Gamer victim of Swatting..

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  1. A hoaxer who triggered a massive police response on New York's Long Island was engaged in an increasingly popular prank called "swatting," authorities say.

    "It’s a nationwide epidemic right now, where people play video games, and if you lose the video game, you try to develop information about the person you're playing, and then we send this army of police personnel out," Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tangney told CBS New York. "In this bizarre world of swatting, you get points for the helicopters, police cars, the SWAT team, and the type of entry. It’s very sophisticated, and unfortunately it's also very dangerous."

    Tangney said dispatchers received a call Tuesday afternoon from a person who identified himself as Rafael Castillo, a 17-year-old from Long Beach.

    "I just killed my mother and I might shoot more people," the person said, according to police.

    The threat prompted Nassau County police to scramble helicopters and send a SWAT team to Castillo's home, leading to a 90-minute standoff that involved more than 60 officers, some with guns drawn.

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    Is this some new trend or something?

    Stupidest shit I've ever seen.
  2. Swatting has been around for a while, but was there really a need to send 60 officers and a helicopter to one kid who "shot his Mum"? Obviously you would need to send a decent amount of armed officers there, but swatting isn't exactly a new trend, so surely they must be more resourceful with the officers they send out? It seems drastically unnecessary to send that many out.
  3. 60 officers? Sheesh, where were they when Tupac got shot?
  4. No it is not, it's a petty prank that's sadly been around for quite a few years. I've known people that have done it simply over silly forum drama, and I'm sure a few others on the site have known some too.

    THIS is why you keep your identity on the internet anonymous. You don't know what jerk you'll run into that's petty enough to do this.
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