Gail Kim Featured in Channel Guide Magazine

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    Recently Gail Kim was featured in Channel Guide Magazine Online.

    About her Career...

    “If you look at my career, I try not to get stale. I try to keep things fresh. There have been times where I did feel stale, but I try to change that. I’ve been in this business for a long time. I don’t want the fans to ever be bored. That’s why I attribute my wrestling style to always keeping it fresh and the matches interesting.

    On the Dollhouse...

    “They were part of One Night Only pay-per-views. All the girls were so supportive of them joining the roster. They are such pros and really respectful. We knew they had the passion and were working hard to get to that point. With Taryn, there were just things that had to change that fans don’t know about in terms of why Taryn turned heel. That’s up to creative to tell you. I can’t say, but when it happened I think everyone was kind of surprised.

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