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  1. I know I am new and all. But, I saw something that would be pretty cool. A general non wrestling related role play section. I don't know if they are big here, but I think it would be nice to have them separated from the rest of the e-feds and BTBS. Just a quick thought. I'll go back to my corner now.
  2. Not enough people are into general roleplay on here. Also, we try to stick to our base which is wrestling. The reason we have sections like Sports, Gaming, etc., are because of how active they were discussed about in the off-topic section. We would do the same to general roleplay if it was generating enough daily content, but it's not at the moment.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. We have a roleplaying section already. It's called Internet Wrestling Titles :haha:
  6. I think he meant other than wrestling, lol.
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  8. Farooq also roleplays quite a bit. Message him, his user is Jedi Master Farooq lol
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  10. Can I be a pornstar in this role playing section? If so i'm in.
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