Games you are excited for this year?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by catlady, May 23, 2013.

  1. What are some games you are excited for this year that haven't come out yet?

    GTA V
    Arkham Origins
    Madden (so long as they put co-op back in franchise)
    TMNT arcade game
  2. Watch dogs is going to be interesting.
  3. GTA V
    Battlefield 4
    Watch Dogs
    The Elder Scrolls Online
    Arma III
  4. GTA V
    Arkham Origins
    PES 14 i think this is the year PES will be back on top :woo:
    Battlefield 4
  5. You are awesome.
  6. Nba2k14
    PokemonX and Y

    Basically the series I buy every single year.
  7. Ones that haven't come out yet, let's see.....

    Beyond: Two Souls
    GTA V
    Arkham Origins
    Lego: Marvel Super Heroes

    Possibly "The Last of Us," but I'm still a little uncertain of that one right now.

    Seems like there are one or two others, but I can't think of them offhand if so.
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