WrestleMania General Predictions

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. Winners, match order, match times, etc.

    1. Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Sheamus wins by last eliminating Big Show. 12 minutes.
    Really hard to predict, but Sheamus is always booked so strongly, and Show seems too obvious.
    2. John Cena v Bray Wyatt: Wyatt wins via pinfall (with interference from Harper/Rowan). 20 minutes.
    I'm 50/50 on this one, but they need to have a heel winning a match at this Mania, so Bray.
    3. Diva's Championship Invitational: Emma wins. 8 minutes.
    No idea, not really paying attention to this angle, but AJ will drop the belt.
    4. The Undertaker v Brock Lesnar: Undertaker wins via pinfall. 22 minutes.
    5. The Shield v The Authority: The Shield wins via (Reigns) pinfall. 12 minutes.
    Unless they're planning to resume the Shield split angle, they are obviously going over.
    6. Daniel Bryan v Triple H: Bryan wins via pinfall. 25 minutes.
    Batista and Randy come out moments after.
    7. Randy Orton (c) v Batista v Daniel Bryan: Bryan wins via submission. 20 minutes.
    No interference or bs like that. Orton taps.

    There's usually like 1.75/2 hours of actual wrestling so this should be no different, despite people complaining about a lack of matches.
  2. AG BR: Sandow wins; 14 minutes.
    Cena v. Wyatt: Wyatt wins; 18 minutes.
    Diva's Championship Invitational: Tamina wins; 9 minutes.
    DB vs HHH: HHH wins; 26 minutes.
    Shield v Authority: Shield wins by Spearing/Pinning Kane. 14 minutes.
    The Undertaker v Brock Lesnar: Taker wins; 18 minutes.
    Orton (c) v Batista v HHH: HHH wins; 20 minutes.
  3. Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal - Also going to say Sheamus for the win by lastly taking out Big Show. HHH has too much of a hard-on for Sheamus to see him not winning this.

    John Cena v Bray Wyatt - Going for a Bray Wyatt victory here after Cena finally gets put away due to approximately 27 Sister Abigail's.

    Diva's Championship Invitational - Aj Lee to win this. I'm only saying this because AJ has been jobbing her fine ass off recently. I also never concentrate on a Diva's match long enough to really know who is going to win this.

    The Undertaker v Brock Lesnar - 99% certain of Taker winning after he has kicked out of maybe three F-5's?

    The Shield v The Authority - Also 99% certain The Shield will win this. Pretty sure NAO will resume their training jobs within the WWE once WM season has finished up so I see them losing pretty convincingly.

    Daniel Bryan v Triple H - Bryan to beat HHH. Unless the WWE is planning a major swerve I think DB has this one in the bag.
    Randy Orton (c) v Batista v Daniel Bryan - Going to be a crazy bastard and go for an Orton win...:goatface: if there is to be some sort of shock on the cards then it may happen in the main event.
  4. Tag Team 4-Way - I'd expect one of the heel teams to win or the Matadors to win and turn heel by pinning another of the heel teams (meaning that the Usos never got pinned) to set up a feud with whichever team and the Usos going into the summer.

    Battle Royal - Rusev (who's been strangely absent from all of this) makes an appearance and eliminates Show to win

    Divas - I'm split on this between AJ retaining or Natalya winning

    Cena/Wyatt - Wyatt dominates the match physically but Cena miraculously pulls out the win only for Harper and Rowan to come in and destroy him.

    Undertaker/Lesnar - Undertaker wins.

    Shield/Authority - I'm split on this one, too. If they push for a Shield breakup sooner rather than later, expect Ambrose or Rollins (just to make it a curve ball) to turn on the Shield and allow the Authority to get the victory. If they're keeping Shield together for a face run, they'll win, probably with Reigns pinning Kane.

    HHH/DBD - DBD wins. I expect this match to open the actual show.

    Batista/RKO/DBD - I expect shenanigans (as I've said before) with HHH coming out and trying to cost Bryan the win only for someone to interject themselves into the situation (a lot of people expect Hogan....I doubt it, but you never know). In the meantime, Bryan gives Orton the "Knee Plus" and pins him to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

  5. I believe HHH will try to interfere but fail. This Mania feels like a early 90's, late 80's Mania where the good guys just destroy the shit
  6. Jobber Battle Royal: Cody Rhodes. They may as well use this to start the Brotherhood breakup, they've gotta be in there for a reason.
    Divas' Clusterfuck: Summer Rae: Pick... kinda from the heart? She's the best heel in WWE that doesn't have an H in her name... more importantly she's on Total Divas
    Shield match: Shield win, shortest match on the card.
    Tag title preshow match: Usos retain, pinning Axel
    Taker vs Lesnar: Undertaker kicks out of 18 F5, 2 kayfabe broken arms, and a shotgun shot to the face to go to 22-0
    Cena vs Wyatt: Wyatt wins clean. There's no reason for that not to happen.
    DB vs HHH: Triple H. Really feel like the story of this show is them wanting to put Batista over. They haven't been building to the triple-threat with Bryan, Hunter has all the build.
    Triple Threat: Batista, with Hunter and Orton around he'll be the biggest face there. Prove me wrong, WWE.
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  7. Lesnar legit injures Undertaker
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    Pre-Show: Fatal 4 Way Tage Team Title Match - Usos (c) vs Los Matadores vs Real Americans vs Rybaxel - Usos retain, 16 mins.

    Show Opener: Daniel Bryan vs HHH - Daniel Bryan wins, 23 mins.
    2. Vickie Guerrero Divas Invitational for the Divas Title- Summer Rae vs Emma vs Rosa Mendes vs Tamina Snuka vs Nikki Bella vs Brie Bella vs Naomi vs Cameron vs Eva Marie vs Natalya vs Aksana vs Alicia Fox vs Layla vs AJ Lee (c) - AJ Lee retains, 14 mins.
    3. John Cena vs Bray Wyatt - Bray Wyatt wins clean, 19 mins.
    4. Andre the Giant Memorial 30 Man Battle Royal - Big Show wins, 27 mins.
    5. Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar - Taker wins, 22 mins.
    6. Kane and The New Age Outlaws vs The Shield - Kane pins Reigns after Ambrose turns heel and helps Kane get the win, 16 mins.
    7. Triple Threat for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Batista vs Randy Orton (c) vs Daniel Bryan - Bryan wins the title with a clean pin on Batista despite attempted interference from HHH who is stopped by CM Punk on his way to interfere in the match , 24 mins.
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  9. I legitimately cracked up at "a shotgun blast to the face".


    Show Spoiler

    I want this to happen so bad (except I want him to pin Orton).


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  10. Daniel Bryan defeats Triple H and then later pins/forces Randy Orton to submit to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This way, Batista can walk away without having been directly defeated by Bryan himself, which they can then save for their one-on-one rivalry later on.

    Undertaker goes to 22-0. Hopefully after three consecutive tombstones. Brock should prove to be too much for Taker to just put down with just one or even two tombstone piledrivers.

    Bray Wyatt pins Cena. Likely after some form of interference on Rowan and Harper's part.

    The Shield go over, clearly. Ambrose turning on the other two is a possibility, but I'm not feeling that at all and reports as recent as yesterday say that The Shield already have programs lined up for them after Wrestlemania that requires them to remain together as a group. I'd only bet on them splitting in the Summer.

    Alexander Rusev will enter himself into the Battle Royal on the pre-show and then go on to win it.

    The Usos retain the Tag Team Championships, by pinning either Ryback or Axel.

    AJ will barely manage to slip away from the Diva's Invitational with the championship still intact. I see her stealing Tamina's pin fall after Tamina destroys one of the other Divas. This will cause some tension and set up a program between them for after Wrestlemania where Tamina will likely win the championship.
  11. Orton will retain the title...
  12. Action Jackson to make an appearance.
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