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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. What's everyone's 360/PS3 gamer tag names? And Why did you pick that name?

    Mine is ii3rittles (360) and I only picked it because my nickname "Brittles" was already taken. So I just added i-i-3 to make it look like a fancy B but apparently I am the only one who gets that. lol

    I don't play on Gaystation. :haha:
  2. Video Game Names

    IT Factor (LTFactor)

    I chose it because I am it.
  3. Video Game Names

    We already have a thread for this, you ultimate failure of a life.
  4. Video Game Names

    Harsh even if a joke ^

    PSN: daewoo1

    Tried my name with different letters, SAFC after and everything. All taken apparently.

    Daewoo was brand of TV at the time, added a 1, voila.
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  6. Video Game Names

    I'm sorry I have daddy issues so I like to express my anger through insulting messages over online forums because I hate myself.
  7. RE: Video Game Names

    :dafuq: is up you're butt this evening?
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  9. RE: Video Game Names

    Add me, we'll play something.
    No we won't cause I hate Cod!

    Halo > Cod
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    I'm on a Madden/NBA 2k13 kick right now so HA! You lose.
  11. Video Game Names


    I hate playing sport games except for Fifa and NBA.
  12. Video Game Names

    GT: RobbieWilliams, just because of the ultimate hilarity it causes when facing bks in gaylo. "lol you're a gay faggot who sings songs for girls"

    Everything else however it's (ie steam and origin) leojay I believe.
  13. RE: Video Game Names

    fifa... :dawg:
  14. Video Game Names

    PS3: Brandino1. Got the nickname from my mom. My names Brandon and when i was a baby i used to love spaghetti so she made my name sound Italian. added a 1 and badda bing badda boom Brandino1 and if you got a problem ill bust ya knee caps for ya
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  16. RE: Video Game Names

    Swtor ftw
  17. RE: Video Game Names

    My gt is LadyDeathbane
    I've only been playing my old RPG's lately since I'm low on the moola to get anything else right now
    That and nothing seems to interest me that much anymore
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    Final fantasy 7 type rpg or what?
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  20. Video Game Names

    xSolidus. A result of "Solidus" not being available, which is my user name everywhere because he is my favourite video game character.
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