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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Feb 14, 2014.

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  1. Does anyone else watch this show? It usually airs right after Sunny and being a Fantasy Football player I immediately was invested after the first episode aired for Season 1 and loved it for like Nick Kroll, Steve Randazzio (Ssn 2 of Punk'd w/ B.J Novak as Ashton's actors for the season// Paul Blart), Paul Scheer is great too but what makes the show great for me and put it over the top was freaking the addition of the character Rafi played by the hilarious Jason Mantzoukas.

    Some of Rafi's Brilliance:

    They just got done with their 5th season it was okay, you could feel it going downhill from the previous seasons but imo definitely had it's
    moments and brought in the viewers it needed to go on another season but I think they can pick it up back to Season 1-3 form.. Adam Brody (Grind & The O.C) was probably the best part about the season to kick it off, J.J Watt from the Houston Texans was pretty funny in his appearances too.

    Jeff Goldblum made one of the most epic cameo appearances I've seen in a grip haha in like Season 3 & 4 same with Sarah Silverman.
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  2. Only saw the second season I believe maybe it was the 3rd.. but I plan on watching it on Netflix right after I finish Dexter haha I'm already soo far.

  3. :shock::yes:
    I haven't caught the new season at all yet but watched all the ones on Netflix in the matter of a couple weeks. One of my favorites.
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  4. Yeah I mean the 5th season definitely had it's great moments it just seemed a little lacking compared to the previous 4 I know they were already set up for a 6th season so the 5th will prlly be on Netflix sometime soon I imagine considering Netflix is the one that saved the show originally after the 1st season haha.
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  5. I feel like I should enjoy this show, but I just don't :upset::okay:
  6. It's pretty understandable to be completely honest, it's hit or miss to everyone I've met who has seen it honestly
  7. I know, I know, but I love fantasy football and a lot of my friends both IRL and on forums who have similar taste in shows really love it, so I just don't see why it doesn't register for me. I watched all of S1 and I think the premiere of S2 (with Chad Johnson??) and I was like man, I'm just not enjoying this.
  8. Yeah that's when it actually starts to build up from Ssn 2 - Ssn 4 when Rafi comes in, he's got the most funny moments, and Seth Rogen has a few cameo episodes, they also start doing more and more football players, like Cribbs, Suggs, Fitzpatrick, JJ Watt, Gerald McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Deion Sanders a lot of the Cowboys (Training Camp episode was Ssn 4 Premier).. Who knows man the human mind is a complex beast it likes what it likes haha.
  9. DESEAN??!?!?

    I gotta see the clips
  10. Lol as I posted it I was looking for clips couldn't find any, it's just one scene he's in Jenny's dreams while she's fingering herself in the car and then her water breaks, the whole sequence is pretty funny but for some reason I cant locate it.
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