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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Harley Quinn, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Want to become a superstar or legend? Well good, then I have a game for you. You have exactly six days to complete this game, and the first one will receive a legends upgrade if you're approved by Crayo, if not, then you'll be upgraded to superstar. Now, the game is to search for these few things, whoever gets them all or has the most right wins. If you're a legend and playing, then you get to choose who becomes a legend, and these questions will be weird, odd, and none of them go together :win: Good luck :finger:

    1st question:
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    Who won the ECW Championship the most?

    2nd question
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    Who held the ECW Championship for the least amount of time?

    3rd question
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    On the album "Chinese Democracy, what was GnR guitarist, Bumblefoot's favorite solo from the album?

    4th question
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    name the singer in this picture: [​IMG]

    5th question
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    Which guitarist played a triple neck guitar live? (actually trying not failiong or joking around)

    6th question
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    What Day was I born?

    7th question
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    What are the lyrics for the song "Binge and Grab."

    8th question
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    What is the song, "Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana about?

    9th question
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    What game does 72, 48, and 24 appear in?

    10th question
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    Which song annoyed guitar songs owner the most about 20-30 years ago?

    11th question
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    Which team first held the WCW tag team championships?

    12th question
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    How many "nWos" were there in history?

    13th question
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    How many stuff did Stone Cold throw into the river when he tossed out The Rock's Intercontinental championship?

    14th question
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    Name 15 tag teams that won at least two tag team championships.

    15th question
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    What's the most championships RVD held at one time?

    16th question
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    How long was Hulk Hogan ECW champion for?

    17th question
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    When was the first unofficial time RVD won a world championship?

    18th question
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    What stable was Matt Striker apart of?

    19th question
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    Who was the last Ring of Honor Pure Champion?

    20th and final question
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    What's my full name?

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    What's the story of Buckethead?



    And no hints, or questions will be changed. This is MY game for YOU to get an upgrade that I'll pay for. No one is forcing you to play, so don't complain.
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  2. Re: A game for you to upgrade

    To prevent cheating you should have people PM you the answers IMO.
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  3. A game for you to upgrade

    ^Good idea, PM me the answers, any answers posted here will be DQed
  4. A game for you to upgrade

    Wow this is an awesome thread. Hats off to you.
  5. A game for you to upgrade

    Hannah James in the lead: 65%
  6. A game for you to upgrade

    Thanks for the opportunity, good luck to everyone
  7. Popped in a PM to you just a few minutes ago.

  8. Thanks I will use that :emoji_grin:
  9. I'm just PM'ed my answers to you. Just a bit of fun. Good luck people.
  10. Nice contest.
  11. Can Current legends do it and if we win we get a refund?????
  12. Read the original post @[Acallier]
  13. You Vanilla Midgets aren't allowed to play this game :kiss: It's for fags.
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    :haha: just kidding, Legends can play, if they win they can choose anybody to get a free upgrade.
  14. Good lord god I hope it's still me on the lead! :((
  15. Lol Hannah boycotting the legend upgrade bet she lost.
  16. I actually notified Farooq about that Crayo so he is aware of her having lost a bet.
  17. What? I got into my credit limit for buying new shoes! And that sucks come onnnnnn! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P

    "I cannot bet again", the betting rules say. this is all about asking questions. No element of luck is used, just knowledge! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd
  18. Wacokid27 took the lead with 95% of answers correct including bonus question.
  19. 95% :dawg:

    I know I'm not leading but do you know what I got Farooq?
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