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    Share your thoughts & question on WWE which don't deserve their own thread here, they could be funny, intresting, or down weird it doesn't matter.

    Eg: When did Khali & Natalya become a couple?

    Can someone plz change this thread title to "Your Random WWE thoughts & Questions" I would appreciate it.
  2. Why do people still watch this garbage?
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  3. As compared to all reality tv its still 100% better.
  4. Its not all that bad, RAW just has alot of squash matches, Smackdown is improving A LOT, Main Event is good for pure wrestling and no promos, Superstars is shit but on occasion you get a decent match, PPVs are good although Mania was okay, NXT is the best overall.
  5. Will they find any new kind of animals when Bryan trims down the beard?
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  6. :jesse:I think they will find a new species in there.
    Why is it when a wrestler turns heel they suddenly become a coward
  7. Wrestling is fake.
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  8. I'd have to agree..
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