Generico's indy farewell

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Jan 14, 2013.

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  2. I haven't gotten to see this yet, but will definitely check it out after work.
  3. I havent seen much of him, but its good for people to get that goodbye and thank you, both sides.
  4. Never heard him speak before, now I know why. His French accent is super thick. I guess he'll be like Sin Cara and not talk in WWE due to this accent.
  5. well that didn't do Sin Cara any good, now did it?
    He needs to speak, otherwise he won't get very far.
  6. Is he french?
  7. He's made a career off of not speaking anything other than a few words in Spanish and screaming Ole! and still became the best babyface in wrestling arguably and the biggest indy wrestler.
  8. Wait actually he isn`t mexican rey or cara oh..thought he was:upset:
  9. From Quebec, Canada.


    That means he did his job perfectly. Don't know too many red headed Mexicans though.
  10. Well....I havent seen him yet ..I mean i just saw a tribute video..he wears a mask , he has highflying moves and his name means something weird in spanish ...
  11. Watch more, he's awesome!
  12. :yes: Ill , he is joining the WWE isnt him?
  13. Yep, try and watch his feud with Kevin Steen. Brutally violent matches that tell great stories.
  14. His name would translate to generic (More precisely, The Generic One, but still), I believe he's supposed to be just that, a generic luchador so to speak. Heard about him before and watched his first match today, vs Steen, Ladder War IV. Awesome stuff.
  15. So ..its actually worth it to watch some indy stuff sometimes right?
  16. Ladder war was insane! Those guys know how to work together so well.
  17. Definitely. Whilst WWE has the biggest spectacles in wrestling, the best pure wrestling is found on the independent scene.
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