GAME: Fire someone from the WWE.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 11, 2012.

  1. You can fire one guy, be wise with your decisions.

  2. Triple H. That creative interrupting D-Bag.
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  3. So Steph will then be in charge of WWE in the future? #FuckThat
  4. This. Oh definitely this.

    Triple H's ego will only hold the company back, and you know when he takes over, actual talented wrestlers will be even more de-emphasized than they are now.

    While I don't like Stephanie taking over either (the current head of creative should never get a job in any kind of position requiring coherent thought), she seems to know what's good for business better than HHH does.
  5. Fire Ryback! He's f*cking ugly!
  6. I'd fire fucking Yoshi Tatsu. Good wrestler but will NEVER and I mean NEVER be over in WWE. Might as well go back to Japan and be 10x more over and famous there.
  7. Fire negativity and unfairness
  8. Fire John Cena just for the lulz.

    Also. As long as Kia is a fan the PG era is live and well. :otunga:
  9. Not one of these suggestions I've agreed with thus far. Be creative guys!

    Firing Triple H is the closest to me agreeing, however, we know nothing about his "business" side. I'd much rather it be in his hands than Steph's.

    You have one chance to fire someone in WWE, and you choose Yoshi Tatsu, Cena, Ryback and Orton? Two of those are massive superstars, one has potential to be and one does nothing making little sound.

    You can do better than this guys :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Lord Tensai. I'm being honest in my answer since he's a realistic choice. He's boring and no one cares about him. I don't see him lasting much longer.
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  11. Brodus Clay, his gimmick is so tired and im sick of him burying Ziggler
  12. Big Show.

    The guy has so little talent, and has a negative effect on Smackdown. His segments are boring, his matches are boring and he buries talented superstars.

    Khali would be second, but he doesn't appear as much and at least helps them in the Indian market.
  13. I would agree with Khali and Lord Tensai.
  14. I'd say Khali. Not because of his wrestling or appearance, but because he has to retire if he wants to be able to walk for a longer time.

    I never would fire Big Show. The man is so over, but a heel turn as a badass giant who destroys everyone would be better.
  15. Would "I'd like to see this guy fired so he/she can go to TNA and become the star they should be" be an acceptable answer?

    If so: Tyson and Natalya, plus about 8 more people.

    If not: I agree with R'Albin. I like the way Show was used to put over Zeke last year, but the way he's being used now is completely unacceptable... although the same could be said with almost any babyface nowadays it seems.
  16. I hate Randy Orton more than I've ever hated any wrestler. I couldn't do any better than getting that jerkoff off of my TV forever.
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  17. I'd say Khali. It would be the best decision for everyone, including him.
  18. Uhm @[Crayo] Yoshi Tatsu will not go anywhere if he stays in WWE. It's a proven fact.
  19. So many noob suggestions.

    Hayes anyone? Creative team anyone?
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