Gay Men To Blame for Skinny Models?

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  1. I read some of this very very very long article that explains why women in the modeling industry (I am talking runway here) are all so tall and thin. This woman (I believe it was a woman) explains that taller women have more male-like features compared to shorter women. They also tend to have wider shoulders and narrower hips... So the end result when they are thin is appearing close to a young male's figure (tall, thin, and edgy).

    She went on to explain how the industry is heavily run by gay men (I am talking top models/runway) and they are looking for women who they view as most attractive so it would make sense to find boyish looking women.

    Also for photo-shopping and lighting purposes, the skinnier the better because lighting can be manipulated easier on a manlier/sharper faces than a rounder, more feminine ones and it is easier to add shape in than to take shape out.

    Now I am not sure how true this is and while it does make sense it doesn't make complete sense. I can see why using taller thinner women is easier because it costs more to dress curvier women (in terms of material, sizing, and so on) and using a smaller size all around for all models means less size adjustments. In terms of this being the gay man's fault though.. I don't see how. To me, women who look at tall, super thin women and assume this is what ALL men want are the ones doing it to themselves. Those women as used to sell clothing to women, not to men. Most men prefer shorter, curvier women in comparison to tall shapeless ones.

    What are your thoughts on this? I honestly think it is about money, not gay men wanting to use boyish looking women. It is just cheaper and easier (also less time consuming) to use women with no shape then to use women of various shapes.
  2. I'm a fan of tall women, but I doubt it's something man-like about them. It sounds like a serious stretch from a hater, tbh.
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