Spoiler Genesis Spoilers (23/1/2014)

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Nano, Jan 19, 2014.

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  1. Seems like a nice show. Didn't really like Gunner over James if I'm honest because I'd love to see some more of this feud and I feel this is the end for these two men. Other than that, some results were predictable, but who cares? I just want to see the matches.
  2. So the Wolves did not debut again? Hmm I wonder why they were even brought to Huntsville to begin with.
    Also Spud v Samoa Joe what kinda match was that haha.
  3. Hope they debut soon. Want them to debut soon. Probably TNA think they still need some more training but hope to see them in the main roster soon.
  4. Oh yeah me too, I think they will help out that tag team division pretty nicely considering there's not much going on there.
    Would've been awesome to debut at Genesis but we'll see them soon enough I suppose.
  5. This may sound crazy, but what if they debut at a PPV? Lockdown for example.
  6. Technically Genesis was a PPV that they turned into a free one that's why I thought they would Debut there, but Idk I think LD would be a little too far away, they might try and build a quick feud or something between now and then.
  7. Sooooo.......... does this mean Sting's off to the "E"?
  8. TNA isn't a good company anymore.
  9. It is, but you've got to make an effort and forget about the bad things going around...
  10. There's way too much bullshit to forget.
  11. But if you do forget it then TNA will be a good company. It's like "hey, Dixie just released AJ Styles." And yes, we all miss AJ but that doesn't mean TNA still has some good talents and can make good and entertained shows.
  12. And yes Kurt's career is ending, and Sting is leaving, and there's gonna be another super-heel group after Dixie's bullshit is done and it will be a continuing cycle until TNA no longer has a roster. Yeah, I'll forget about it. :jericho:
  13. Yes. Thank goodness.

    Dying to know how Spud vs Joe is made backstage. Can't see any way Dixie would put Spud in the ring with Joe.
  14. You mean you like that he's going to the "E" because you get to see him there or you hate him so much you don't want to see him in TNA?
  15. It's a weird situation. Seeing Sting in a WWE Ring would be cool, at Wrestlemania the spectacle would triumph everything. Would be a great way to end his career. I don't want to see him vs Taker though, but there's nobody else for him to interact with. He'd be great as a guest host or on commentary...

    I don't like Sting (or legends in general), but gotta agree with that. Thrilled he's leaving TNA, nobody benefits from him being there.
  16. At least he brings some reaction to the company (as we saw at Genesis pt. 1). But, I agree that Sting vs Taker shouldn't happen. It'll just be a "I broke my hip" fest.
  17. 16 + 7 = 23

    OP, learn math. It's Jan. 23rd
  18. Used the calendar, don't know why I looked at January the 21st... Editting now.
  19. uh, Velvet in a cage? Anyway good to see Sting is gone
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