Götze leaving Dortmund

Discussion in 'Sports' started by mh0707, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. Mario Götze is leaving Dortmund for Bayern Munich this summer according to Bayern Munich's official webpage, facebook and twitter. Bayern is paying 37 million euro for him.

    Will Bayern be the best team in the world now? I mean they have an amazing roster and next season they have Guardiola as coach. I really think they will be unstoppable, like Barcelona.
  2. feel for dortmund probably gunna loose all there big players in the summer also timing aint great either will be pretty awkward for him if its an all german final in the cl
  3. Bayern will replace Barca I think. Jesus. They're spending a lot with Guardiola. They're odds on to get Suarez as well.
  4. Don't know if Bayern's getting Suarez, it was said that Robert Lewandowski also was ready to move to Bayern like a month ago.
  5. I like both Munich and Dortmund but what Götze has done is a disrespect to BvB.
  6. Agreed.
  7. Well I guess he really wants to play for Bayern, because he wouldn't leave for titles because Dortmund is a titlecandidate every year in all tournaments. He is born in the south of Germany so maybe he was a Bayern-fan as a kid aswell so that maybe affected his decision.
  8. b munichs midfield is gunna be immense tops barcelonas now hows this for a midfield

    Can see one or two leave in the summer
  9. I can honestly see both Robben and Ribery leving this summer!
  10. I dunno after today vital part of the team imo
  11. Yeah, but it's still Guardiola who's coaching next year and he doesn't like players with huge egos. Like in Barcelona he sold Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto'o and got in trouble with Ibra. Guardiola wants players that just do their job and nothing else.
  12. apparently they have also signed lebwindowski as well
  13. Source?
  14. Manchester United are signing Lewandowski for £18.5million in the summer, not Bayern :emoji_wink:
  15. pep's not messing around is he lol
  16. Its all over the internet only just seen it united need to move fast if they want him i bet dortmund regret putting release clauses into both his and goatze contracts
  17. Hummels is next... unfortunately.
  18. Would be a shame if Dortmund players just all jumped ship. That would ruin the Bundesliga. Without Dortmund, that league would be like the SPL (one team dominating all).
  19. Other than the past 2/3 years...it's always been like that in Germany!
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