Puro G1Climax 2013 announced and line up. This is looking good!

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  1. God damn that line up. :fap:
  2. Dat Line up.
    Can someone Explain to me the meaning of A Block and B Block? Is it Winner of A and B Block face eachover in the final?
  3. The tournament is round robin style. The guy with the most points in block A faces the guy with the most points in block B in the final to crown the tournament winner.

    Block A is so insanely stacked..without guys like Naito, Nakamura and Suzuki. Block B is good as fuck two.
  4. Oh I get it now.
    Block A Looks good. I want to bet on Davey Boy Smith Jr to win it or Okada (I'm sure he was mentioned, was he?)
  5. Okada is in Block A. But I don't think he will win. He won the last one if I ain't mistaken which led to his title win. My hands on favorite to win is Nakamura (since he lost the intercontinental title and is over as fuck, plus he is kept out of the star studded A block). Naito is also a favorite to win. Shibata is a dark horse.
  6. Nakamura, He's a Good guy....I'm gonna just go with Davey Boy Smith Jr to win at least 1 or 2 matches.
  7. He's one of the most hated Gaijins in New Japan right now. I remember him getting some mad heat when he faced Nakamura earlier this year and he has evolved a lot since going to Japan. He'll win a few but I don't see him winning the entire thing since he is a tag team guy.
  8. Your Right....But i'm staying with DBS Jr, I think is he Does win, this will be the Push he needs.
  9. Fuckin A!

    Devitt vs. Okada in the finals, I predict.
  10. And btw, last year I predicted the Okada/Anderson final, so you're welcome.:testify:
  11. I don't see Devitt going to the finals personally. He has the Bullet Club to keep him relevant and the junior belt. Plus he already has a match with Okada signed. It could work but it would need some storytelling.
  12. you swore. How far back do i ahve to go to catch up and get interested?
  13. Watch their latest show called Dominion 2013 and you are good to go. Entire show is up on Youtube.
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  14. Here are the 2013 G1 Climax cards

    One word: JESUS! Teflon Test
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  15. Holy fuck, August couldn't start better. Plenty of awesomeness to come (as usual) from New Japan. Seems like Devitt, Tanahashi and Shibata will be running for #1 place in Block A; while Nakamura and Ibushi will be doing the same in Block B. Can't see Okada (like I did one week ago) winning the thing.
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