Gap in kayfabe logic- does this bother anyone else?

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  1. Concerning Joe & the TV Title...

    The title holds no real prestige, be it in the eyes of casuals (kayfabe prestige) or smarks. Eric Young was champion in 2010 and was never defending the title, instead he was roadtripping to defend the title against tv star Scott Baio. That storyline had some entertaining moments, I'll give it that, but it pretty much killed any semblance of prestige that the title ever had (whatever prestige that might have been.)

    Next we had Robbie E as champ and his eventual dropping the belt to Devon. Devon might have added a little somethin somethin to the belt in terms of desirability, but not much. Then he disappears and the belt is up for grabs.

    Insert: Samoa Joe. Now why would Joe, a guy who has done EVERYTHING in TNA, a top 10 wrestler in the world, a guy who was so damn close to main eventing BFG after dominating the BFG Series... suddenly be so interested in the TV Title? Just putting his aspirations to become TNA Champ, and thus the best in the company aside? It doesn't make sense IMO. I still hope he has a long reign, has a match every week, is put into real feuds over the belt, adds prestige to the title, ect... but it just sticks in the back of my mind like.. really? Joe as TV Champ?

    idk. Does anyone else think like me or are you guys 100% on board with it?
  2. Grand. Slam. Title. Winner.

    Enough said for me.
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