Ring of Honor GBHXII results

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  1. Show Spoiler

    ROH Glory By Honor XIII
    Nov 15, 2014
    San Antonio, TX

    Estimated Attendance: 700-800
    Credit: Andrew Parker

    Pre show match
    Jay Diesel def Shane Taylor of NWA Houston via a death valley driver
    – ‘Shane is gonna kill you’ chant early on He is very over with the crowd

    Main card

    Tommaso Ciampa def Romantic Touch with the rings of saturn while RT had a rose in his mouth
    – match began with a proposal followed by a lot of humping
    – Ciampa did some good comedy with touch. Lots of rose play

    Hanson def Mark Briscoe, BJ Whitmer, and Moose with a spinning kick on Mark.
    – Good back and forth match where every got a chance to shine
    – Raymond Rowe is out with Hanson post match with his arm in a brace. Puts Hanson over big and promises War Machine will come back and take over ROH
    – Elgin comes in through the crowd with a guy with a video camera and said Hanson will be greater Rowe. Elgin hits Hanson and runs leaving the guy with him to get destroyed by War Machine

    Kazarian def Roderick Strong with the unprettier
    – Decade comes out mid match and watches from the ramp.
    – Kazarian was thrown to the outside and got beat up by Whitmer and Page

    ROH World Tag Title
    reDRagon def The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) with chasing the dragon
    – reDRagon came with both IWGP Jr & ROH Tag Titles

    ROH returns on April 4, 2015

    Will Ferrera def Adam Page with a roll up after Roderick strong distracts Page.
    – After the match Strong beat up Page and Whitmer with Will’s help. Strong teased shaking hands with Will but did not

    ROH TV Title
    Jay Lethal def RD Evans to retain and end the streak after Moose hit a speak on Evans
    – Crowd was split for Lethal and Evans
    – Truth and Veda get ejected after both pulled Todd Sinclair out of the ring during a pin.

    Adam Cole def Christopher Daniels with the Jay Driller
    – Really good back and forth match

    ROH World Title
    Jay Briscoe def ACH with the Jay Driller
    – ACH was by far the favorite though ACH got a lot of chants
    – Jay got on the microphone and puts over ACH as the future of wrestling.

    Really good show overall. Not event of the year but everything was good and no bad matches took place.

    Pwponderings. Edited the description of the end of the TV title match since the ROH recap vid says something completely different.

    Seems like a good lil' show
  2. Cole/Daniels sounds good. I have no doubts in my mind Daniels carried him to a superb performance.
  3. Daniels vs. Cole was meh, honestly. Not a big fan of the match.
  4. Just done watching this. It was a good show!

    - Ciampa vs The Romantic Touch was a good, entertaining match. Ciampa fn' rules!

    - Moose vs Hanson vs BJ Whitmer vs Mark Briscoe was decent. I liked how they let everyone shine in this one, especially in the closing moments of the match. Seeing Elgin back in that post-match segment made me wanna vomit. However, I did enjoy the beating War Machine gave to that camera guy.

    - Kazarian vs Strong was good, most definitely. I liked it.

    - The Kingdom vs reDRagon for the World Tag Title was a good, entertaining match. I liked it a lot.

    - Skipped Page vs Ferrera

    - Jay Lethal vs RD Evans for the ROH TV Title was pretty darn decent, I thought.

    - Adam Cole vs Chris Daniels was good for what it was. But I expected so much more out of it.

    - Jay Briscoe vs ACH for the ROH World Championship was MOTN, imo.

    Looking forward to seeing Final Battle! It's gonna be rad!
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