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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SFAeroTaker, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. Post random Slammy thoughts from the past or the Slammys tomorrow.

    I shall riot with the millions...:rock: AND THE MILLIONS... of Undertaker fans all over the world if Taker vs Punk is not the winner. And yet some categories are better than others...
  2. I think its pretty stupid and pointless.
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  3. I for one, don't like it one bit. Most categories and nominees are ridiculous.
  4. Just stupid and bro,

    Rhodes vs Shield> Punk vs Taker
  5. [​IMG]
    And I'm sorry you all hate the slammys. Hate me or not, but I don't.
  6. Hope it's used to advance/start/rekindle angles. Don't waste 'em on typical silliness
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  7. Agreed, Lesnar's up for a few awards, so why not make him return and start an angle with whoever?
  8. I'd prefer a Lesnar return at the Rumble.
  9. Brock vs Reigns should happen, start it out as each looking to be the dominant beast as heel vs heel then edge Roman face through his natural fuck you I'm a sexy badass champ charisma.
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  10. You can have Heyman come out and tease his return or even announce his entry in the Rumble.
  11. If Taker/Punk wins Match of The Year, I could see this as a way of planting the seeds for Lesnar/Taker. Have Heyman mention a few words about how Punk couldn't get the job done against Taker but if Brock were in the ring with him instead, things would have ended differently. Even just a passing comment like that can get people thinking about the match and anticipating it.
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  12. Sounds like an appealing idea.
  13. Ehh, Slammys are alright. I just see it as a "fun" addition for WWE, I really don't take the show or awards seriously. Of course I think Rhodes/Shield(Match of the Year), Daniel Bryan(Superstar of the Year), AJ Lee(Diva of the Year) and Titus's puking(LOL of the Year) should win.
  14. Daniel for superstar of the year and beard of the year
  15. When someone who should have won didn't and you get pissed and throw the remote.

    Dead Man Walkin'
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