Gaylo Bore General Discussion Thread - Bitch about the game here!

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by leojay, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. Alright, 5 hours 'til it drops. So pumped.

    What other fags have been suckered into getting this game through good marketing?
  2. Dammit, for me it's release in 13 hours. Fuck EUROFAGS!
  3. I'm truly buying it just because of Halo 3. If I bought Reach first and never had Halo 3, I probably would have never got it. Halo 3 made me like, one of the biggest fan of the game and it's disappointing to witness what Reach has done.

    Reach wasn't a bad game, don't get me wrong. But it didn't have the same feeling as Halo 3 did.
  5. Well. Still fuck Eurofags. :dawg:
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  6. I somewhat agree. I had a lot of grievances with H3 aswell, but mostly just people ruining the games ranking system for everyone (fuck you MikeDAWT).

    I somewhat liked Reach, it was fun. But no real replayability apart from GameBattles and tourneys, tbh. On H3 I could spend days on end for the Ranking system. Even if it was broken it was damn addicting.
  7. trudat
  8. Mike. hit didn't he? :dawg:
    Yeah, the ranking system and just everything in Halo 3 was a positive. I still play Halo 3 to this day just cause I love it.
    In Reach, the matchmaking is alright, theater mode sucked and so did file share.
  9. Yeah, him and all of his faggy friends (who I'm fairly sure you will know huehuehue) boosted and hit everyone in gaylo.

    I haven't played H3 in a year. Played Reach last month, though.
  10. Yeah, I think he hit on Swat. One of the easiest playlists in the game.
    At least the ranking system in Halo 4 is like Halo 3 in a way. :smug:
  11. Not at all. It's like cod if anything.

    Although, they have announced they will eventually add a true skill ranking system again........ But you can only view your rank on Waypoint :dawg:

    Oh and, the shit storm has started!

  12. I'll probably complain also. But I think I'mma stick to the game. MAN! That bashing made me more pumped about the game. :dawg:
  13. FUCK YEAH! Me too. The pure idiocy of Gaylo fanboys (if you can really call them that, they hate on it more than like it) makes me laugh and want to play Gaylo.

    I still remember the times of Reach where people were "hanging up there BR's" and threatening to kill themselves if they didn't remove bloom :haha:
  14. Such a good vibe from these fans. :obama:
  15. Oh yeah :dawg:

    In related news, Gaylo Bore finally beat cowadooty #73 in preorders! :yay:
  16. Just by reading the title I thought it was a thread about Crayo.

    Guess I was wrong :obama:
  17. Expected a thread about me.
  18. Gaylo, Halo

    Bore, Four

    Geddit? Geddit? lol i'm so clever :maybe:
  19. I guess it's kind of like you. You were one of those fags that boosted and hit everyone in Gaylo 3, right? :dawg:
  20. Never ever played Halo online. Played like 2 seconds of Halo 3 campaign and was disgusted at how overrated the game was.
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