PPV Gauntlet of Champions - Results


The Architect

Match One

Survival Championship
3 Stages of Hell Match: Michael Kelly @M Kells (c) vs Chris Young Impactsona Impactsona

Winner - and... NEW Survival Champion, Chris Young.

Match Two

World Heavyweight Championship
Singles Match: Buster Gates @SupaHeeroh (c) vs Will Neilson Sanic Sanic

Winner - and... NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Will Neilson.

Match Three

Precision Championship
Last Man Standing Match: Jack Rogue Geek773 Geek773 (c) vs Tyson Blade Skywalker Skywalker

Winner - and... STILL Precision Champion, Jack Rogue.

Main Event

Intercontinental Championship
5 Man Gauntlet Match: Joseph Diamond CiV CiV (c) vs Frank Kanyon Impactsona Impactsona vs Jacob Amor @TalentLikeME vs Rhys Haze @Solarxpixel vs Wayne Wolf @Lord Wolf

The match ended in a double countout between Diamond and Amor... so STILL your Intercontinental Champion, Joseph Diamond.

Order of Elimination

1 - Frank Kanyon pinned Rhys Haze.
2 - Joseph Diamond pinned Frank Kanyon.
3 - Joseph Diamond pinned Wayne Wolf.
4 - Double Countout between Joseph Diamond and Jacob Amor.

Hierarchy will be updated, the "I want a Match" thread will be open from 8PM tonight to 9PM on Wednesday
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