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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Jonathan, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. Crayo you did say the other day it'd be something to add. Is it coming anytime soon? Either sub-forum for the locker room or as another forum?

    I'm sure other people here are interested in a gaming section also.
  2. I would be up for a gaming section.
  3. We'll get an entertainment section which I'm guessing would be the category. Praying the section is called "The Highlight Reel". :fap:
  4. The Highlight Reel would be a nice name for a section, good idea! (Even if you did steal it from Jeritroll :obama:)
  5. It'd be a good section and the name looks great too, I'm waiting to see this new section
  6. An entertainment section would be great.
  7. I agree with the entertainment area. No need to go into specifics of gaming ect... but entertainment would be cool.
  8. I'd be happy with this, means I can post more nerdy stuff!
  9. Hope there is a gaming section soon, i want to post nerdy stuff too, that is what i am, a nerd and proud of it XD
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  10. I'm glad everyone seems to want this. Would you guys want this as a sub-forum, or a completely new section in the "backstage" category?
  11. I think it should be a whole new section.
  12. I think that an entertainment second should be it's own section.
  13. Highlight Reel! :please:
  14. It should be named "Khali Kiss Cam"
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  15. :gtfo:
  16. "Highlight Reel" as the category, then like TV/Entertainment in one and Gaming in another section?
  17. yeah I agree I quite like the idea of the "Highlight Reel"
  18. No. It's not having its own category. It will be one section.
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