Forum Game [Game] Describe the poster above you.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lacky, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. It's a simple and friendly game, so please try not to offend anyone. All you have to do is describe the person above you.

    EX :

    (I post)

    Vince Comments : Pretty funny, a very active forumer, cool guy! [size=x-small](I wish someone would say that :upset: )[/size]

    Then someone comments about you. And so-on.
  2. Pretty funny, a very active forumer, cool guy!
  3. Thanks,

    Honest, genuine, very talkative.
  4. Active, really cool, has an awesome character in Fed. X! :emoji_slight_smile:)
  5. incredibly sexy ans smart :burns:
  6. A poster who can't spell "and" :obama:

    Active, committed, funny.
  7. Owner of the forums. One hater of Blue. :(( Awesome Sheamus mark!
  8. Funny, very active, Secret lover of Duncan James.
  9. This forums next vince mcmahon. Good poster, my week 1 opponent for the fantasy league.
  10. A total douchebag with a cocky attitude but hes pretty smart and manipulative of people in Fantasy Football so i respect him for that.
  11. Sexy as fuck but realized it's not really the person who goes by that name that is behind that computer.
  12. Active forumer, pretty funny. :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. Active user who can spam more then me :emoji_slight_frown:

    [size=x-small]Not saying you spam but you can spam better then me[/size]
  14. good user very friendly also a spammer.
  15. cool cat nicest guy ive meet on here so far
  16. Kane mark, Pretty awesome guy. :emoji_slight_smile:)
  17. very forgiving girl lol
  18. Awesome for liking Kane (even though he is feuding with Daniel Bryan, he is still awesome)
  19. Awesome for playing the counting thread with me when I was a rookie on this forum.
  20. YES!!YES!!YES!! lol
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