Garett Bischoff Debuts a Third Facial Expression

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  1. Somewhere around the 20-second mark, when Joe is breaking out of a rest-hold, Garett debuts his "Oh, shit, a simple headlock won't keep a 300-pound mammoth off his feet for very long!" face! I was stunned in the live thread by this new development.

    So now, he has this to go with his now "Haha, I fooled you like a bitch" face
    Show Spoiler

    and his classic "lol whatdafuq is going on" face.
    Show Spoiler

    Gotta give credit to casually clicking around TNAsylum one day for inspiring this, now lets all circle around and applaud this rising star in the wrestling business.
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  2. Jokes aside, Bischoff was very good last night. Match of the night last night, tbh.

    This match was nowhere NEAR his babyface matches and worked well with Joe. This is what myself and D'Z were talking about. Heel Bischoff WORKS. Good job Garett. Keep it this way. Everyone already hates you, you just gotta role with it.
  3. Match of the Night was a little much, not with that tag match. It showed that even though the guy's still green as grass, his dirty tactics compensated well. Gotta give him a little credit.

    Plus as you say the crowd's already shitting all over the guy. Why not stick Brooke with him, maybe Nick Hogan, and make a whole "I'm only on TV because of my last name" stable? Would draw some awesome heat lol
  4. Sorry but I can't give a MOTN title to a match where Chavo friggin Gayrrero pins Frankie "The Manager" Kaz. Just no. But it was a real good match.

    A troll, nepotism, heel stable? I like your ideas. #AutomaticHeat :obama:
  5. Man, I know you better than this... You laughed as they tried to push Chavo, but made the whole finish all about Joey Park so the UK fans don't boo Los Stereotypicos out of the building yet again.

    And thanks!
  6. And btw, did you see Chavo going after another CHEAP POPS when the match ended? He jumps all over Park and hugs just so the Gods of the UK can't boo him out of the building for the 3rd time. Fucking cheap poppin demented assdicktwat.
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  7. Was just looking it up on Youtube, and after accidentally searching "assdicktwat" twice (no, you won't know what that lead to -_-). They've got some canned heat on the YT page it seems, but it can't cover up the reaction his frog splash got.

    May as well add Chavo to the nepotism stable, dude can't buy a pop without name-dropping Eddie
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  8. Haha this thread is fucking hilarious. Liked.

    I love me some Rain threads.
  9. Well, Garrett as a heel beats him as a face (most things do, but anyway), so it's a nice way to use him since they seem to be bent on doing that.

    And loved when Chavo/Hernandez entered and got... booed. :haha:
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