Kayfabe Gabriel Lars interview

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After the adverts we go straight to a clip of Gabriel Lars and the interviewer

Interview: Welcome back everybody, tonight I am with the the newcomer and rising star, Gabriel Lars. How are you doing today?

Gabriel Lars: I am doing great, in fact better than great after hearing the news.

Interviewer: That's good to hear. So, obviously it is my job to ask you some questions, more so about your time here at Precision and your big match up against the current world champion, Will Nelson, with the stipulation being that if you win you are placed into the World Championship match at the Pay Per View 'Chaos In Motion'. What are your thoughts on this?

Gabriel Lars: Well many thoughts have been going through my head recently, but to not only be put up against the face of the company, but to be given a chance to be placed in a World Championship match. I mean, I've done what I do best all around the world of wrestling and that's obviously putting on a show for you, the audience and well to the management backstage. As you saw recently I requested an Intercontinental Championship match, but I received a bigger reward in which I cannot argue with.

Interviewer: Okay that is great, but what are also your thoughts on your opponent you are facing to compete for this spot, Will Nelson. He is a multi time World Champion who has dominated all over the world of wrestling. Do you think it will be a challenge to pick up the win?

Gabriel Lars: Well obviously it's going to be a challenge. I'm sure the management of Precision wouldn't sign non challenging superstars because that'd not do any good for this business. I've watched Will wrestle before, he is a very talented man, also very technical might I add with a lot of experience. So compared to me and him, he has the advantage, but obviously me as a wrestler have tactics to take him down and obviously pick up the win. So, making it into more simple form, me and Will will be giving it our all to get the attention of the audience and make sure not to be the one in defeat.

Interviewer: Okay that's good. One last question before I let you go, what are we looking to see from Gabriel Lars now he is on the rise of being a top superstar in Precision?

Gabriel Lars: Well, considering I have been placed for a chance of competing in an World Championship match, my eyes are obviously set on the prize, and that is the Precision World Championship itself. But for now, the vision in my mind is making Will tap out in the middle of the ring.

Interviewer: Okay, well thank you for joining us here, it's been great to have you here

Gabriel Lars: It's been a pleasure!

Gabriel Lars begins to smile and the clip fades away.

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