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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Trip in the Head, Nov 4, 2014.

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  1. I made this thread to try and keep the cinematic and comic book universe discussions separate.

    Recently Marvel has been releasing "teasers" of many of their past story lines and franchises (Infinity Wars, Avengers vs X-Men, Civil War, even the 90's X-Men Animated series). The newest teaser just says "Everything Ends" with a date of Spring 2015 attached to it. What do you guys think is going on?

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    @GrammarNazi82 and @Just Kevin
  2. They are retelling, in a new way, their best selling story lines before ultimately revealing a tie between the retellings and originals which will cause a massive reaction which in turn will end one of the many dimensions in the Marvel universe.

    and, yeah, seriously I have no clue... I just know I'll be reading.
  3. I still haven't even read all my other comics.. I have about 1400 just chilling.. I read one every two days on average because I don't have time so I use them as bathroom reading material.. I'm about to start my Dr. Strange ones I picked up off ebay the other day for essentially pennies.. It was the first 40 comics of the Doctor Strange Vol.2 collection from the early mid 70s til about the late 80s I got the 40 of them for $25 + $2.95 shipping, each came in it's own individual plastic sleeve.
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  4. I'm actually trying to sell my entire physical comic book collection.. they are taking up too much room. I've already replaced them all with digital copies.
  5. I'd rather have the physical copies myself. I like holding the comic in my hands when I read it. The feel of the paper, oooooooo.............JK

    And nice Sharpy! Thats how I completed my X-Men run basically. I have a whole bunch of doubles.
  6. Ooooohh very intriguing! Will be interesting to read all the speculations on this and see what's going on in the comics that might tie in with it.
  7. Feel free to let me know if I can take any of those off your hands for you. :ksi:
  8. Good luck man, the market is pretty trashy right now, your best bet is to sell them in clumps.. OR take the whole inventory down and sell them altogether.. unless you have some decently rare ones then I would definitely take those out of the picture and sell those ones individually if possible.. 2 years back I had like 2400 different about 200-300 were duplicates of some that were already in there and taking inventory of that took me a month or so (was also working full time and school full time when that process started).. It took me like 4 months before I finally sold them for something within the minimum range of what I was looking for.
  9. Same here! *shoves GN*

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  10. I've been piecing it out in lots on Ebay for nearly a year and a half now... started out with 4,000+ individual books, now down to around 1200... all my rarer comics went in my first week of selling (made nearly $4,000 in my first week lol). Now I'm done to a bunch of indy comics and some series stuff left. I haven't looked at them in nearly 2 months now.. they're just sitting here.

    I'd have to get an inventory together.. no telling how long that would take, but I'll let you guys know.
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  11. oh :okay:
  12. I do still have The Incredible Hulk 1-6 from 1962-63... I'll give you a deal.. $4,000 for the 6 books.
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  13. As a guy usually who despises superhero blockbusters, is GOTG any good?
  14. I enjoyed it and was pretty surprised. I keep telling people who ask that question that my mother even enjoyed the movie - and she too does not enjoy the superhero blockbuster type movies. She took my nephew to see it. She admitted it was Groot's character that she liked about it. And the music in the soundtrack which is mostly 70's stuff I think.
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  15. I loved GotG, I'm more excited for Marvel's Inhumans as well as DC's Suicide Squad movies, I like the low key comics by the major companies.. The GotG comics are pretty sweet as well, I've only read like 5 of them but I like how they're done for sure.
  16. So... new release day..

    All New Captain America #1 was released... Sam aka Falcon has official taken over the role of Captain America and goes on his first major mission with Capt. Rogers in his ear.. great action and well written.. the ending really has me looking forward to the next issue.

    Thor #2.. so at the end of issue #1 you see her pick up Mjolnir.. in this issue we see her use it.. there were some funny parts as she tries to figure out how to wield Mjolnir and the powers it has bestowed upon her.. so far so good.. great writing by Jason Aaron as always.

    Mostly everything else I read today was either DC or independent... not too busy a day in comics really.
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  17. I'm not a Cap fan, but I had my favorite / semi-local comic shop add the Stephen Colbert variant cover to my pull file, so I may or may not actually give it a read.

    Thor #1 is also in my pull file, which I'll eventually go see them and get. Wasn't 100% thrilled with the decision to take on the whole female role for the character, but am admittedly curious how that goes, so I want to check it out. Plus I'm a sucker for Jason Aaron's writing. I'm also looking forward to checking out the Thor Annual in February -- already pumped for it.

    Haven't gotten to read comics in quite a while (stupid, crazy work lately), but have plenty in my "to read" pile, plus others waiting for me at the comic shop (along with the Catwoman and Wonder Woman Bombshell prints, woot!).
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