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  1. What is your gamer tag?
    (please tag @Britanica when you post so I know to update it!!!)

    XBOX 360

    xCrayo - Crayo
    xSolidus - Solidus
    Rainmakka - Seabs
    Lady Deathbane - Lady Deathbane
    mr slayer 1 - Dat Kid
    WOODWARRIOR419 - Danielson
    ClVl Punk - CM Punk
    TheSciFiGirl - UkSciFiGirl
    Adam568 - Adam568
    airbourne908 - airbourne908
    Bumblefoot678 - Fluttershy Farooq
    The Ovalhead - TheOvalhead
    Shadoxicity - Shadoxicity
    xJustStylin360x - Reborn
    SadAliceSaid- InnerSilence
    l-Rasunda-l - T.R.I.C
    Da Italian Pro - Nick1698
    Randy Borton - Randy Borton
    EXTRAAH - Brad_96
    tripinthehead69 - Trip In The Head
    l Messner l (lower case L's) - Jeremy
    GeekGoddess488 - @geekgoddess
    Sharpy420 - SharpySandow
    Cherifly - Cheri
    mlackin - Lackin


    xSolidShadow- @Shadow
    dylanderch - That Guy Dylanderch
    AMBITION_MERKS11 - TheOvalhead
    jewpooop - deth
    nonominimoni - swangirl
    Italianman3100 - Italianman3100
    TrueBlood465 - ZagZig
    TheGiantDavid - King David
    the_arab_hammer - TheArabHammer
    MPFriemastahflex - Friemasterflex
    EaglesFanSharpy - SharpySandow


    CrayoWF - Crayo
    Xanth - Xanth
    lolaznpeople - Lady Deathbane
    Adam568 - Adam568
    Fluttershy Vader - Fluttershy Farooq
    Veriperse - Jebuu
    friemasterflex - friemasterflex
    jennybean88 - @geekgoddess
    mlackin1 - Lackin

    DuhWhitePanda - T.R.I.C
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  2. Dude, aren't there are a million gamertag threads? lol
  3. Xbox is my forum name. I THINK I also have the same for PSN. I made it so long ago on my friend's Playstation I don't even remember.
  4. PSN right? :troll:
  5. :hmm:

    .... :notsure:
  6. :notsure: what system
  7. XBL
  8. Ashley, there's a space in my gamertag too, lol.
  9. :damn:
  11. Whats the x stand for? X-rated? :ksi:
  12. BUT I AM SOOO GOOD AT IT! :aries:
  13. Rainmakka or something similar, I'm rarely on but still.
  14. PSN: dylanderch
  15. Xbox: Adam568
    Steam: Adam568
  16. What about CraySlut :upset:
  17. Oh yeah, you probably don't PC game, Brit. There's a PC program most people game on called Steam.

    I have a different Steam ID and I'm trying to see if I can change it to Lady Deathbane. I don't wanna re-buy my games. :sad:
  18. What is Stream? I only ever played the sims and world of warcraft lol
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