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  1. There should be a section where we can play classic games, like Dig-Dug and Galica. Then our high scores could be posted up on the forums or something. I'm bringing this up because I often find myself on newgrounds while I'm here, so I think it would be cool to have it all in one place.

    I'm sure some of these games have codes that can be put in so they can be playable on here.
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  2. This has to be the worst thread you've ever made. Pass. Forever.

    Now or nesbox? maybe. :obama:
  3. Nice signature. Showing off those swallowing skills
  4. [​IMG]
    Nice signature, Was that before AJ turned 18?

    Oh, thats right. You and the rest of the pedophiles are into her because she only LOOKS 14. Right Lady Deathbane ?
  5. Aids got Kharma pregnant and ruined her WWE career
  6. Putting your sister down was the best part of my drunk monday morning.
  7. I'm in favor of this idea, being a video game guru and all.
  8. No one counts "to catch a predator" as a game.
  9. I saw other forums with a games section. Lets not have one. urr
  10. I don't see a need, it's a wrestling forum after all. Unless we can implement forum cash with it some how.
  11. We are a wrestling forum, and have a gaming section.
  12. I think he means an arcade style thing.
  13. Yeah I know. No need for it at all though, there are gaming websites who offer that service (plenty of them).
  14. I say no, I would get so high of a score, even Snoop Dogg couldn't reach it, thus having all the members leave the forums due to me destroying them all.
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