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  1. Can we add a General Wrestling section for things that cover all promotions?

    Example: Best Event This Month, We take an event from WWE, TNA, ROH, PWG and NJPW and vote on who had the best one.

    Example 2: Make Your Mega Roster, You have 45 slots, Make a roster of Wrestlers from any promotion and book your first show.

    Example 3: Match Of The Month, Everyone nominates their favourite match of the month from any promotion and everyone votes on the best.

    Example 4: Man Of The Month, Everyone nominates who has been having the best performances this month which includes, Matches, Interviews, Promos and Character.

    This can even be made sub section in General WWE/F
  2. Example 1: Those kind of threads go in the other wrestling section, or the General WWE section.

    Example 2: Be the booker is where you want to go with that.

    Example 3: See example 1.

    Example 4: See example 1 and 3.

    There is no real need for it. We don't need too many sections. I don't see how this section or subsection would benefit the site when we have two perfectly good sections that can handle most of what you seem to want.
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  3. Okay, Was just an idea as I didn't know if to put it in General WWE/F or not. Thanks for the info on that, You can close this now :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Will do.
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