[GAMING] Someone download Fuse...

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  1. And play with me. Some demo on Xbox 360 right now and it has co-op up to 3 players. That's right. A huge 3 players!
    Don't know what it's about, currently downloading.
  2. I'll download it tomorrow, don't even know what it is. But I want to beat you at it.
  3. The game so far seems pretty cool.
  4. What's it about?
  5. Fuse is an upcoming, four-player cooperative action video game developed byInsomniac Games and published by Electronic Arts for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game was announced as Overstrike before it was rebranded in August 2012. It will be released on May 28, 2013 in North America and on May 31, 2013 in Europe. The demo for the game was released on May 8, 2013

    The game is set in the near future and follows a team of four misfit agents collectively known as Overstrike 9, whose mission is to stop the evil Raven Corporation from gaining an alien substance called Fuse. Using Fuse powered weapons and tech gadgets and lethal teamwork to gain the energy. The members of Overstrike 9 are Dalton Brooks (voiced by Brian Bloom), a reformed and sarcastic mercenary, equipped with a Mag Shield, which is an energy shield, Naya Deveraux (voiced by Jennifer Hale), worked for Raven with her dad, she is equipped with a cloak device and has a gun that creates tiny black holes called the Warp Rifle, Isabelle "Izzy" Sinclair (voiced by Ali Hillis), a gifted, but rebellious young scientist, equipped with a crystalization gun called the Shattergun, and Jacob Kimble (voiced by Khary Payton), a decorated detective with a bit of a temper, equipped with a fire crossbow called the Arcshot. The plot follows these agents as they attempt to stop the shadowy organization, run by a man named Fable (voiced by Steve Blum), who plans to use Fuse to make his weaponry more powerful. Due to each agent’s unique talents and weapons, they are sent in to stop Fable and his plans.

    Not much is known of the game's gameplay, beyond the fact that it is an action game, which features four-player co-op and a selection of weapons, akin to those which are prominently featured in Insomniac Games' PlayStation-exclusive Ratchet & Clank and Resistance series. Each character has its own powerful unique Fuse-powered weapon than can assist other players in gameplay. For example, Dalton's weapon is a mag shield that can absorb bullets, and its secondary fire can push the bullets back to the enemies, killing them. The first official released screenshots revealed that Fuse is a third-person action game with cover shooting mechanics. Characters also have a skill tree, which can be upgrade as a player increases his level. The game also includes a horde mode, similar to that in Gears of War.
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