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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Roadster, Feb 2, 2015.

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    For DDT, BJW, Dragon Gate, NOAH and so on. Please no New Japan, All Japan or Dragon Gate discussion, since there's already a thread for those.
  2. DDT is the best. They're having a loaded Saitama show on 2/15.

  3. One of the best matches on their 1/3 card.
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  4. I have NOAH 2/4 ready from the torrent website. I hope it's good, but I'm sure it will be. New Year's Navigation was a great show with some of the best tag action NOAH has put on in the last 5 years. I loved most of it, other than some old hags nearly killing people.
  5. Well now I'm confused, you said no New Japan discussion in the OP. Then you post about New Japan.....

    On topic: Shiozaki vs Miyahara is set for the Triple Crown. Just needs a date. Looks like a fun match.
  6. ....:steiner:

    Spot, Bort told me you're a big DG fan, correct?
  7. Hiding the evidence ey?

    And yes. I think I am the only true and honest DG fan on here outside of @Larsosc.
    I am 99% sure that I am the only one who regularly keeps up with the product on here outside of bort. But I don't think he watches regularly.
  8. Bort told me he only watches DDT, and some other mumbo jumbo.

    What were your opinions on New Years Gate (Collectively)? That's the only full Dragon Gate (Japan) show(s) I've ever watched and I thought it was great.
  9. AJ
    Hard Hit

    I watch everything from those. The rest I cherry-pick.
  10. What was the most recent BJW show you watched?
  11. Actually I haven't seen anything from 215 yet, gotta binge it one of these days.
  12. Just saw BJW 2/9 has been floating around the torrents.

  13. Poor Dancing K got himself a nice brand new GO! glasses, but somehow it always ends up being stolen by someone else, which means the absolute highlight of everything I’ve ever seen in my life was Great Kojika jammin’ to Go Tokyo and laying some smackdown on everyone in the ring. Good times.

  14. Bort, have you seen Sweet Dreams in it's entirety?
  15. Bort, have you seen DDT 1/25 in it's entirety?
  16. Cool. I'm planning on watching it soon, RealHero has it up, but I'll rather watch it fully elsewhere.

    Also, for the Dragon Gate fans.

    http://www.openthedragongate.com - This can very well be considered Dragon Gate's own unofficial Network. It has stuff dating back to the Toryumon days. It has single matches, and full shows. Nothing past Final Gate 2014. I'm planning on watching the shows on here, as soon as I can.
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    Shame it is almost stupidly out of date, at least when it comes to infinity episodes, where they are almost a year behind.

    There are better and easier ways to watch dragon gate online
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