Game of Thrones discussion thread *SPOILERS*

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  1. Yeah, jack, I know it's roughly three months until S4 starts, but what the hell, let's hype the shit of ourselves. The show simply cannot come back quick enough.

    And yes, I know there's bunch of you who read the books. Good for you, want a candybar? There's also bunch of us who hate reading.

    Post your favorite scenes and shit...

    Long story short, HODOR!

  2. I like the episode where that one guy comes out and he does that on thing and then he dies.
  3. I love the Nights Watch, Jon Snow is a beast.
  4. the book is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The show. I'm juiced for this season, and the 2 after will be book 5...but i'm honestly convinced the show will end up suffering waiting for Martin to do his f'in job.

    I'm excited most to see the dragons growing big, and Bran getting further north. The end with Snow was pretty damn amazing, also.
  5. BUMP BUMP BUMP. Just finished season 3.
    Season 3 episode 9 :mog:

    OMG my head exploded.
  6. He's my favorite. I'm a big fan of the house Stark

    The North always remembers

    The only Lanister I like is Tyrion

    Warming up to Jamie though, even though I don't trust him.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Hyped like a motherfucker!

    I still don't like that piece of shit, despite his "face turn". Remember when Ned Star said "you served the King... while serving was safe". So yeah, despite saving the city from the Mad King's big ass fire, he did nothing to save countless lives before that. And now I'm supposed to feel sorry for him just because they chopped his fist off? Fuck you, Kingslayer, and sod off.
  8. I know what you're saying, but my hate for House Frey trumps all.
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  9. he isnt house stark son, Catelyn isnt down with that shit. He cant wear their gear, he wears the snow shit.

    Jamie is a GOAT heel man, "The things i do for love" before he tosses Bran out of the window? Easiest character to hate, Theon Grayjoy is 2, that dude has an extremely punchable face.
  10. snow is a stark in mine since the mom got her throat sliced
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  11. when the hell did i miss that happening? Are you trolling me bro.
  12. Season 3 episode 9 best episode ever. Snow wears knights watch gear btw
  13. so that completely removes him from house stark then....I dont know what episode that is, is that the Red Wedding? Ill have to rewatch the show again, im almost 300 pages into book one and i can barely remember how anything else goes after. great book, insanely over-detailed. I'm just going to audiobook the next few and sleep during them haha.
  14. I still consider him house stark.

    It's Season 3 episode 9 The Rains of Castamere. The best episode from the entire series. I literally watched the last 10 mins with my mouth wide open and in pure shock.

    They do call it the Red Wedding though.
  15. bro you can consider him whatever you want. He isnt allowed to wear stark house symbol was my own point, he's still stark blood and brother to arya and bran, and rickon i guess? I cant wait to see what happens with him
  16. He isn't allowed to wear stark house colors because he is in the Knights Watch and they dedicate their lives to that and stuff.

    He is stark blood, his father just banged some whore. I believe that he is the natural king of the north now, but I could be wrong. Pretty sure he is though since Robb died.
  17. he couldnt wear the stark banner before he went into the nights watch, which is the main reason he did bro.

    I think he would be considered king of the north, same reason why Joffery had all the bastards killed from Baratheon. I am so excited to see the next season, but the only problem is it will be split like Walking dead has been.
  18. Before Nights watch

  19. btw when they murder Robb Stark and sewed his wolves head to his body, I wanted to punch the television.
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  20. I remember watching it life and being like BULLSHIT WHAT THE FUCK! then i re-watched and was just amazed at it. How many shows can get away with that?

    [​IMG] Im talking about the banner they would wear when going to war, what was on their shield, etc.
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