face that we saw on Chuck during the entrance. The Kentucky Gentleman goes for a running elbow but Sydal gets his foot up, but Taylor comes back again only to eat another foot to the chest. Sydal jumps up on the second turnbuckle and launches into the air...but eats a kick to the gut for his troubles!

    Sydal is on his knees, Taylor starts delivering kicks to the abdomen of Sydal, working over his guts. Taylor delivers another series of kicks, forcing Sydal back into the corner. Taylor steps back, takes aim...and hits a final big kick to the stomach of Sydal, who crumbles to the ground. Taylor goes for the cover...but Sydal kicks out at two! Taylor looks pissed off that his work did not get the job done. He pulls Sydal to his feet and looks to deliver another big kick, but Sydal catches it! Sydal with elbows to the head and chest of Taylor! Sydal runs the ropes, ducks under a clothesline from Taylor and nails a flying elbow to the head of Taylor! Sydal with the pin!......Taylor kicks out at 2! Sydal goes for a chickenwing submission but Taylor rolls out of it. Taylor nails another kick to the gut of Sydal, but eats a kick to the head in response. Both men stagger back, clutching their respective worked over parts. Sydal finds strength and goes on a raid on Taylor, hitting a series of kicks and dodging Taylor's offense before hitting a standing hurricanrana! Sydal goes to the top rope, what does he have in mind? TOP ROPE ELBOW DROP! Big homage to the macho man from Matt Sydal! Sydal goes for the pin....But another kick out at 2!

    Sydal looks distraught. He goes to the top rope again, but turns so he is facing the crowd. Moonsault perhaps? But Chuck Taylor is back to his feet! He punches one of Sydal's legs out, making him almost crotch himself on the turnbuckle. Taylor climbs to the second turnbuckle, locks his arms around the abdomen of Sydal and squeezes hard in a reverse bear hug. He leans back.....GERMAN SUPLEX OFF OF THE ROPES!? Matt Sydal looks dead! Taylor goes for the pin.....KICK OUT AT 2.9!

    Taylor is absolutely distraught. He gets up and plants a series of stomps to the abdomen of Sydal, grounding the high flier. He screams at Sydal to get to his feet. Taylor wants a fight! Sydal is to his feet. Both men trading shots, Sydal taking shots to the abdomen and Taylor to the head. Sydal hits a vicious round house kick to the head of Taylor, sending him into the ropes where he hangs on. Sydal gears up for a running dropkick, he runs the ropes....AND GETS NAILED FROM BEHIND BY A CHAIR!

    (Matt Sydal by DQ at 27:20)

    A mysterious man dressed in black with a ski mask nails Sydal in the back with a chair! The mysterious man gets in the ring and nails Sydal some more with the chair, beating him into the mat. Chuck Taylor is back to his feet and staring down the man in black....who throws the chair to the feet of Taylor? The man in black then rolls out of the ring and escapes the security team who come running from backstage. Leaving a confused Chuck Taylor, confused referee and a battered and beaten Matt Sydal. Brian Myers and the medical team come running from backstage. As the medical team checks on Sydal Taylor pleads his innocence to Myers. The medical team rolls Sydal onto a stretcher and starts carrying him out, Myers walking with them. Leaving a confused and alone Chuck Taylor as it all fades...to... black.

    Next up: FWC Episode 2: How to Catch a Tiger​
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  3. BB King's? Respect. Armani's Angels seem fun. Daniels editing the human genome was great stuff. Walking Weapon is cool. Kentucky Gentleman having a change of heart, I see. Sydal's inteview was genius, I once worked a similar gimmick with X-Pac and Paul London in TEW. Bucks being Bucks. Ego seems like a good deal for Page, and damn it I hope the mystery man is Bob Backlund. Cool show Stoppy.
  4. From the desk of Brian Myers

    After the fantastic and climactic start to the fantastic wrestling club, we are saving no expenses or time in announcing the next card.

    The next FWC show, titled Episode 2: How to Catch a Tiger will take place in a month's time in early August (Kayfabe time) at BB Kings in New York and will feature a series of great matches as the forces of the wrestling club continue to stake out their territory. At episode 2 we will see a special appearance by independent wrestling journey man Colt Cabana, taking on Matt Sydal! Sydal passed medical testing after the attack at the end of Episode 1, suffering only bruising to his ribs and abdominal area. Doctors say he will be sore for a while but it won't keep him out of the ring.

    As if that wasn't enough...We have another special guest! At Episode 2, we will see TNA alumnus Chris Sabin make an appearance in an FWC ring! Sabin has shown an interest in competing in FWC, but has chosen to do a few "trial" matches to begin with, wanting to see if the young company will deliver.

    Due to the end of Episode 1's main event: Chuck Taylor is currently under investigation for involvement in the attack on Matt Sydal, and thus has not been booked in a match as of this writing.

    We will also see the in ring debuts of talents Mar Angelosetti (MR. Touchdown from Chikara), Pinkie Sanchez and more at Episode 2!

    After the end to the tag team match at Episode 1, Tony Nese of Armani's Angels have asked for a singles match against one of the Bucks, and that he shall get! At Episode 2 we will see Tony Nese vs Nick Jackson one on one!

    As was revealed during the ending segments of Episode 1: A tag match has been booked between ACH and a partner of his choice against Josh Alexander of the Superior Specimens and a partner of his and Dr. Christopher Daniels choosing. The family friendly rapper ACH has since revealed his partner to the FWC office, and we can happily announce that it will be Marion Fontaine teaming up with Extra Milk Chocolate at Episode 2!

    Episode 2: How to Catch a Tiger
    Match Card

    Pinkie Sanchez vs Mark Angelosetti (both mens FWC debut)

    Tony Nese vs Nick Jackson

    The in ring debut of the man called "Ego"

    Chris Sabin in one on one action

    ACH and Marion Fontaine vs Josh Alexander and a mystery partner

    Matt Sydal vs Colt Cabana!

    And more...
  5. Sydal being sore is alright, he can use some medicine to heal. Him vs Cabana shall be good. Sabin, cool. It'll be a good show at BB King's.
  6. [​IMG]
    Highspots signs deal with upstart wrestling promotion!

    From the FWC offices: FWC is proud to announce a partnership with Highspots! The leading name in wrestling DVDs, IPPVs and merchandise. Highspots will produce FWC on DVD going forward. Splitting the profits with FWC. FWC head of operations Brian Myers had this to say:

    Myers: An opportunity like this to sign up with Highspots is great for our company, especially since we are such a young company. It speaks loads about the response our first show got with the fans and the wrestling world. We at FWC are looking to provide a fun and interesting product that every wrestling fan can enjoy. And getting our DVDs out there for the public is an important first step. Episode 1 will be available within two weeks to ship worldwide, both from Highspots.com and our own site which will redirect all sales to highspots. We are looking forward to this partnership and we see it lasting for a long time.
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  7. [​IMG]

    The FWC presents

    Episode 2:

    How to Catch a Tiger

    A backstage plea

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We see Brian Myers office in the back of BB Kings Blues Club & Grill in New York City. Someone knocks on the door and Brian looks up from his paperwork.

    Myers: Enter.

    It's Kentucky Gentleman, Chuck Taylor.

    Chuck: Hey, Brian. Got a minute?

    Myers: I guess. But make it quick, Chuck.

    Chuck: I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry for what happened last month. I have no idea who the masked man was and I want to ensure you that I had nothing to do with it.

    Myers: You told me that last month as well Chuck.... And neither security or the cops have found anything on this masked man. So we have nothing that can link him to you. So I'll have to take your word on this. But I hope you understand why I am a bit weary.

    Chuck: Of course Brian, of course.

    The two men shake hands.

    Myers: I also hope you understand that I haven't booked you in a match for this show due to the at the time ongoing investigation. And we're still investigating this so you know, just not with your name among the key suspects of involvement.

    Chuck: Oh...right.... of course. Well thanks anyway boss man, I promise not to screw this up. I am serious about changing for the better.

    Myers: I hope so Chuck. I hope so.

    Taylor exits the office as Myers goes back to his paperwork.

    Match 1: Pinkie Sanchez vs Mark Angelosetti

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG]

    We are live! At BB Kings in New York City in front of another lively crowd for the second episode of the Fantastic Wrestling Club!

    Touchdown City comes on the speakers and out comes a
    slightly short, but muscular young man with blond hair, blue tights and a varsity jacket. It's Mr. Touchdown, Mark Angelosetti! Touchdown jumps the ropes before posing on the turnbuckles, looking down at the crowd with a scowl on his face.

    Larry: This is the opening contest for FWC, episode 2! In the ring: Making his FWC debut: Mr. Touchdown! Mark Angelosetti!

    Never gonna give you up! Out from the backstage area storms Pinkie Sanchez, dressed in a pair of pink and yellow tights and a wife beater and with taped up fists. He slides in between the ropes and pumps his fist in the air.

    Larry: And his opponent: Also making his FWC debut! Pinkie Sanchez!

    *ding dong ring the bell*

    Sanchez starts circling Angelosetti, cautious about the more muscular man's strength. The jock doesn't seem to care about Sanchez though and instead drops to the ground and does pushups. Leaving Sanchez confused as to what's going on. As Angelosetti reaches pushup number 25 Sanchez strikes with a baseball slide to the side of Angelosetti, first strike goes to Sanchez.

    The jock is pissed, kipping up to his feet and glaring daggers at Sanchez. Angelosetti strikes, hoisting Sanchez up and slamming him into the turnbuckles, followed by a series of of shoulder thrusts into the abdomen of Sanchez. Angelosetti throws Sanchez into the center of the ring, climbs the second rope, and hits a knee drop to the face of Sanchez! Angelosetti starts mouthing off to the crowd, allowing Sanchez a chance to get to his feet. And as Angelosetti turns around... Backfist to the face! Angelosetti staggers back into the turnbuckles. Sanchez with a corner knee strike! Angelosetti staggers into a sitting position. Sanchez steps back and sizes him up, what does he have in mind? Stinkface! Sanchez with a stinkface to Angelosetti!

    Sanchez goes for another stinkface, opting out of going for the pinfall. He sets it up, he launches...But Angelosetti has him scouted and catches him! Angelosetti with the strength... pumphandle backbreaker to Sanchez! Sanchez is writhing on the mat in pain as Angelosetti cirlces him...sizing him up... AND HE HITS THE RUNNING NECKBREAKER! 1...2...3 (Mark Angelosetti at 10:45)

    Larry: Here's your winner...Mark Angelosetti!

    Angelosetti grabs the microphone off of Larry Legend.

    Mark: This is what FWC has to offer me? A nerd? A loser like Pinkie Sanchez? No no no that just won't do. And it gets worse. All I see when I look out at these fans are nerds, dweebs and goobers. You people disgust me. I was an all state athlete in high school, in college I made all American honors in bad assness. I am quite frankly superior to all of you. And I am especially better than Pinkie Sanchez.

    Mark gestures to Pinkie.

    Mark: So allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mark, some call me Mr. Touchdown, some call me Angelosetti. But you snot nosed freaks can call me MARK....VARSITY ANGELOSETTI! And if a nerd steps up, you best be prepared to get flushed.

    The now re-christened Varsity gets out of the ring, giving the fans a double set of the “L for loser” sign as they boo him out of the building.

    A new challenger appears

    We cut backstage as we see a man with a shaved head, a nice business suit and his eyes covered by shades. It's Nigel McGuinness!

    Nigel: Ladies and gents, my name is Nigel McGuinness, former ROH world champion. And I am here to present my latest venture. After my ring career died down I decided to break a new path open for myself. As the world's greatest fighter promoter! And I am here to present to you my client, who will make his debut later tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, the man that I will make into a champion....Mixed Martial Archie!

    Mixed Martial Archie walks into frame, wearing a tapout shirt and your typical UFC swag.

    Nigel: Archie, why don't you introduce yourself?

    Archie: Will do Mickie!

    Nigel: It's Nigel, I'm not Mickie from the Rocky movies...

    Archie: Right Nigie!

    Nigel: Grumble.

    Archie: Anyways, My name, is Mixed Martial Archie! I am a two discipline black belt. I have traveled this country far and wide and trained in a ton of styles and disciplines. And I am ready to make my debut, and it will happen here tonight.

    Nigel: That's right. And the only way to breed a champion, is to pit him against champions. And Chris Sabin, that's where you come in boyo. You're a former TNA X and world champion. You've been at the top of the mountain. I know that by going in the ring with you, win or lose my boy here will get one step closer to greatness.

    Archie: YEEAH!

    Nigel: It's not about the end, it's how you get there. Archie might take a few bumps on the nose, but one day he will be champion. Right Archie?

    Archie: YEAH!

    Nigel: YOU READY!?

    Archie: YEAH!

    Nigel: THEN GIVE ME 100 PUSHUPS!

    Archie drops to the floor and starts doing pushups as Nigel cheers him on. Preparing his charge for his match later in the night.

    Fade to black.

    Match 2: Tony Nese w/Trent Barretta vs Nick Jackson w/Matt Jackson

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG]

    I'm bringing sexy back comes on the speakers as Tony Nese comes out accompanied by Trent Barretta. Nese is wearing a set of pink and gold tights accompanied with a black studded vest and pink shades this time out. Barretta is carrying a human sized mirror, allowing Nese to check himself out as he heads to the ring.

    Larry: This is a singles match for one fall! Making his way to the ring... One half of Armani's Angels....TONY NESE!

    Mmmbop! Nick Jackson comes out accompanied by his brother Matt. Parts of the fans immediately start booing the bucks, who after last months show have gotten a couple of more haters due to their words post match. And as if to keep up tradition, Matt has a microphone in hand.

    Matt: Didn't you two losers learn last month!? You don't mess with the bucks, there ain't another team that can keep up! But hey, if Tony here wants to get humiliated two shows in a row... Then I'm sure Nick doesn't have a problem with that.

    *ding dong*

    This match starts Nick acting very cocky towards Nese, clearly not taking the man he beat last month seriously. But that costs him as he eats a straight right from Nese, catching Nick off guard. Nese whips Nick into the ropes, who backflips off of them to show off but eats a dropkick to the back from Nese. This sends Nick out of the ring. Matt rushes to his brother and the two regroup as Nese waits for Nick inside the ring. Matt whispers something in Nick's ear and he gets back into the ring cautiously. Both men circle one another and go for a test of strength which Nese wins. But Nick flips over Nese and has bothis arms locked behind his back. But Nese starts fighting back, slowly starting to lift Nick off the ground from behind his own back, forcing Nick to let go of his hands.

    Nick lashes out with a kick, nailing Nese over the knee, Nick nails another kick to the knee, and another, and another, and another, Nese's left knee takes a beating and he is forced down on it. Nick runs the ropes and hits a running dropkick to Nese's knee, sending Nese rolling across the ring writhing in pain. Nick starts a process of working over Nese's knee with various holds, leg DDTs and kicks. Tony rolls towards the ropes and starts pulling himself up to his feet. Nick rushes at Nese, looking for a flying dropkick, but Nese pulls down the ropes and Nick goes sailing out of the ring!

    Nese works himself up to his feet, beating some feeling into his knee. He tries to run the ropes but his knee gives out on him, allowing Nick to get back onto the apron. Nick flies off of the top rope... But Nese was playing possum! A spear out of the air!

    Nese works over Nick with punches to the face until Nick manages to slither out of his grasp. Both men work to their feet but Nick is faster due to Nese's shot knee. Nick nails a superkick to Tony's knee! Nese is down! Nick goes for the pin.....But Nese reverses it! 1...2...3! Nick kicks out just a moment too late! (Tony Nese at 15:01)

    Larry: Here's your winner....TONY NESE!

    Nese rolls out of the ring, allowing Trent to help him to his feet as Matt rolls into to check on his brother. Nick looks shocked that he lost the match, his mouth is wide open. Armani's Angels celebrate on their way backstage as the bucks stand in the ring and swear revenge. Rage brimming from their eyes and profanities flying from their mouths. Nese mocks Nick and Matt's trademark arm flex before disappearing behind the curtain.

    Meeting an old friend.

    A dejected Chuck Taylor is seen sitting on a shipping crate backstage. Disappointment obvious on his face that he isn't booked. Suddenly a voice is heard.

    ???: Chuck?

    It's Drew Gulak!

    Drew: Chuck! It's me, Drew!

    Chuck: Oh! Hey man! How are you?

    Drew: Great man, got my debut coming up later tonight. How about you? You're looking a bit glum.

    Chuck: It's a long story Drew.

    Drew: Is it regarding last show's main event? They still suspecting you off it?

    Chuck: Nah, I'm not investigated anymore, but because of the investigation I wasn't booked, and I sense that the locker room doesn't really trust me. I was really looking to turn things around Drew after all my mistakes.

    Drew: They'll come around Chuck. But if you excuse me man, I need to get ready for my match. I'll talk to Myers, maybe we can get a tag match next show.

    Chuck: That would be fun, thanks Drew.

    Drew: Any time.

    Drew walks off, leaving Chuck to sulk, but his spirits a little bit lighter.

    Drew Gulak vs Biff Busick's fellow gladiator

    Legal Eagle! Drew Gulak comes out from the backstage area. Drew is dressed in red, white and blue trunks. He stands on the apron and salutes the fans as he climbs into the ring.

    Larry: This is a singles match set for one fall. In the ring right now, making his FWC debut....DREW GULAK!

    The Gladiator soundtrack comes on as Biff Busick steps out from behind the curtain, not wearing his lion shaped helmet this month. He has a microphone in hand.

    Busick: My name, is the unconquerable Biff Busick. Last month I established the first step in the gladiators becoming the most dominant team in FWC. But to be a team, you need a partner. And I said that he'd debut tonight. And that he shall. So allow me to introduce my partner, my brother in arms.

    The Gladiator theme comes back on, as another man in gladiator gear steps out, only he is wearing a helmet with a solid metal mask with two eye holes instead of Busick's animal shaped one. This man is slightly shorter than Busick, but more toned and muscular. He walks to the ring and gets in before slowly removing his helmet, revealing....

    Busick: The Juggernaut...JOHNNY GARGANO!


    *ding dong*

    Gargano explodes out of the gates. Clobbering Gulak with a multitude of forearm smashes. But Gulak musters a defense and starts fighting back. They trade blows until Gulak slinks behind Gargano and locks his arms around Gargano's abdomen and into a belly to back takedown. Gulak takes it to the ground! Gulak starts a sequence of submissions hold and mat wrestling that Gargano has to work out of. Gargano starts his own segment of mat wrestling and it becomes a war of in ring skill.

    The two men separate and Gulak teases a test of strength. Gargano goes for it and starts overpowering Gulak, but Gulak kicks out Gargano's leg from underneath him. Gulak runs the ropes and goes for a running senton to Gargano's back. Gulak goes for the cover....But Gargano kicks out at one! Gargano gets on his feet and nails an elbow smash to the face of Gulak, and another, and another, and another. Gulak goes for a roundhouse kick to Gargano who catches it, Gulak goes for an enzugiri kick with his other leg, but Gargano catches that too! Gargano drops Gulak to the ground. He leans back, and he launches Gulak into the ropes! Gulak staggers back and eats an elbow to the head from Gargano. Gargano picks Gulak up for a powerbomb... and throws him into the turnbuckles! Gargano snatches Gulak up again....And he hits the hurts donut! 1...2...3! (Johnny Gargano at 12:00)

    Larry: Here's your winner...JOHNNY GARGANO!

    Busick slides into the ring and raises the arm of Gargano as Gulak rolls out of the ring. Gulak catches his breath at ringside, looks at Gargano, shakes his head and walks to the back. Busick demands a set of microphones and hands one to Gargano.

    Busick: Are you not entertained? I said ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!? I told you that I was going to debut a juggernaut of a partner, and is he not a juggernaut!? The Gladiators are going to become the most dominant tag team in the FWC. Johnny, tell them why.

    Gargano: Because we are a well oiled machine. The other teams might have flashy moves, they might have “the look”. But they don't have the fundamental skills of the Gladiators. You will all learn our names, and you will learn to praise us. Count on that.

    Gargano and Busick drop the microphones and march out of the ring, heading backstage.

    A Backstage interview with Matt Sydal

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We see Veda Scott backstage in a locker room with Flying High Matt Sydal. Sydal has his ribs taped up. He's wincing slightly.

    Veda: Matt, last month in the main event of Episode 1, you were attacked by mysterious man with a chair, receiving multiple beatings with it and causing the match to end. And yet you are here to face Colt Cabana in the main event. Don't you think you should rest?

    Sydal: Veda, I'm cleared by doctors to wrestle. Nothing is broken, just bruised. I'll just take it easy and see a chiropractor afterwards to work out any kinks. I'm rested and ready. As for our mystery masked assailant. He'll get his. I don't care if Chuck Taylor is involved or not. But someone attacked me last month and ruined a main event match. Whoever he or she is, they will get theirs. But tonight. My focus is all on Colt. Now if you excuse me: I need to take my medicine.

    Sydal pulls out a joint from his bag and starts lighting it up in front of Veda.

    Veda: Really? Again?

    Veda walks off as Sydal casually blazes away.

    Chris Sabin vs Mixed Martial Archie

    The Pride theme comes on as Mixed Martial Archie comes out in MMA trunks and taped up fists. Instead of boots his feet are taped up. McGuinness comes out with him, holding a stepping stool and a spit bucket. Archie starts running laps in the ring to warm up as Nigel places the stool in the corner. Archie then sits down as Nigel rubs Vaseline in the faces of Archie.

    Larry: This match is for one fall! Making his FWC debut... With Nigel McGuinness...Mixed Martial Archie!

    Flowing by 311 hits as Chris Sabin steps out from behind the curtain. Dressed in the gear he wore during his last TNA run. Sabin has a focused look on his face and is sporting shorter hair than during his last TNA run, but a bit of stubble gives him some extra grit. He walks confidently to the ring, steps up on the apron and climbs the ropes, from which he does the MCMG pistol taunt to the cheering fans.

    Larry: And his opponent: Also making his FWC debut...CHRIS SABIN!


    *dinga ling ding*

    Sabin settles into a classical wrestling starting stance, but Archie goes into a boxing jab session, confusing Sabin. Sabin avoids the punches from Archie and nails a slap of his own. Sabin gestures to Archie to get focused and offers his hands for the lock up. The two lock up and Archie tries to take Sabin to the ground, but Sabin reverses it into an arm wrench. He forces Archie to the ground and Archie struggles to get out of the arm lock and creating some space.

    Sabin gets up on his feet and gestures for Archie to attack him, seemingly offering the rookie a shot. Archie turns to Nigel for advice and starts circling Sabin who's scouting the rookie. Archie goes for a straight left... but Sabin blocks it. Archie tries a right jab, again blocked. A backfist, caught and put into a chicken wing. Archie screams in pain as Sabin works the limb over. Finally Sabin let's Archie go and turns towards Nigel, getting into an argument with the manager at ringside about how Nigel has trained his charge. Meanwhile Archie gets back to the match after beating life into his arm. He sneaks up on Sabin, grabs him by his shoulder and turns him around into a shoulder smash. Sabin goes down! Archie starts ground and pounding Sabin, laying on him with punches. Archie actually has offense! Until Sabin throws him off of him.

    Sabin hits a spinning kick to the gut of Archie and lifts him onto his shoulders. He hits the Cradle shock (cross-legged Samoan drop) for the 1...2...3! (Chris Sabin at 8:24)

    Larry: Here's your winner....CHRIS SABIN!

    Sabin pulls Archie to his feet..... and shakes hands with him? The crowd cheers Sabin as he gets out of the ring and leaves a confused Archie. As Sabin passes Nigel you can hear him say “train him proper, man”. Sabin slaps hands with the fans as he disappears backstage. As Archie is about to get out of the ring...

    “I'm All EGO”

    This life by Kanye comes on and the man known as Ego steps out from behind the curtain. He's dressed in loose slacks and a set of shades. He's accompanied by two beautiful women in cocktail dresses as he walks confidently to the ring. He gets up on the turnbuckles and poses before grabbing a mic and turning towards the confused Archie.

    Ego: Oh no! Don't mind me! I'm just here to congratulate you on your match Archie. Not many people can take it to Chris Sabin the way you did. Especially in your in ring debut!

    Archie looks confused at the unexpected praise. But buy into it and starts pumping his arms in the air in celebration at his “accomplishment”.

    Ego: In fact, why don't you give the fans some more of the goods? Why don't you wrestle one more match tonight, right here, right now, against me?

    Ego offers Archie his hand, removing his shades with his other hand. Archie agrees and shakes Ego's hand as the ref calls for the bell to ring.

    Mixed Martial Archie vs Ego

    Ego throws his shades in front of the feet of the referee, who bends down to pick them up. This is when Archie notices that Ego hasn't let go of his hand....Low blow from Ego! Ego lifts Archie up into the spinning Dwayne (Spinning Rock Bottom)! The ref doesn't see a thing! 1...2...3!

    (Ego at 00:10)

    The record for fastest match in FWC history has been set. The crowd boos Ego massively as Nigel gets in the ring and gets in the face of the ref. Archie still on the mat clutching his groin. Ego rolls out of the ring and grabs the microphone again and cuts a short promo from the entrance way.

    Ego: My name is Ego, and every moment that the cameras aren't focused on me, is a moment wasted. And that's not confidence...that's all Ego.

    Ego disappears backstage as Nigel helps Archie out of the ring.

    Bad blood rising

    We cut to backstage where we see the two members of Armani's Angels heading to their car. Nese is limping considerably. They are singing and celebrating all the way to the car, talking about the post-show party that they'll have. As they get to the car Trent starts feeling around his pockets.

    Trent: Damn! Looks like I forgot the key. You cool with watching the bags, Tony?

    Nese: Yeah sure. Just hurry up. I don't want to keep the ladies waiting.

    Trent: You know it buddy!

    Trent Rushes back into BB Kings with Trent leaning against the car. When suddenly the car beeps, signaling the doors unlocking.

    Nese: Damn, Trent! That was quick!

    No sign of Trent.

    Nese: ….Trent?

    Matt: Well well well...

    Nick and Matt Jackson walk out from behind a car, holding the key to the Angel's rental car in Nick's hand.

    Matt: Thought you could get one over on us did you, Tony?

    Nese: What are you two mooks talking about?

    Nick: We're talking about your cheating tonight Tony. You don't think you're man enough to beat me cleanly now do you?

    Nese: I beat you fair and square, Jackson. Now give me the keys.

    Nick: Uhuhuh pretty boy! You've got some answering to do. We Young Bucks don't take kindly to cheaters.

    Nese: You're delusio.....ARGH!

    Matt clips the knee of Nese, sending him sailing to the tarmak. The two Bucks start stomping on Tony Nese. Assaulting him with his own luggauge and striking Nese's knee multiple times with a nearby garbage can lid. As Trent comes rushing out of the club the bucks make their escape out of the parking lot and down the street. Trent is left screaming for help as his partner is writhing in pain on the ground, clutching his knee in pain.

    Fade to black.

    ACH and Marion Fontaine vs Josh Alexander and a mystery partner

    [​IMG] [​IMG] vs [​IMG] ?

    Getting jiggy with it comes on the speakers as ACH steps out from behind the curtain, dressed in the same outfit as last month. He seems a bit more serious than last month but still takes time to slap hands with the fans on the way to the ring. He flips over the ropes as we head to Larry.

    Larry: This is a tag team match set for one fall! Please welcome...Extra milk chocolate...ACH!

    Seaside Rendezvous by Queen comes out as Marion Fontaine struts through the curtain. If ACH is serious Fontaine is still his joyous self, shaking hands, kissing ladies on the cheek and stroking his mustache on the way to the ring. He gets in the ring and offers ACH his hand to shake, which he does.

    Larry: And his partner...the handlebared Haberdasher...MARION FONTAINE!

    The theme from Dexter's laboratory blasts over the speakers, signaling the arrival of doctor Christopher Daniels PhD, flanked by his superior specimen, the Walking Weapon Josh Alexander. Daniels is dressed in his white lab coat, goggles and yellow gloves. Alexander is dressed the same as last month. They get in the ring as Daniels grabs a microphone as Alexander removes his Lecter style mask.

    Daniels: Ladies and gentlemen...My name, is doctor Christopher Daniels. And I am the creator, mentor and visionary behind my Superior Specimens. Allow me to introduce you to my first ever specimen... He is a walking weapon, a walking nuclear atom bomb. Ladies and gentlemen... JOSH ALEXANDER!

    Daniels turns towards ACH and Fontaine.

    Daniels: Mr. H! Last month I made you an offer to join my specimens, to be allowed to become something greater than you already are. But you spurred me. And now I find that you have set up this tag team match via Mr. Brian Myers. Even after I offered you another chance to join us here tonight. I must say that I am disappointed Mr. H. We could have made some beautiful music together! But I guess this has to be done the hard way.

    And when this was made into a tag team match, I figured I had a golden opportunity to showcase my latest creation. If Josh Alexander is power....Then allow me to introduce you to pure speed, living quicksilver.

    Welcome Home blasts on the speakers as a man of approximately 5ft8 in heigh walks out. He's dressed in black and red tights, with a full on boot and kickpad on his right leg and just a boot on his left leg, leaving his left leg bare from the knee down to the boot. His hands and arms are taped up and he has a black bandana tied around the bottom of his face, his eyes are covered with eyeliner. He jumps over the ropes and stands next to Alexander.

    Daniels: Allow me to introduce: My latest specimen, the fastest man in the FWC. A man who accepted my invite, when you denied it Mr. H. My hardcore hitman....LUCKY 13!


    *ding dong*

    We start with Fontaine and 13 in the ring. Fontaine offers his hand to 13, who seems unsure of what to do. Slowly he reaches out and shakes the hand of Fontaine, only to plant his boot in the gut of Fontaine for his troubles. Fontaine tries to grab ahold of 13, but he's too quick. We get a segment of Fontaine trying to catch 13, who dodges and weaves out of the way, hitting small and quick punches and kicks as he does so. Making Fontaine more and more frustrated. Finally Fontaine has had enough and he tags in ACH, who squares off with 13.

    The two speedsters test each other out, dodging and weaving around each others moves, seemingly evenly matched. 13 launches ACH into the turnbuckles and flies at him with a flying elbow, but ACH dodges out of the way! ACH with a kick to the back of 13's knee, sending him to his knees on the ground. ACH with a kick to the head of 13 now, trying to launch 13's head into the turnbuckles...But 13 just takes it and gets back up! ACH is shocked! 13 with a kick of his own! Making ACH clutch his abdomen in pain.

    Now it becomes a game of “keep ACH from tagging out”. 13 dominates ACH, wearing him down with kicks and punches, forcing him into the corner were Alexander is waiting...And the walking weapon is tagged in.

    Alexander hoists ACH up on his shoulders and hits a death valley driver. He goes for the pin.... But ACH kicks out at 1.99! Alexander grabs ACH by the head and pulls him to his feet. He delivers a series of open hand strikes to ACH's head. He grabs ACH around the neck, setting him up for a choke slam...But ACH counters out of it. ACH trying to reach Fontaine but Alexander has him by the tights. He pulls ACH back and grabs him around the waist....RELEASE GERMAN INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! Alexander with the pinfall....BUT ACH KICKS OUT AT 2 AND A HALF!

    ACH is crawling towards the ropes, desperately trying to get to his partner. When Alexander grabs him with both arms around the neck and hoists him up, looking for a choke slam powerbomb. But ACH starts kicking at the torso of Alexander, forcing him to let go. ACH jumps halfway cross the ring....He gets the tag! Marion Fontaine is in! The Handlebared haberdasher is on fire, flying at Alexander with forearm smashes and even a Russian leg sweep following a launching into the ropes. Fontaine climbs the ropes, looking for a top rope elbow drop...But Alexander catches him in the air and nails him with a spinebuster. He tags in 13 who immediately climbs to the top rope. 13 goes for the pin as Alexander holds ACH stuck in the ropes. 1...2...3! (Lucky 13 & Josh Alexander at 15:16)

    Daniels celebrates with his two specimens as ACH checks on his partner. Daniels looks at ACH over his shoulders and motions to his two cronies who attack ACH! Stomping him into the ground! Alexander picks up ACH for a powerbomb and 13 connects with a cutter on the way down for a vicious tag team move! The Specimens keep beating ACH down until Daniels steps forward, microphone in hand.

    Daniels: Twice Mr. H. Twice have you denied us, and twice have we showed you our power. And yet I am willing to reach out with an olive branch of peace. At Episode 3, I expect your final answer. We can still be friends Mr. H. I look forward to your answer.

    Doctor Daniels and the Specimens walk to the back to a chorus of boos as ring and medical staff slide into the ring and start checking over the beaten down men in the ring.

    A Backstage interview with Chris Sabin

    We see Veda Scott in the back, chasing after Chris Sabin who has a duffel bag over his shoulder, walking to the exit.

    Veda: Mr. Sabin! Can we get a few quick words before you head out for the evening?

    Sabin turns towards Veda.

    Sabin: I don't see why not.

    Veda: Great! So, what did you make of your first night with the FWC?

    Sabin: It was an experience for sure. There are a lot of talented guys in the locker room here. With some work this can really be something in the years to come. I wish Brian and the guys here the best.

    Veda: So you think you'll be back?

    Sabin: When I talked with Brian we decided that I'd work under a per appearance deal for a couple of shows, so I can stake out a feel for the place. I don't really have a home promotion anymore since being let go by TNA, and I like being a “ronin” for now, but who knows. If everything goes the right way I might sign a contract with the FWC. But as of right now you'll see me for a couple of shows here or there depending on how my bookings look. I'll be back for episode 3 but I have no idea about episode 4.

    Veda: What did you make of your opponent tonight?

    Sabin: Archie? That was an....experience for sure. He seems a bit unpolished but if Nigel trains him proper, which I hope he does. He could be something in the future. It would take some time. But with enough effort I don't see why he can't be a reasonably good wrestler. Now if you excuse me, I need to get going.

    Veda: Sure thing Mr. Sabin, thanks for the time.

    Sabin: No worries.

    Fade to black.

    Main event: Matt Sydal vs Colt Cabana

    CLAVICLE! The tunes of Alkaline Trio hits the air as Matt Sydal steps out of the smoke. Flying High does a front flip as he heads to the ring before high fiving a fan and jumping up on the top rope, where he looks out over his fans.

    Larry: This is the main event of the evening! Introducing first: Flying High....MATT SYDAL!

    Boom boom! The theme music for the wrestling comedian pops on and exites the crowd as Boom boom Colt Cabana steps out through the curtain! He shakes hands with the fans and hands out high fives on his way to the ring.

    Larry: And his opponent! Making his FWC debut....BOOM BOOM! COLT CABANA!

    The fans are split even, half cheering for Sydal, the other for Cabana. The two wrestlers hug as the bell rings.

    *ding dong*

    They start out with a feeling out process, a couple of quick lock ups with reversals, getting the feel of the game after having not wrestled each other for so long. Cabana assumes control of the arm and wrenches Sydal to the ground. He's struggling for a while before he reverses it and gets out of it. We go to a test of strength were Sydal challenges Cabana to knock him down. Cabana runs the ropes and knocks Sydal down, but he just kips up. So Cabana tries again, and again and again but he just gets the same result. So Cabana challenges Sydal to knock him down. Sydal runs the ropes....But eats a boot from Cabana. Cabana points to his head as the fans chuckle at his antics. Sydal kips up again behind Cabana and nails him with an enzugiri, sending Cabana into the ropes. As Cabana rests his head on the middle rope Sydal runs up the turnbuckles and jumps out of the ring. He flies...And connects with a flying leg drop to the back of Cabana's head!

    Sydal is outside of the ring, celebrating with the crowd. When Cabana gets out on the apron. He runs and jumps off the apron, connecting with a flying elbow to the head of Sydal! He rolls Sydal back into the ring and goes for the cover, but Sydal kicks out at 1, way to early for the pin! Cabana hoists the smaller man up and tries to suplex him, but Sydal counters it, he goes for his own suplex, but is countered himself. Finally Cabana gets him up over his head and he connects with the suplex. Sydal promptly roll out on the apron, preventing a pinfall. Sydal uses the ropes to get up quickly and he sees Cabana rushing at him. Sydal with a kick to the face of Cabana, followed by a slingshot DDT! This time it is Cabana being the ring veteran, rolling out of the ring to avoid a pin. Cabana is gathering his wits outside when suddenly...MATT SYDAL IS FLYING HIGH! Spinning tope con hilo to the outside onto Cabana! The crowd goes wild for the aerial expertise of Sydal. Sydal rolls Cabana back into the ring and climbs the turnbuckles. He shoots off of the top rope with another flying leg drop, but Cabana rolls out of the way! Sending Sydal crashing on his ass! Cabana rolls up the confused and hurting Sydal...But he only gets a two! The two men square off in the middle of the ring.

    Cabana offers Sydal his hand. The two shake hands, but neither man lets go. They try to pull their hands free but it ends up becoming the knife fight sequence from Michael Jackson's Beat It. Cabana's having a blast, getting some comedy into the match. Eventually both men let go and we're back to square one. Cabana whips Sydal into the ropes, ending with Sydal going over them and landing on the apron. Sydal jumps up on the top rope and hits a slingshot frankensteiner on Cabana! He goes for the pin....But Cabana kicks out at 2! Sydal now with a series of kicks to the head of Cabana, who goes groggy. Cabana is down on his knees. Sydal climbs the ropes, looking for the shooting star. When the ref goes down! It's the same masked man as last month! And he's taken out the ref! He's in the middle of the ring, staring down Sydal with a steel chair in hand. Cabana is still groggy and unable to get to his feet. The masked man turns around and nails Cabana in the head with the chair! Cabana is out cold, now there's no one standing in the way of the masked man and Sydal.

    Sydal doesn't know what to do. He's alone. When Chuck Taylor hits the ring! The Kentucky gentleman is out in his street clothes to make the save! He has a singapore cane in hand! He swings it wildly at the masked man's back! Making him drop the chair! Taylor chases the masked man out of the ring. He has him cornered in guardrails, but the masked man jumps them and sets off through the crowd and out the door. Taylor hot on his heels! Sydal is shocked at what's going on. Slowly the ref gets back to his feet. Sydal flies! He hits the shooting star! 1...2...3! (Matt Sydal at 26:03)

    Larry: Here is your winner....MATT SYDAL!

    Sydal pulls Cabana up to his feet post match, hugging him and explaining what happened to him. We see the two talking in ring, Sydal promising Cabana another match down the road without the run ins. Brian Myers comes out from the back, he gets in the ring and raises both mens arms in the air. He then shakes both men's hands and thanks Cabana for stopping by and makes the rematch official for whenever Cabana wants it. The fans spirits are lifted by the show of sportsmanship from the two performers and the promoter.

    The last thing we see is Chuck Taylor coming back from the outside, cane still in hand. We see him standing by the guard rails looking up at Myers, who is looking back at him. The two men have their eyes locked until Myers finally nods his head at Taylor and gives him the thumbs up. This brings a small smile to the face of Chuck Taylor.

    And with that we fade...to...black.
  8. Man you are a great writer.
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  9. From the desk of Brian Myers:

    What a night! Two shows in and it seems like we haven't lost our step yet. As the Head of Operations for FWC that brings me a lot of joy and happiness. To see lively crowds that respond to what we do, and to see talent that enjoy working here.

    Last night we saw a couple of debuts:

    We saw Chris Sabin make his FWC debut in a match against Nigel MCGuinness' client "Mixed martial" Archie. Chris is a talent I am looking too get into the FWC full time but I respect his wish to scout the joint out first. But he's already agreed to work episode 3 next month! And I am glad to announce that he will take on another debuting talent, a prospect I have heard a lot of good about. Next month... It will be Chris Sabin against the debuting SHANE HOLLISTER!

    As for Archie, while he walked out with two losses in one night, his never say die spirit and jovial spirits have shown that he has some promise. So next month it will be Archie against Pinkie Sanchez in our opening match!

    What about "Varsity" Mark Angelosetti? He impressed in his debut last night for certain. And after his "speech" after the match I decided to dig out someone who loves a fight for him to face. The PBR sponsored Arik Cannon will make his FWC debut next show in a try out match! If Cannon can impress he will be offered a FWC contract and will be brought back for more shows down the road.

    And now... Onto less pleasant things. Last night we saw a brutal beatdown of Tony Nese of Armani's Angels in the BB Kings parking lot. The Young Bucks are poor losers it seems. And I am sad to announce that Nese will not be able to make Episode 3 due to his knee being too banged up. But we will have a match! His tag partner Trent has asked for a singles match against Nick Jackson. And that he shall get.

    What about the other buck? There's no reason to fret. Matt will also be in action... As he takes on Flying High Matt Sydal!

    And onto the main event. Last night Chuck Taylor showed that he cares about this promotion. Saving the main event from the mysterious masked man, who for the last two months have been haunting us. After the main event I was approached by Chuck and Drew Gulak, asking for a chance to tag team up for a match. And after last night I am in a giving mood. Thus it will be Chuck Taylor and Drew Gulak, taking on the team of Johnny Gargano and Biff Busick, the gladiators!

    ACH, The Superior Specimens (Christopher Daniels, Josh Alexander & Lucky 13), Marion Fontaine and EGO are also signed to appear but their matches have yet to be finalized.

    FWC Episode 3:

    Teenage Wasteland

    Mixed Martial Archie vs Pinkie Sanchez

    "Varsity" Mark Angelosetti vs Arik Cannon (Try out match)

    Chris Sabin vs Shane Hollister

    Trent Barretta vs Nick Jackson

    Matt Jackson vs Matt Sydal

    Chuck Taylor & Drew Gulak vs The Gladiators

    Also signed to appear:
    Marion Fontaine
    Dr. Christopher Daniels
    Josh Alexander
    Lucky 13
  10. Very fun show. I guess Taylor's not the masked man then, unless he is indeed the masked man and an evil clone attacked him from behind. Who I guess wouldn't really be that evil. Or perhaps it's BB, it's his joint after all. Anyway. Sabin, RD and Sydal still smoking pot in front of Veda is good.
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  11. How does Aids Johnson try out for this BTB. Jobbers gotta job bro, i'm in need of some work.
  12. Stiff for Biff

    And a suggestion, why not incorporate some IWT guys in their. I wouldn't mind having my name thrown in for volunteering. I think it can make it more interactive.
  13. I am deliberately using real wrestlers for this. Thanks for the suggestion but I am going to pass on incorporating IWT wrestlers in this since it takes place in the "real world" unless I find a way to reference them.

    Example I have an idea to reference @GOAT Johnson without actually bringing his character in already thought up.

    At least at this point in the BTB. IF I bring in a IWT character it would most likely be as cannon fodder.
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  14. Looking forward to it, you know I love a good job.
  15. [​IMG]

    The FWC presents...

    Episode 3: Teenage Wasteland

    We open up to a shot of the Young Bucks, Nick and Matt Jackson walking into the building, chatting among themselves and looking smug as always. When suddenly a water bottle comes soaring towards them and barely misses Nick's head.

    Bucks: WOAH!

    Nick: What the hell!?

    Trent Barretta storms into frame, the picture perfect example of fury. Still angry about the Bucks attacking and injuring his tag team partner, Tony Nese last month.

    Matt: What's your problem, man!?

    Trent: My problem!? What the hell is your problem you two dickheads!?

    Nick: I have no idea what you are talking about.

    Trent: No idea huh? Allow me to refresh your memory. Last month Tony beat you....

    Nick: He cheated!

    Trent: Bullshit! Go back and watch the DVD, he beat you fair and square. And you two attack him in the parking lot, because you're petty assholes or some shit. I hope you're happy.

    Bucks: Extremely happy!

    Trent: Good for you, because I assume that you heard what Myers announced before this show. Tonight, you vs me, Nick.

    Nick: And I should be scared why?

    Trent gets up close to Nick, locking eyes with him.

    Trent: Because I am going to show you... just how dirty angels really can get.

    Trent storms off, leaving the bucks to mull over his words.

    Match 1: Mixed Martial Archie vs Pinkie Sanchez

    We are live! For the third straight month in a row, FWC – the Fantastic Wrestling Club – brings you live wrestling action from BB Kings in New York City! The crowd is electric, having grown slightly since last months show. They are hyped for the show to start.

    Never gonna give you up blasts on the sound system as Pinkie Sanchez steps out from behind the curtain! The scrappy brawler high fives fans as he reaches the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Pinkie seems happy to get going, jumping around almost jittery in the ring.

    Larry: This is your opening contest! Introducing first... Pinkie Sanchez!

    The Pride theme comes on as Nigel McGuinness and Mixed Martial Archie make their entrance. McGuinness once again bringing a stool and bucket for Archie with him to the ring. This time Nigel is also sporting a whistle around his neck that he's blowing as Archie jogs towards the ring. Archie takes a warm up lap around the ring before getting in. He sits down on the stool in the corner and waits for the bell.

    Larry: And his opponent! Accompanied by Nigel McGuinness....Mixed Martial Archie!

    *ding dong*

    Archie puts his arms up in a blocking stance, preparing to take punches from Pinkie who instead starts running the ropes... and keeps running the ropes, again and again. Pinkie seemingly cannot stop, leaving a very confused Archie and Nigel looking dumbfounded at ringside. Archie seems to get an idea, and stretches out his leg, tripping Pinkie and sending him face first into the mat. Archie dives on Pinkie and tries to apply a crossface. But Pinkie fights out of it!

    The two men circle each other, much more serious than during Pinkie's previous rush. They lock up and start fighting for superiority. Archie tries to get Pinkie down so he can lock in a submission, and Pinkie spends his energy trying to avoid that, delivering quick blows to the ribs of Archie to get out of various holds. Finally Pinki gets loose and delivers a spinning kick to the side of Archie, sending him staggering to the ground clutching his ribs. Pinkie delivers two quick kicks to Archie’s other side before running the ropes. Pinkie jumps and spins 180 degrees. Looking to plant Archie's face in between his cheeks... But Archie is up on his wobbly legs and catches him! Blue thunder bomb!

    Archie transitions it into some ground and pound on Pinkie before he locks on the cross arm breaker. Pinkie is struggling on the mat, trying to get out of it....And he rolls over into a pin! 1...2...3!

    (Pinkie at 8:11)

    Larry: Here is your winner...Pinkie Sanchez!

    The crowd pops large for the scrappy underdog! Pinkie himself seems almost ecstatic, like he's on a sugar high. He kips up to his feet and immediately darts out of the ring and runs a victory lap around it. He high fives all the fans at ringside before sliding into the ring and shaking Archie's hand, only to promptly dart back out of the ring and backstage screaming his lunges out in victory. Archie and Nigel seem disappointed at the result but Nigel grabs a mic as he gets in the ring.

    Nigel: Well...That didn't exactly go as we wanted now did it Archie? You need to distribute your weight better when locking in the arm breaker so he doesn't roll over as easy. But you did good! You were quick on your feet and you read him well up until the end. If you can keep your focus and work on your fundamentals you'll get that win kid. Up and at'em!

    Archie gets to his feet, still clutching his ribs. He grabs the microphone from Nigel and begins to speak.

    Archie: You're right Nigie, you're absolutely right. I know I'm not the biggest guy in the ring... or in this club for that matter. But I know that if I work on it, work on my form, my technique and my cardio. I will get that win. And once I get that win... I'll take on Ego again...And this time I'll win.

    Nigel starts clapping his hands, agreeing with his protege, when suddenly...

    Ego's theme music hits. And the most selfish man in the entire world steps out on the stage, holding a microphone in his hand. He looks at Archie and Nigel and chuckle before addressing them.

    Ego: Let me get this straight, you want to wrestle me again? I embarrassed you in front of all these people last month, beating you in ten, I repeat: Ten seconds! And you want seconds?

    Ego's cocky smile turns into a frown.

    Ego: You are delusional, no! You are down right retarded if you think that I am going to sully my hands with you again, Archie. You're a joke. You were nothing but a means to an end, the first notch in my belt. Nothing more. You'll never be anything in this company, or in this business. It doesn't matter if you have a former ROH champion in your corner, or if Chris Sabin says you have something. Cause the truth of the matter is you don't. You're a scrawny loser who is wasting my time, your own time and everyone else time by just being here. Why don't you go back to wherever you came from, and stay there? You're not getting another match with me...Because you're not worth it.

    The crowd is booing Ego profusely. Nigel is mouthing off to Ego as Archie looks dejected and broken down by the harsh words.

    Ego: The fact still remains. My name is Ego, and I am the most amazing man in the known universe. And you Archie...just ain't worth my screen time.

    Ego leaves as Nigel is trying to cheer up Archie, who's still looking dejected from being denied the rematch he was looking for. Finally Nigel gets him out of the ring and heading to the backstage area.

    A two man interview

    We cut to backstage, where intrepid reporter Veda Scott is seen, as bright and giddy as always.

    Veda: Ladies and gentlemen. I am your intrepid reporter, Veda Scott. And with me right now are two of the men who will take part in tonight's main event. Johnny Gargano and Biff Busick!

    The Gladiators enter the frame, already dressed in their Roman inspired ring gear sans helmets.

    Veda: Thanks for taking this time with me, guys.

    Biff: Of course my lady.

    Veda: Wow, so...tonight you two will be taking part in the main event. How does it feel to be main eventing?

    Biff: It's always good to get recognition. Both Johnny and I won our debut matches, proving the strength and dominance that the Gladiators stand for. And we have rightfully been rewarded for that. The warriors that triumph, feast. And those that don't, they hunt for scraps. For the last two months we have feasted, and we aren't looking to stop now.

    Veda: And what do you make of your opponents, Drew Gulak and Chuck Taylor?

    Gargano: Drew is a tremendous technician. A throwback to the old catch wrestling days. But he ain't no gladiator. And Chuck is a man I have traveled the world with. We have history. I applaud the man for saving last month's main event. But Chuck, I won't be taking it easy on your for that. You're no gladiator. Which means that you will submit just like everyone else.

    Veda: Anything else to add?

    Gladiators: No.

    Veda: Well...Thanks then! This is Veda Scott, signing off!

    Fade to black.

    Match 2: Arik Cannon vs Mark “Varsity” Angelosetti

    The iconic sounds of The Clash hit the sound system as Arik Cannon, the PBR wrestler steps out from behind the curtain. Arik is dressed in a PBR colored singlet and black wrestling boots with a jeans west over the singlet, with his hair done up in his usual mohawk style. He steps up on the apron and raises a PBR to the crowd.

    Larry: This is a singles match set for one fall! In the ring: PBR...Arik Cannon!

    VARSITY! New theme music accompanies the arrogant Mark “Varsity” Angelosetti. Dressed in new navy blue tights and boots with a red and black Letterman jacket covering his torso, he calmly and arrogantly saunter to the ring. He snatches the microphone from Larry Legend and begins to speak.

    Varsity: For those of you dumb enough or unfortunate enough to have missed last month's show: Allow me to introduce myself. My name, is Mark “Varsity” Angelosetti. The penultimate athlete, in FWC. I am an athlete with all American honors and the pedigree of a superstar, and I know it. Last month I showed just what happened when you out a loser like Pinkie Sanchez in the ring with an ace like myself. And tonight, I plan to do the exact same thing again.

    Varsity turn towards Cannon, finally acknowledging his opponent.

    Varsity: Arik, people like you disgust me. Fat sacks of crap like you who don't take care of their bodies and just sit on their fat asses and chug beers all day long make me sick. I like beer as much as the next guy but for goodness sakes man! Take care of yourself! Get some abs and maybe even a sucker like you could get with a woman now and then....

    Cannon has had enough! He plants his fist square in the face of Varsity. The ref signals for the bell.

    *ding ding*

    Cannon forces an unprepared Varsity into the corner and potatoes him a couple of times for good measure. Arik lands a hard headbutt to the skull of Varsity before backing up. He rushes at the man in the corner with a running shoulder tackle....but Varsity rolls out of the ring and Arik ends up crashing shoulder first into the turnbuckles.

    Varsity stays on the outside catching his breath. Obviously not prepared for that much of a fight early on. Arik rolls out of the ring as well and it becomes a chase around the ring. Varsity slides into the ring, but turns around and plants his boot in the skull of Cannon as he follows his foe. Varsity with a couple of more stomps, unloading his anger on his downed opponent. Varsity finally removes his jacket and poses for the crowd before pulling Cannon to his feet before bodyslamming him back down. Varsity with a series of elbow drops to Cannon's chest, followed by a jumping leg drop. Varsity goes for the pin....But Cannon kicks out!

    Varsity is furious. He climbs the ropes, looking for a top rope elbow drop. He flies...but misses! Cannon is back to his feet and hits a superkick to the head of Varsity. Cannon now with a northern lights sueplx, he transitions into a pin...but Varsity kicks out! Both men start trading blows in the middle of the ring, seemingly evenly matches. Varsity connects with a forearm and he backs off. Short hand clothesline to Cannon who falls to the mat!

    Varsity is skulking in the corner, signaling for his opponent to get up. Cannon gets up gingerly...AND HE EATS THE RUNNING NECKBREAKER! Varsity with the pin 1...2...3! (“Varsity” Mark Angelosetti at 13:14)

    Larry: Here is your winner...MARK ANGELSETTI!

    Varsity staggers to his feet. The referee raises his hand as he soaks in the boos of the crowd. He looks over his shoulder at the still downed Arik Cannon, and he strikes. Varsity plants his boot in the back of Cannon repeatedly to the chagrin of the crowd. He poses on the ropes before storming off to the backstage area.

    A quick meeting

    We see Brian Myers in his office backstage, going through some lists to make sure that everything is running smoothly. When Marion Fontaine walk into the office.

    Fontaine: Knock knock!

    Myers: Marion! Come in! What can I do for you?

    Fontaine: Well, I know that I haven't exactly been off to a brilliant start here in the FWC but I wanted to say that I am happy for you allowing me to be here. And I wanted to see if I could get a match on the next card.

    Myers: Well thank you, and sure, I think we can find a spot for you next month. What would you say about....

    Suddenly static comes on the screen, cutting off Myers and Fontaine. They are replaced by a dark, dimly lit room. And the mysterious masked man who has been haunting FWC for the past months walks into frame.

    ???: Chuck Taylor. We wanted to keep you out of this. We wanted to keep you safe. But you chose to get in the way. You decided to get involved. You want to be involved, Chuck? Consider yourself a target.

    The feeds rapidly cuts back to Fontaine and Myers, who are now shaking hands.

    Fontaine: Great! I am looking forward to it.

    Myers: Brilliant! Well, if that's all I have to get back to work.

    Fontaine: Understandable, thanks again, Brian!

    Fontaine walks out the door as Myers gets back to work.

    Match 3: Chris Sabin vs Shane Hollister

    Wild eyes by Parkway Drive starts blasting out of the sound system of BB Kings. And out from the curtains steps Shane Hollister. A young man sporting a short black mohawk and shaved sides to his head. He's wearing red and black tights that reach down to just below his knees and has black wrestling shoes on. Hollister demands attention as he confidently walks towards the ring. He stands on the top turnbuckle and motions to the crowd that respond in kind. Hollister drops off of the ropes, awaiting his opponent.

    Larry: This match is set for one fall! Making his FWC debut: The modern man of pro wrestling....Shane Hollister!

    Flowing! The musical stylings of 311 comes on, signaling the arrival of the master of the cradleshock, Chris Sabin. Sabin is just as stoic and calm as he was last month. Striding to the ring and getting up on the apron. He locks eyes with Hollister before getting in the ring and taking of his west, getting ready for the match.

    Larry: And his opponent...Chris Sabin!

    *ring le bell*

    They start circling each other, they lock up in a knuckle lock and follow it up with a segment of technical mat wrestling. Hollister manages to ground Sabin and he tries to apply the single leg Boston crab but Sabin manages to get out of it and create space.

    Another series of technical wrestling moves, both men trying to out do the other. Sabin with a deep arm drag on Hollister. And another one! And finally a third one! Sabin transitions into the pin...but Hollister kicks out! Sabin seems slightly surprised at this turn of events. Hollister grabs Sabin and pulls him up into a bodyslam and drops him to the ground. Hollister runs the ropes and nails a running dropkick to the side of Sabin's head. Sending the ring veteran rolling out of the ring. Hollister kips up on his feet and runs the ropes again, is he going to fly out onto Sabin? No! He does a backflip off of the ropes back into the ring! Taunting Sabin and inviting him back in. Which Sabin obliges.

    Sabin calmly steps back into the ring and the two lock up again. This time Sabin goes on the offensive, pushing Hollister back towards the ropes. The referee calls for a clean break and Sabin obliges, but gives Hollister a slap in the face as a final note. Hollister responds with a kick to the gut of Sabin. Hollister grabs his arm and launches him into the ropes. Sabin dodges a clothesline on the rebound. He springboards off of the second rope and dropkicks Hollister in the chest, sending him staggering into the ropes. Sabin rushes Hollister and clotheslines him and himself out of the ring.

    Both men are outside of the ring. Hollister with a superkicked that gets dodged by Sabin, only for Hollister to duck under an uppercut from Sabin. Hollister connects with a spin kick to Sabin's head. Hollister rolls into the ring as the ref starts the ten count. Sabin gets back up on his feet at the count of five....But Hollister flies! Hollister with a suicide dive out between the top and middle rope! Connecting with Sabin and sending both men into the guard rail! The fans have come unglued and are going wild for Hollister's risk it all attitude. Both men are out on the floor and struggling to get to their feet. At the count of six both men are back to their feet, but struggling to get into the ring... Both men slide into the ring on the count of nine! This match continues!

    Both men are catching their breath in the middle of the ring. Hollister swings with a forearm but is caught by Sabin. Sabin with a flurry of quick strikes to Hollister's chest. As he goes for a final one Hollister reverses it into a takedown. Hollister's back to trying to set up the single leg crab. But Sabin counters into a La Magistra pin!.....Hollister kicks out at two and a half! Sabin finally looks fed up with how long this upstart has kept up with him. He gets up to his feet and motions for Hollister to do the same. Superkick to the head from Sabin! Sabin lifts Hollister up and hits the cradleshock (cross legged Samoan Drop) and goes for the pin...1...2...3! (Chris Sabin at 20:00)

    Hollister kicks out just after the three count! But it's one millisecond too late.

    Larry: Here is your winner....CHRIS SABIN!

    Hollister looks defeated as he realize that he was beat. Sabin instead has a look of deep thought on his face as his ref raises his arm in victory. Once the ref lets go he turns towards Hollister and once more locks eyes with the plucky upstart. Hollister slowly gets to his feet and stands on equal ground with Sabin. Sabin offers Hollister his hand and after some thought Hollister takes it. The two men shake hands as the crowd cheers. Sabin lets go and rolls out of the ring, leaving a perplexed Hollister, who remains in the ring for a short while before following Sabin to the backstage area.

    Another two man interview

    We cut to backstage and once more it's Veda Scott!

    Veda: Hi everybody! Intrepid reporter Veda Scott here, and with me at this time is the second team in tonight’s tag team main event. Drew Gulak and Chuck Taylor!

    Taylor and Gulak walk into frame.

    Veda: Guys, earlier in the night I interviewed the Gladiators. And they had some choice words for you, do you have anything to say to them before your match?

    Drew: Not really, Veda. Those two have their way to look at things. And we have ours. If they think that taking on the Legal Eagle and the Kentucky Gentleman, two parts of the Gentleman's club will be easy, boy do they have another thing coming.

    Chuck: This is where it's at: I'm not in the mood to talk right now. Since I got here I've made it clear that I am looking to make a clean start here in FWC. No more tomfoolery, no more big headed and arrogant Chuck Taylor. All I want is to start anew. But that masked weirdo tried to frame me as being part in his schemes, shutting the door to the locker room before it even really opened for me. I don't care who that person thinks he is. I will find him, and I will get him. For now, my focus is on Johnny and Biff tonight. You say I'm no gladiator? Damn right I'm not. I'm a Kentucky Gentleman.

    Chuck storms off. Obviously angry.

    Veda: Well...Thanks Drew.

    Drew: Don't mention it. And forgive Chuck. He has a lot on his mind right now.

    Fade to black.

    Match 4: Matt Jackson vs Matt Sydal

    Mmmbop blasts on the speakers as Matt Jackson steps out from behind the curtain, accompanied by his brother Nick. They do the DX chop towards the fans as they head to the ring, soaking up the boos.

    Larry: This is a singles match set for one fall! Introducing first.... Matt Jackson!

    Clavicle starts blaring and the smoke rises from the curtain, and out comes Mr. Flying high, Matt Sydal! Sydal runs to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Once in the ring he does a standing backflip, landing on his feet to the approval of the cheering crowd inside BB Kings.

    Larry: And his opponent: Flying high....Matt Sydal!

    *ding dong*

    Jackson tries to lock up with Sydal who just dodges under his arms and circles him. Jackson again tries to capture Sydal but is once more denied. Sydal with two quick kicks to Jackson's side before dodging under a roundhouse kick from Jackson, drawing even more ire from Jackson. Sydal runs the ropes and flips over Jackson, who does a handstand horsekick, finally connecting with Sydal.

    Sydal staggers back into the ropes, only to get launched into the ropes on the opposite side. Jackson catches him on the rebound and slams him face first into the mat with a facebuster. Jackson quickly kips up and connects with a dropkick to the face of Sydal. Sydal rolls to the ropes to avoid a pinning attempt from Jackson, who goes after his opponent. Sydal uses the ropes to get to his feet just as Jackson reaches him. Sydal pulls down the ropes and send Jackson out of the ring and onto the ground outside. Sydal gets out on the apron. Moonsault off of the apron to Jackson! Nick looks ready to get involved but the ref gets him to back off, allowing both men to get up. Jackson slams Sydal's head into the apron when the ref isn't looking. He then rakes Sydal's eyes on the apron. Nicks distraction buying him plenty of time.

    Jackson rolls Sydal into the ring. He gestures for Sydal to get up and sets up the superkick...But Sydal does a forward roll under Jackson's foot, ending up behind him. Sydal is up...and he connects with the Pele kick! Sydal begins a furious series of offensive kicks to Jackson, driving him into the corner. He hits the running dropkick to Jackson, sending him to the match clutching his gut. Sydal is up on the second rope...He connects with the second rope phoenix splash! Sydal gets up to his feet and climbs to the top rope as Jackson is out on the canvas out of breath and in pain. He's looking to end this early. He flies into the shooting star press....But Nick Jackson has hit the ring and he connects with a superkick to Sydal in mid air! The ref calls for the bell! (Matt Sydal at 7:40 by DQ)

    Nick Jackson starts beating on the downed Sydal. Matt getting up and joining his brother in the beatdown. The ref tries to get them out of the ring to no avail. Then Trent hits the ring, sending Matt out to the floor and then attacking Nick. As Sydal rolls out of the ring the ref signals for the bell, starting the second Jackson brothers' match.

    *ding dong*

    Match 5: Nick Jackson vs Trent Barretta

    Trent is hammering Jackson with punches in a ground and pound stance, refusing to give the other man a chance to counter. They are both rolling around on the mat in a brawl more than a match. Nick finally gets free and pushes Trent into the corner. The two are quickly back to trading punches with one another, landing stiff shots to each others torsos and faces. Trent connects with a stiff right, sending Nick to the mat. Trent connects with a running knee to the face of Nick. But instead of going for the pin, he starts stomping on Nick, wanting to deal as much damage as possible to his opponent. Nick rolls out of the ring to buy some time, but Trent follows him to the outside, Nick is quick to get back in the ring, and connects with a roundhouse kick to Trent's head as he follows him. Now it's Nick's turn to deal out some punishment, focusing on the right arm. He wrenches on it, pushing the elbow joint into the wrong direction. He then starts stomping on it and ramming it into the ring post. Trent avoids a jumping leg drop and gets to his feet, connecting with an elbow to the face of Nick. It becomes and exchange of elbows as the two men basically try to knock each other out. Totally out of the usual style of match either of the Young Bucks usually works, but Trent is forcing this into a brawl.

    After Trent establishes dominance and gets Nick down to his knees, he backs off to set up another running knee. But he is so focused on Nick that he doesn't notice Matt get back in the ring with a steel chair in hand. Trent runs right into a chair shot! And the ref is forced to once again ring the bell. (Trent Barretta at 9:00 by DQ)

    Two DQ's back to back! The Young Bucks once more team up to beat down on their knocked down opponent. This time using the steel chair. Trent is in deep trouble, but once more the cavalry has arrived! It's Tony Nese! He has come to his partners' aid! He's swinging his crutch like a warhammer, driving both bucks out of the ring! The Bucks look absolutely furious as Nese claims the ring as his own. As Trent slowly get up on his feet Nese has grabbed the ring announcer's microphone and begins to speak.

    Nese: You two are in big trouble you know that right? For the last two months you have been two absolute a-holes to everyone in the locker room, and to the two of us especially. You've stooped to attacking me out in the back, forcing me to use a crutch to get around, just because you cannot admit defeat? Well if you two uggos want to play dirty, let's get dirty! I've got my pretty face ensured, Trent's face is ensured. Next month, when my leg is all healed: I want...no! I demand! A no DQ, tag team tornado match!

    The crowd pops big for Nese laying down the law.

    Nese: You two wanted to see how bad we could be? Next month we're not just bringing sexy back, but violence as well...

    Nese and Trent pose in the ring as the Bucks throw a tantrum on the entrance way. The Bucks slowly disappear backstage as Trent and Nese high fives fans on the way back.

    We demand an answer

    After the ring crew has cleaned out the ring from the previous carnage, the theme from Dexter's lab hits and Dr. Christopher Daniels walks out in his usual getup, flanked by his two specimens: Josh Alexander and Lucky 13. Daniels grabs a microphone and begins to speak.

    Daniels: For two months now, you have denied my offers Mr. H. And for two months I have proven the superiority of my specimens. And despite your constant spurning of my advances, I am still willing to offer you a spot among my perfect creations. So I will offer this one final time. Mr. ACH, join us...or suffer the consequences.

    Getting jiggy with it bursts on the speakers as ACH steps out, dressed in his street clothes and with a microphone in hand, He stands just in front of the curtain.

    ACH: I'll give you one thing doc, you're stubborn...But so am I. I've said it once, I've said it twice. I am about to say it thrice and I am willing to say it as many times as it takes. It doesn't matter how many times you ask, how many times you demand or beg. The answer will always be no. So Doctor Daniels. Why don't you take your cronies and get out of my life?

    Daniels stares at ACH, anger written into his face.

    Daniels: If that is your final answer, I hope that you are ready for the consequences. If you wont join us, you will be broken. I hope you're ready for what is to come Mr. H.

    ACH mimics the Rock's single hand wave pose.

    ACH: Cracker, just bring it.

    Daniels and his menagerie get out of the ring and walk towards the entrance. They stop right in front of ACH and he and Daniels stare each other down. Alexander and 13 move to get in ACH's face but the ring crew and crew from the backstage area quickly separate them, preventing yet another brawl from breaking it. Staff forces ACH backstage and after some time allow Daniels and his men to disappear themselves. The tension is high for what is to come.

    Main event: Chuck Taylor and Drew Gulak vs the Gladiators

    Drew Gulak's theme comes on the speakers, signalling the start of the main event. Gulak comes out in red, white and blue ring gear. He strides towards the ring, gets up on the ring stesp and starts signaling towards the crowd to a positive reaction. He climbs into the ring and awaits his partner.

    I go Hard by Gangstagrass replaces Gulaks music and out comes the Kentucky Gentleman. No fun and games this time around. He walks to the ring and climbs up on the top rope before looking out over the crowd, seemingly looking for something or some one. He jumps off the ropes and joins Drew, who gives his partner a high five.

    The theme song from Gladiator comes on and Busick and Gargano enter, fully dressed in their gladiator getup. They march to the ring before getting in the middle of it, slowly removing their ornate helmets and saluting the crowd and each other.

    Larry: Ladies and gentlemen, this: is your main event! Introducing first: the team, of the legal eagle...Drew Gulak! And the Kentucky Gentleman....CHUCK TAYLOR!

    The first ever streamers are launched into the ring as the first team is introduced, covering the two competitors.

    Larry: And their opponents: The unconquerable...Biff Busick! And the juggernaut...JOHNNY GARGANO!

    More streamers fall into the ring and the second team are also met with cheers.

    *ring ring*

    Gargano and Gulak start off in the ring. Gulak latches on to Gargano's left arm and starts working it over, forcing it behind his opponents back. He's trying to force Gargano down to his knees but Gargano starts fighting back, getting back to a standing position and slowly forcing his arm and his opponent back in front of him on pure strength alone.

    Gargano whips Gulak into the ropes and leapfrogs over him on the rebound. Gargano with a spinning elbow but Gulak ducks underneath it and clips the leg of Gargano. Gulak tries to apply an ankle hold but Gargano reverses out of it and the two square off. Gargano offers Gulak a test of strength and Gulak answers. Gargano starts overpowering the legal eagle with his superior physical strength, forcing Gulak to his knees. Gargano suddenly pulls straight up, sending Gulak into the air, still holding on to Gargano's hands. Gulak plants his feet on Gargano's shoulders. Gulak jumps off of Gargano and uses the momentum to pull him to the mat face first. Gulak transitions it into an armbar, capitalizing on Gargano being dazed and confused.

    Gulak has the armbar sinced in hard, forcing Gargano to drag himself and Gulak to the ropes, getting his foot on the bottom rope, making the ref force Gulak to let go. Gargano gets to his corner and tags in Busick as Gulak tags in Taylor. The two competitors stare each other down before they start circling each other. Chuck offers Busick his hand for a lockup and the two start fighting for dominance. Biff proves that he is the stronger man, forcing Taylor into the ropes. Biff lets Chuck go but taunts him as he is backing off. Chuck once more invites Biff to lock up, and they do. This time Chuck kicks Biff over the knee cap, forcing him down on one knee. Chuck runs the ropes and connects with a running dropkick to Biff's abdomen. Chuck goes for another running dropkick but Biff gets up to his feet and nails him with a short lariat straight to the mat. Busick with the cover...But Chuck is quick to kick out!

    Busick pulls Taylor to his feet. He launches Chuck into the ropes, but Chuck responds with a forearm smash on the rebound. Busick answers with a forearm smash of his own. The two start trading forearms in the middle of the ring. Chuck runs the ropes looking for a big forearm smash...But drops to the mat and delivers a Goldust style uppercut to Busick, stunning the Gladiator. Chuck now with a leg sweep, sending Busick to the mat. Chuck with the stomps on Busick, making him taste the soles of his boots. Chuck helps Busick to his feet and launches him into the ropes. Chuck now with the belly to belly suplex, followed by a kip up! The fans are eating out of Chuck's hand with those little theatrics. But Chuck still seems to always keep an eye on the crowd, looking for someone. Biff capitalizes on this and nails Chuck in the back of the head with a running elbow.

    Busick now with the domination, working over Chuck with stiff punches and kicks. Biff with a German suplex on Chuck straight into the corner turnbuckles. Biff tags in Gargano who comes in with a series of stomps to Chuck in the corner. Gargano steps back as Biff pulls Chuck to his feet in the corner. Gargano with a running shoulder tackle in the corner! Chuck slumps to the ground and Gargano goes for the pin...But Gulak breaks it up! The referee forces Gulak back into his corner as Gargano picks Taylor up for what seems to be an inverted Razor's edge. He backs into the middle of the ring...Running lawn dart to the turnbuckles! Chuck Taylor rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. But he doesn't stay in long. He ducks under a clothesline from Gargano and grabs his free arm. Sole food from Chuck Taylor! Chuck struggles to the corner and tags in Gulak, who connects with a running soccer kick to Gargano! Gulak with the pin....Gargano kicks out!

    Gulak vertical suplexes Gargano and rolls through into a second one, but Gargano blocks it. The two struggle to nail the suplex...And eventually Gargano pulls through, suplexing Gulak into the ring mat hard. Gargano tags in Busick who flies into the ring like a spitfire, nailing Gulak in the head with a running boot. Busick goes for the cover but Taylor flies into the ring to break it up. Gargano is back in and throws Chuck out of ther ing before following him out. Gulak is now back to his feet and he and Busick are trading stiff punches in the middle of the ring. Gulak dodges under a roundhouse kick from Busick and locks on the ankle lock. Gulak is twisting Busick's ankle the wrong way, making the man scream out in pain. As Taylor and Gargano are brawling on the outside. Gargano picks Taylor up and runs into the barricade, driving Taylor back first into the steel. In the ring Busick fights out of the ankle lock and nails Gulak in the face with an elbow, sending Gulak staggering back. Busick goes for a runinng lariat on Gulak, but Gulak dodges and referee Grant Johnson eats the lariat! The ref is down and out! Gulak capitalizes with a roll up. But there's no referee! Gulak doesn't know what to do. He had Busick down for three. This should be over! Gulak and Busick go back to trading blows as a new referee runs out from backstage and slides into the ring. Gulak forces Busick off of him and sees that Chuck has gotten back in the corner, despite the beating he took at ringside from Gargano. Gulak tags in a still dazed Chuck, who's not quite ready to get in the ring. Busick capitalizes and gets up on the second rope in Taylor's corner and locks his arms around Taylor's neck and torso....Superplex from the second rope into the ring! Chuck Taylor is out! Busick with the cover.....TAYLOR KICKS OUT AT 2.99! Chuck Taylor is still in this!

    Busick pulls Chuck Taylor to his feet and starts laying into him with a series of elbows to the head. He hits a spinning elbow sending Taylor straight to the mat. But Taylor kips up and gets in Busick's face! Telling him to bring it! Chuck Taylor is made of sternet stuff than most of us taught. Busick responds with the half and half suplex! But Chuck rolls out on the apron before Busick can get the pin... Wait a minute! The masked man has hit the ring from the crowd! And he has Chuck Taylor! He lands a series of blows to the back of Taylor before ramming him repeatedly into the apron! He picks Chuck up...AND ONCE MORE CHUCK TAYLOR'S BACK BECOME INTIMATE WITH THE RING BARRIER! The ref calls for the bell. (Chuck Taylor and Drew Gulak by outside interference at 25:55)

    The masked man makes a run for it, jumping over the guard rail and making his way through the crowd to the outside, with the Gladiators hot on his heels, Busick wielding a steel chair he snatched from a fan. Leaving Gulak and the referee to check on Chuck Taylor. Brian Myers and the medical staff comes rushing out from backstage as we are left with the visage of Chuck Taylor slowly being helped to his feet and towards the backstage area as we


    So what did you guys think of this episode? Which match was the best? What could have been done better?

    Also: Is there any particular wrestler you would like to see in the future?

    Also I'll probably move these into a by-weekly release schedule to allow more time to write them out and make them better. I'll also announce the upcoming cards in pieces instead of one big batch every week instead to make up for that. As well as possible short promos to build up matches.

    Please read, rate and comment.

    Peace out
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  16. This is pretty entertaining. Nice to see a flourishing E-fed on here. Not a dying one.

    I would actually like to see Joey Ryan in there and some international wrestlers like Satoshi Kojima, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Katsuyori Shibata and Kazuchika Fruggin Okada.

    Keep up the good work, Stoppy.
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  17. Nice suggestions but yeah, I'm not gonna take New Japan guys right now, especially not contracted guys. Doesn't really make sense logically right now. I might work in Ryan down the road but I don't see the NJPW guys going into this at this stage in the company.
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  18. That sucks but at least Ryan's getting in there. :gusta:
  19. Nice episode Stop. Main event was pretty badass. I'd enjoy it if Bob Backlund was the mystery man. It shall be good to see the Bucks and Trent/Nese going at it.
  20. From the desk of Brian Myers

    Feels like I've said this before: But what a night! Episode 3 was a great experience with our biggest live crowd yet. We packed in over 200 people into BB Kings last Saturday for a great night of wrestling and fun. I can now gladly announce that after three successful events, our financial backer has decided to help make FWC into a regularly run show. Looks like we are here for the long run folks!

    And with that out of the way I can gladly reveal that we will begin the process of crowning a FWC champion, a man to help lead our company into a bright tomorrow. At our next show: Episode 4, we will hold three qualifying matches, with the winners going on to face each other in a triple threat match at Episode 5 for the honor of becoming the first ever FWC Champion. After a bit of work I can gladly unveil the six men competing for a shot at the title.

    First out will be the Walking Weapon Josh Alexander, representing the Superior Specimens. Alexander has been dominant in his matches so far in FWC, both in singles and tag team action. Tho I might not agree with how the specimens are treating ACH I cannot argue the result Alexander has had in the ring.

    Alexander will take on a man making his FWC debut. It is with great privilege that I can announce that Cedric Alexander of ROH fame will make his FWC debut at Episode 4, taking on Josh Alexander, in what is sure to be an amazing match.

    Third out is our very own Flying High, Matt Sydal! Matt has been one of our biggest names since we started this company. Matt has been a corner stone, a main fixture and is certain to up his game yet again at Episode 4. Best of luck to Matt as he will take on...

    Drew Gulak! The submission master might not have the best win/loss record so far. But in his outings he has impressed. Going head to head with Chris Sabin at Episode 2, and taking part in our blockbuster main event at episode 3, taking the unconquerable Biff Busick to the limit. Episode 4 will see Gulak vs Sydal take place for a shot at the belt!

    And first out in our final qualifying match will be a FWC return, as BOOM BOOM! Colt Cabana comes back to the FWC ring! The wrestling journeyman will compete for a shot at the belt on our fourth show. And he will take on the one, the only....

    Chuck Taylor! Off to a rocky start here in FWC, the Kentucky Gentleman has shown were his loyalty lies and he has shown himself deserving of competing for an opportunity. Chuck stepped in to help us fend up our mystery assailant. And I am willing to grant him this opportunity.

    At Episode 4 it will be:

    Josh Alexander vs Cedric Alexander

    Matt Sydal vs Drew Gulak

    Colt Cabana vs Chuck Taylor

    Winners go on to compete for the FWC title at Episode 5!

    More on what will take place at Episode 4 will come in the coming weeks. As well as news on financial partnerships and news for the entire FWC fanbase.


    Brian Myers