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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Danielson, Oct 30, 2013.

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  1. This is a thread to discuss all things MCU, whether it's Phase 1, Phase 2, Agents of SHIELD, or the upcoming Phase 3. - @Action Jackson
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  2. SWEET!! Thanks Danielson!

    OK so... let's pick up where we left off in that other thread. Loki's totally going to screw Thor over, that's a given. My next question is when will the introduce the concept of the Infinity Gems? Thanos is the big bad for Avengers 3. I wonder if maybe they'll wait for Guardians of the Galaxy to start on that.
  3. I thought I was the only person on WWEF to like/love the MCU. :emoji_grin:
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  4. Nope. I love comics and I love what Marvel has done since Iron Man. It's a dream come true.
  5. Same here guys. @Danielson I'm jelly you started this thread actually. Damn it!
    Sounds logical
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  6. Loki is still an agent of Thanos I would assume. Maybe not though, he failed Thanos, unless he can get the Tesseract/Casket/Cosmic Cube for Thanos in Thor: Dark World.
  7. Did he ever actually meet Thanos in the movie universe?
  8. No I think he only went through that middleman with the hella extra fingers.
  9. So I wouldn't think he would STILL be working for them. Would he jump to their side if it suited his needs though? In a heartbeat, no doubt
  10. If he's not with them, it's not his choice. Thanos holds all the cards. And it was said by the middleman in Avengers that if Loki failed them, there would be dire consequences for him.
  11. I think that middleman is Annihilus. They have changed things here and there for the movies so it wouldn't surprise me.
  12. Yeah I like how it closely resembles the comics, but it has it's own identity. With Iron Man I'm consistently surprised and pleased how they manage to include bits and pieces of 40-50 years of continuity, but make it fresh and surprising. A strong example of that is Ben Kingsley's role in Iron Man 3. Aldrich Killian revealing himself as The Mandarin and even doing a little Extremis fire breathing which reminded me of Fin Fang Foom! lol
  13. Just saw that recently actually. They did a really good job with the movie. Although I thought Rescue (the suit anyway) would make an appearance.
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  14. lol I loved how between Avengers and Iron Man 3, he'd made around 30+ suits of armor.
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  15. That all work on their own too
  16. He's Tony fuckin' Stark!

    To be fair they don't work on their own, the sexy beast known as Jarvis controls them
  17. I suppose thats true

  18. It's kind of subjective really. Even if Jarvis is controlling them, they're still not at all controlled by Tony. I don't mean to split hairs about this shit, I just get excited about my Marvel shit.
  19. No thats fine. I mean, at one point he was controlling a suit with just a headpiece he had on right? Then Pepper realized he wasn't in the suit when he wouldn't open the visor.

    I'm a HUGE Marvel fan BTW. Still have a monthly subscription to Uncanny X-Force (which is awesome BTW, just saw the return of Bishop). My crowning achievement (for me anyway) is that I have every issue of the first run of X-Men (not Uncanny, just X-Men). I don't collect for $$$ reasons or anything, I just like to read the books. And most of the time the artwork is great!
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  20. I haven't kept up with monthly issues in years and years. It's so hard for me to remind myself to do it. I keep up with the comics through trade paperbacks or reading up on Wikipedia lol.

    I read up last night on what they're doing in Superior Spider-Man and it sounds fucking brilliant. I did buy a few issues of All New X-Men and I loved the concept.

    I may start subscribing through the mail.
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