G4 Network Re-Branded & How It Affects WWE, OVW Stars Who Changed WWE!

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  1. WWE.com has launched a photo gallery of “The Kids from OVW that Changed WWE.” Ohio Valley Wrestling, once the developmental territory of WWE, produced some of the industry’s top performers, including John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton & Batista. OVW is now the developmental system for TNA. (WTF NO CM PUNK!?)

    WWE.com has also published a top 10 list of the most dateable Superstars & Divas.

    NBC Universal announced on Monday that they are partnering with Esquire Magazine to re-brand their G4 cable network. The new “Esquire Channel” will launch soon as “an upscale Bravo for men.” The news is relevant to the wrestling world because as recently as last summer, WWE was interested in purchasing G4 in hopes of re-branding it as the WWE Network. One of WWE’s biggest hurdles in launching the WWE Network has been getting clearances from cable companies – and acquiring G4 would have helped with that.

    As noted over the weekend, satellite provider DirecTV is surveying their subscribers regarding the launch of a new premium, subscription-based WWE Network that would run original programming, classic footage and all live WWE pay-per-views except for WrestleMania.

    At one point, the UFC was also interested in buying G4 to launch their own network.

    Soure: http://www.sescoops.com/g4-network-re-branded-how-it-affects-wwe-ovw-stars-who-changed-wwe/

    WTF!? G4 for sell since when!?
  2. They cancelled every show that was game and electronics related and they pretty much only showed Cops and Cheaters re-runs all day. It was bound to happen sometime. G4 used to be good :downer:
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