Kayfabe Generic Fighting Spirit Rant!

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    Alice and the Precision Doctor Christopher Amann are walking down a corridor, with Doctor Amann showing concern for Alice's well being (That's a first).
    Doctor Amann: I strongly advise that you take the week off!
    Alice: Come on man, look. I'm fine, see?!
    Alice does a little pose and puts on a cheesy smirk.
    Doctor Amann: I'm being serious Alice, the Powerbomb you took on the stage 2 weeks ago, and not to mention the 4 you took at Night Of Champions, we've done the tests and you know full well that you're concussed so why in the hell did you tell the GM that you're fine? You're clearly not!
    Alice: The match is official and that's that! Yeah, Buster Powerbombed the crap out of me at Night Of Champions and I kept kicking out, I went into that freaking match with a concussion and I'm still standing so don't tell me that I can't compete because you're shouting into deaf ears... I got another chance to win that World Title and I'm gonna prove that I deserve it so piss off, I'm competing whether you like it or not. Generic fighting spirit rant over, I gotta address the fans so we'll speak later.
    Alice walks away from Amann and begins to try and convince himself that he's fine while heading towards the unfortunately still not official "Alice Position".
    Alice: He don't know what he's talking about... Why don't he just do what he normally does and show no concern for a wrestler's well being? Fucking idiot.
    Producer: Language!
    Alice walks into the "Alice Position" and makes a B-line for the curtain to the the stage, prompting the Sound Guy to rush to hit his music and a new, rock version of Barbie Girl blasts through the arena just as Alice walks out onto the stage, causing the fans to give a damn loud pop.

    Alice bursts through the curtain and head straight down the ramp and into the ring, quickly signalling for a mic, pretty damn serious stuff.

    Alice: The problem with being in the main events of PPV's is that you have to build the match with promo's even if you really don't want to but here I am, doing my job because I actually do give a damn about this place, the product and the fans that watch it. Which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for Buster Gates. So, he won the title and left like the no good, selfish, Bork Laser had sex with a Power Ranger and out he came bastard that we all knew he was. Ya know, I'm actually sorry because I feel like it's my fault that we still don't have a champion. I should have done better, fought harder and dug down deeper and trust me when I say that I won't make that mistake again. I went into that match with a concussion because I acted stupid and slapped an innocent person and I'm sorry about that but I'm not going to be that stupid again, I've got another chance to give this company a champion it deserves. I promise that once this is all set and done that I'll be back out here, doing what I love and entertaining you but for right now, I've got to fix the damage that Buster Gates caused and to do that, I've got to get to Money In The Bank and be at 100% which considering that I've got doctors begging for me to take time off, looks like an uphill battle but, I can't trust anyone other than myself to win that title at this stage so it's a battle I've got to win and that means I've got to beat all of my opponents convincingly and if I've got to run though everyone then fine. So, Toni Stark, it looks like Billy Bob Bronson took the week off and left us to compete in a one on one and I'm sorry but this week, I'm not going to joke around. I'm not going to go easy or be nice. I'm going to run straight through you and that's that.
    Alice, with this last message, drops the microphone and exits the ring as is music plays. The show cuts to a commercial break.

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