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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Jun 28, 2013.

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    Want to change my gamertag to something with Crayo in it, as I'm tired of random names. Crayo naturally isn't available, so need some nice short alternatives with Crayo in. Solidus has xSolidus so I was tempted to change mine to xCrayo lmao, but I'll look at suggestions before being an asshole and stealing his x.

    Should add that my YouTube is xcrayo (why do people keep stealing Crayo?) and will hopefully be doing FIFA 14 videos on YouTube. Why does Solidus have to use it :((

    Alternatively, I could just use RobbieWilliams as I have that thanks to Leo.
  2. Gayo.
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  3. obv ain't available
  4. Jonathan has suggested iCrayo

    iCrayo or xCrayo so far.
  5. CR Ayo.
  6. WCrayo? (W for wweforums, or win if you feel cocky)
  7. Crayluminati :yay:
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  8. Crayluminati :yay:
    wow WTF happened sorry for the triple post :facepalm1:
  9. xCrayo and Crayslut are my current favs. Not sure if I'd be allowed the second.
  10. #Crayslut :yay:
  11. Craydog?
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  12. Oil of O'Cray?
  13. Craydawg


    Dat Sheet Cray


    Crayoxox (since you always say that xoxo gay shit lmao)

    Bloody Crayo

    Flippin Crayo

    I'm Not White I'm Tan No Really Why Don't You Believe Me It's Just The Lighting in the Photos
  14. VandelCray Industries

  15. For Fuck Sakes Xanth
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  16. Jonathan Shut Up
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