Game: Buy 3 things to creep out the cashier

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  1. You're in Walmart, and you need to buy 3 things to creep out the cashier as much as possible, what do you buy?
    I'll start,

    A cake, rat poison and a "sorry for your loss" card. :asuka:

    Your turn! :ambrose3:
  2. Personal lubricant, a dog leash, and a gerbil cage... :eww:
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    Flammable liquid. matches and a dildo:booker2:
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  4. 50 shades of grey, plaid skirt and a saw :bully2:
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  5. duct-tape, gagball & "Happy 7th birthday" card
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  6. Wait, cashiers actually care about what people buy? :hhh2:
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  7. Laxatives , kidzbop album, Family size jergens lotion.
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  8. Wrestling action figure, replica title, jorts.
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  9. Milk.

    Because just seeing any one of you guys' ugly mugs would make him creeped out.
  10. This is what you would buy to creep someone out, not what you did buy. Silly.
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  11. If I'm going to fight an action figure as John Cena I'd buy some colorful wristbands, and eat fruity pebbles afterwards. Not everyone would go all out like that alright.
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  12. a cat, a baby outfit and a pack of icy hot
  13. Bleach, box of matches, and lighter fluid.
  14. razors, hot sauce and a Polaroid camera :eww:
  15. Pokemon cards, candy, and a book on understanding children (it only sounds bad when you take it out of context)
  16. You're going to baby sit? How would this freak anyone out, even out of context.
  17. Pretty sure if I bought Pokemon cards that'd be enough to scare people. I look like a freak as it is.
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. :thisguylol:
  20. :kitler:
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