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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. One person asks a question, next person answers it then posts one themselves.

    For example, you could post "Swagger or Flair?", someone answers "Swagger. GTS or RKO?".

    I'll start. Austin or Rock?
  2. Austin. Russo or Cornette?
  3. Russo

    Hogan or SCSA
  4. Austin. Foley or Terry Funk?
  5. Bugger thats hard! Aww damn I hate to say it but


    HIAC or EC?
  6. EC. Kenta's GTS or Punks?
  7. Kenta's.

    Jericho or Punk
  8. Jerichooooooo! Miseria Cantare or COP.
  9. Miseria Cantare

    Fire Burns or Just Close Your Eyes (Christians)
  10. Jericho!

    Hardcore title or Cruiserweight?
  11. Bit late there Cloud lmao

    *Carries on from latest question (my one)*
  12. Five Burns

    Dudleys or Hardys?
  13. Dudleys. Angle or Perfect?
  14. Angle

    ECW or WWF ?
  15. WWF. Tazz or Lawler.
  16. Tazz

    PG or TV-14

  17. TV-14 and hell yes TAZZ

    HHH or HBK
  18. HBK. AE title or undisputed?
  19. Undisputed (Jericho :emoji_heart_eyes:.

    FU or F5
  20. F5. Crippler Crossface or lebell lock?
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