Genesis 2012 LIVE Discussion Thread 1/8/2012

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  1. I'm not sure how much interest they'll be however I'll be watching it tomorrow so if anyone wants a pc friendly way of watching it PM me and I'll pass you the link.

    The start times are 1am UK and 9pm US I believe.

    The card looks really strong imo Angle vs Storm and Hardy vs Roode have potential to be really good. The X-Divison match should be a good spot fest with some A Double magic sprayed in. Even the womens match should be good between two good workers.

    1 Bobby Roode (c) vs. Jeff Hardy Singles match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Background : Hardy: returned asking for one more shot starting a feud with Jarret this led to a Hardy pinning Jarret 3 times at turning point. This lead to a cage match at final resolution were Hardy beat Jarret to become number one contender for the WHC. Roode: Won the BFG series lost to Kurt angle after Kurt held onto the ropes at BFG. This lead to Angle vs Storm at the next impact. Storm won after the last call superkick in about 1 minute. Roode turned heel in his match the following Impact after a good match by hitting Storm with his signature beer bottle putting Storm out with a concussion. This lead to AJ styles coming out to get revenge on his former fourtune stablemate for his attack on Storm. Roode won whilst holding the tights at Turning point and final resolution ( this ended in a 3-3 draw.) The two had another match the following impact with Roode retaining. Prediction : Roode

    2 Kurt Angle vs. James Storm Singles match - Angle lost the belt to Storm. Storm was attacked two weeks after being left boodied in the locker room before his rematch with Roode. The following week Angle attacked Storm again leading to a match at Final Resolution which Storm won. Prediction : Angle

    3 D'Angelo Dinero vs. Devon Singles match- Pope and Devon teamed for abit after Devon's kids took to Pope this lead to them getting a shot at then champs Mexican America at no surrender they then faced current champs Morgan and Crimson at Final resolution and lost leading to Devon's kids and Pope turning on Devon the following impact. Prediction Pope.

    4 Gail Kim (c) vs. Mickie James Singles match for the TNA Women's Knockout Championship - Gail came back to TNA alligned her self with the VP of the knockouts division, Karen Jarret then ended up winning the title from velvet at Turning point, going on to defend it against Mickie at Turning Point after interference from Madison Rayne. Prediction - Gail

    5 Abyss vs. Bully Ray Monster's Ball match with the stipulation, if Abyss loses, he rejoins Immortal- Abyss was the original man who warned of they coming to TNA on 10/10/10 this turned out to be immortal. Fast forward just over 13 months Abyss was beginning to become the scapegoat for the failing immortal. This lead to Abyss being beaten by all members of immortal turning him face in the process. This lead to a match against Gunner which ended with Gunner fleeing the ring. Bully ray put Abyss threw a table who completely no sold it. Leading to a match at turning point which pitched formal immortal members Mr Anderson and Abyss going up against Scott Steiner and Bully Ray. Anderson and Abyss won with Abyss getting the pin on Steiner.

    6 Austin Aries (c) vs. Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Zema Ion Four-Corners match for the TNA X Division Championship - Aries beat Kendrick to win the belt at no surrender then again at BFG. At turning point Aries beat Sorrenson and Kash after Aries and Kash agreed to work together Aries won by rolling up Kash. Aries beat Kash at Final Resolution after throwing the belt into Kash's hands whilst the ref was stopping Kash from using the belt Aries hit the brainbuster and retained. Ion beat Jesse Nese in a best of 3 series 2-1 leading to him getting in the match. Prediciton - Aries

    7 Crimson and Matt Morgan (c) vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus Tag Team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship- Crimson and Matt Morgan won the belts from Mexican America on impact and have defended them against Pope and Devon at Final resolution. Joe and Magnus were part of a tournament were Participants were put into a random Tag Team and the winners got a title match. Prediction - Morgan and Crimson.

    8 Rob Van Dam vs. Gunner Singles match-Gunner had pile driven Garrett Bischoff, Jesse Neal and Douglas Williams after matches he attempted to do this to RVD who countered back dropping Gunner onto the concrete setting up this one. Predcition - RVD.

    Any predictions you want to post in here feel free.

    Too lazy to post another thread so here are the D/L for anyone who missed the show

    Credit the uploaders. The stuff from Rudos is usually the HQ.
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    Have no predictions since I don't actively watch the product, but I'll PM you for a link and create a TNA Genesis Discussion Thread tomorrow? Would probably be asking you many questions since I don't know the in-depths of most the story-lines, so be prepared :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Will give me a chance to get into TNA properly.
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    Crimson and Matt Morgan © vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus

    Crimson and Matt Morgan will dominate Samoas Joe and Magnus. I guarentee that the maych won't last more then 8 minutes. That will be my favorite match of thge night. That, and Abyss annihilating Bully Ray.
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    I just bought me a good HQ stream for 6$ and I can't wait to watch it. A lot of good matchups tonight.

    Personally, I wanna see Joe & Magnus win.
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    Hope to see Magnus and Joe win but I'd be suprised with how much they're protecting Crimson. Why they aren't pushing Magnus I still don't understand.
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    I think they pushed him on Xplosion and I'm not sure if hes in the Ring Ka King thing in India but I'm sure he is getting pushed there also. I'm just waiting for the day that they ruin his character and try to make him a Wolverine style just because he looks like Hugh Jackman lmfao.

    Also, I think Joe will beat Morgan. Crimson will get pissed at Morgan and their feud will start again. At least, that would be cool (even though Crimson is still green as goose shit.)
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    Renamed this thread so people know it's the discussion thread. Will sticky it as well for those wanting to watch TNA tonight and discuss it here. I'll be doing so, will PM you soonish seabs :emoji_slight_smile:.
  8. Will be watching this tonight, no work tomorrow :emoji_heart:.
  9. What time does it start?
  10. 1 am uk time which country are you from?
  11. 1am UK time. Dunno how far ahead of us you are where you're from. 3am yeah?
  12. Yep 3am.
    Won't be online, have school tomorrow.
  13. Perfect timing for that smiley.

    Unlucky :emoji_slight_frown:
  14. I have school tomorrow too, but I'll be on most likely. I wouldn't miss a PPV it my life depended on it :emoji_wink:
  15. Never knew you were into TNA RKO :O.
  16. @[RKO] I couldn't care less about school but I need to sleep :emoji_slight_frown:
  17. I'm into TNA, but not near as much as WWE. I pretty much only watch TNA because of Sting and Angle...... and Mickie James :love:
  18. Mickie :loved:.

    Awesome, see you here tonight in the thread. Exactly 3 hours and 42 minutes.
  19. Oh definately. You know what would be really cool though? If I was there, live at a TNA or WWE PPV, doing a live webshow here on WF. That would make for a greay WF news thread :emoji_grin:
  20. That'd be insane, lol.

    What time would it be where you're from tonight? 9pm?