General Managers?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Leo C, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. So, the current GMs are AJ for Raw and Booker T for SD. How would you evaluate their performances in this role so far? Are you enjoying them? If not, would you replace them? With whom? Would you drop the GM character altogether? Thoughts.
  2. A.J is annoying as G.M, she's been overused and we see her like 6-7 times a night. She completely ruins segments.

    Booker is okay I suppose. I just want them fired already and get Flair in there.
  3. I'm enjoying them fine. They're doing great. :vince:
  4. I also think Booker is OK, while AJ is really annoying and overexposed, after a few roles she did really well (with DB and then when she turned crazy) they put her in this GM thing, I think she's not being utilized properly. I'd like it if Flair replaced one of them or both.
  5. Yes, we share the same view therefore we're both correct. :smug:
  6. :obama: I like your way of thinking.
  7. :sad:
  8. A.J is probably the most annoying person in WWE right now.
    Booker T is fine.
  9. They both suck. It's like Booker came back as the annoying King Booker and became GM except I can sit through a King Booker promo. AJ is just eh, like the whole crazy gimmick is stale, but she's from jersey so I can't complain :otunga: