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WWE did just headline a Madison Square Garden event with Chad Gable versus Shane McMahon.

After Elias was ruled out of the King of the Ring tournament due to an injury, of course McMahon inserted himself right into the semifinals. To stack the deck even further in his favor, McMahon named Kevin Owens as the special guest referee.

Shane-O-Mac said if KO did his job correctly, he would lift the $100,000 fine he hit him with last month.

Despite all of that, Gable simply beat the brakes off of McMahon. You read that right.

First, it looked like Gable was going to squash McMahon as he got a pinfall ten seconds after the opening bell sounded.

Get eeeeeeeem @WWEGable!!

— TDE Wrestling (@tde_wrestling) September 11, 2019
Not done yet, McMahon would then make the semifinals match a two out of three falls contest. Despite Owens trying to slow count for Gable and fast count McMahon, the underdog could not be stopped.

After McMahon handed Owens a steel chair, Gable wrapped his opponent in an ankle lock submission and forced a tap out in the center of the ring.

.@WWEGable is going all the way!

— TDE Wrestling (@tde_wrestling) September 11, 2019
Gables moves on to face Baron Corbin in the final match of the tournament, which will take place on the Sept. 16 episode of Raw.

Does Chad Gable’s Cinderella story continue, or does WWE anoint Baron Corbin their king?

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