Game trailers that are better than the game itself

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  1. Pretty sure the new Deadpool game will be the same.
  2. Yup. Though i really liked because..well it's obvious, it was lacking a lot in the gameplay department
  3. Dead Island's trailer was awesome, the game? Meh.
  4. AC Revelations wasn't as bad as AC3, and won't be as bad as the new one. Fuck pirates. I don't want a pirate game, I want an assassin game. AC Revelations was definitely a step down from AC2 and Brotherhood though, I agree there. I fucking loved this series too.
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  5. I felt that Brotherhood was kind of a quick buck game, it was still pretty good though. AC2 was very addicting to play, sunlight wasn't even a thing for me when I was first playing this,haha. There was just something about Revelations that didn't interest me at all.

    I feel that games these days are way too drawn out, the fact that Halo is on it's 5th game is absolutely mind boggling and unnecessary. The only game series that I loved all the way through is Gears of War because the story was so unique. Another series that has been destroyed for me is saints row because dem son of a bitches made it into a comedy game. When I first heard Saints Row 4 was going to have super powers and aliens I was so damn mad.
  6. I was going to say FIFA, but all of the FIFA trailers are just the old features with the guy saying "oh my god, look at the new features added in this year!"

    Because tackling and passing wasn't in FIFA 13, dipshits? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  7. But it's revolutionary bro.
  8. The boat missions on AC3 were the worst part of the game imo and I feel like AC4 will be overloaded with them. The way they went with the series was just plain weird,for most of the games beside AC3 they were talking about some lost pyramids then they base their latest two games in North America. Like wtf there ain't no pyramids in North America,they should've gone with Egypt or Asia.
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  9. I wish they would just end the whole series lmao
  10. Meh idk,maybe AC5 will be good lol. I always wanted them to do one in Russia,that would've been amazing.
  11. A more modern AC would be dope. I loved playing as Desmond. Fuck the pirate shit though.
  12. Like the comic book?
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