Game: Bring back one old PPV

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SpaceR, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. This is easy, just make a post saying an old PPV that's been discontinued that you''d like to have back. My number one pick here is Taboo Tuesday.

  2. Armageddon the name was too epic for a end of the year PPV.
  3. Backlash or Armageddon
  4. I know its still here but i want to rewind time and go back to summerslam 2010 i was there i loved the dx match.
  5. Armageddon
  6. What about Taboo Tuesday? You guys like that, right?
  7. I WANT ALL THE 2008 PPV COME BACK! But King of the Ring and J.Day would be the 2 big one I would REALLY WANT BACK BADLY!
  8. Sounded like fetish porn to me. Plus I disliked the voting thing.
  9. KOTR = Another boss PPV.
  10. WWE is fetish porn, jacked guys all oiled up rolling around the ring. :troll1:
  11. Backlash. Extreme rules is an annoying pay-per-view.
  12. Backlash was a great PPV. It ended all the feuds that were still going after WrestleMania. Extreme Rules is annoying.
  13. Armageddon. Said this multiple times before already.
  14. For the old school fans like me Fully Loaded just because i'd love to see it's HD rebooted many ideas with it's original logo
  15. Yeah, loved the 2007 Backlash that had Batista/Undertaker last man standing and the fatal four way match, wrong winner for both though IMO. Would have rathered any of the other three superstars winning the fatal 4 way.

    nah... i'm kidding... i'm kidding.

    Bad Blood and Unforgiven. Also for you Europeans, do you recall the UK only PPVs called Insurrextion and Rebellion? I'm getting this all from wikipedia, I'm just wondering what the point of holding them specifically in the UK each year was.
  17. I have no idea what the point was besides getting revenue from us. Those were basically house shows on TV anyway.
  18. Would be also nice to see King of the Rings. Missed those King titles.
  19. Judgement Day or One Night Stand.
  20. War games!!!!! 2 rings in a cage baby!!
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