Games with shitbag communities!

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  1. Let me start with NHL series!
    Outplayed this guy and won 1-0 in a shootout. His goalie kept him in it.... Get this after!
    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1375978058.001958.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1375978080.227987.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1375978095.459699.jpg

    Feel free to add more
  2. Do not use flash when you're taking a picture of your screen.
  3. call of duty AND fifa are pretty bad
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  4. Yeah, Call of Duty and WWE games.
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  5. Fifa has the worst.
  6. Call of Duty, Fifa, and WWE games have terrible fans. Call of Duty is a bunch of stupid kids, Fifa is a bunch of stupid people from the U.K(nothing against the U.K) and WWE games are also a bunch of dumb children.
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  7. FIFA is full of 9 year old douches trying to copy KSI because they think he's funny. HAHAHHAHAHA HESKEY HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH
  8. Grand Theft Auto IV. Everytime I play multi with my friends, I always get a mix of messages with insults OR a shitload of friend requests, sometimes coming from the same guy.
  9. This isn't by far the the worst of them, but it's the only one that happened recently, lol


    The dude kept calling me on game chat in GTA too.

    I try to avoid playing with random people online, but my friends insist on it half the time. If you wanna merc people, go play CoD, ffs...
  10. That's not bad though...

    CoD is by far the worst.

  11. Hell no. League Of Legends.
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  12. RuneScape.

    If you don't talk you're instantly a bot.
  13. You can still read the messages...
  14. Not played it, but heard you get flamed randomly, just like CoD. The amount of hate spread on CoD is unbelievable.
  15. In NHL.. Every goal is a glitch apparently... Lol
  16. [​IMG]

    God damnit.

    But on topic, that guy watches PewDiePie. His fans are renowned for being ball-guzzling douche nuggets that make me support the death penalty.
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  17. TBH most online games attract assholes to them. I guess it is the sense of competition combined with net anonymity.
  18. League of Legends, Starcraft, COD, Sports games in general.
  19. Yeah, but it kinda distracts me lol.
  20. Even in the NHL forums you get a bunch of obnoxious dill holes who don't even know the difference between a wrist lock from a wrist watch!

    It's unbearable.

    I just wanna play some puck!

    May try FIFA today tho
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