TV Game of Thrones: Season 6

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Prince Bálor, Dec 4, 2015.

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  1. :yay:

    Hurry up, April!
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  2. I should really start watching this show already.
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  3. Trying to stay dark for season 6, teasers/trailers have been far too spoilery lately.

    Will I re-watch GoT a 5th time before season 6 starts? Yeah, probably.
  4. The teaser I posted isn't spoilery at all. They just showed scenes from previous seasons.
  5. Hardhome was the best thing ever, but then those last two episodes happened, including the disappointing SUMMER BLOCKBUSTAH finale, and now this show is one of those "good for what it is" types, and it's a damn shame. So much plot holes, character motivation botches, etc. That being said, I'm still fucking STOKED for Season 6. Prediciton: DA WALL is going down. I, for one, welcome our new ice overlords.

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  7. so much hype
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  8. Only a week away! Hype!
  9. Can't fuckin wait
  10. Tonight's the night! :yay:
  11. first episode was online last night but HBO fixed their fuck up.
  12. Melisandre with that swerve puss
  13. Episode #1 was great!

    And I still refuse to believe that Jon Snow is dead.
  14. episode 1 was fun but I wouldn't say great. I always knew the red woman was like 100 so it didn't do anything for me. We all know Jon Snow isn't dead and this episode was to just show they still have his body. I'm not even going to start with the sand snakes since they're shit. Looking forward to the new GreyJoy plot which should start soon. And Jon Snow should rise around episode 3 to 5 since episode 6 is the Tower Of Joy and if you don't know what that means just search R+L=J
  15. Great stuff in the second episode.

    Jon Snow is alive! :yay:
  16. not sure if you know the Song Of Ice And Fire universe but next week is the tower of joy and boy....That's going to be epic.
  17. Ned Stark next week at the tower of joy.
    (Spoiler On Jon Snow's Mother (Maybe) (open)
    The tower of joy is where Ned's sister died and most think she is the mother of Jon Snow

  18. I like this Jon Snow, he's not such a bitch anymore.

    And Rhaegar is already dead? Pisses me off, felt like he'd become one of my faves if they showed him alive.

    At least the best character, Petyr, is gonna be back next week.<3
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