Genius type films.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. What films would you recommend to someone who wants to see films about geniuses? Not documentaries, but films like Limitless, or a film based on a genius who can't really fit in. I know it's a weird request, but I like films like this.
  2. Is Tyler Durden a genius? His stance on control could justify it in some way I guess.
  3. One would assume so. One of the best movies ever.

    Ahh Xmen? Professor x.

    Rain man.

    I have some weird random Netflix movies with characters of extreme intelligence, but they usually are horribly socially awkward, ill post in a bit.
  4. Not into like mutant geniuses, want a film where some like guy with autism or something is a genius. Or someone really good with numbers, films like that. The film needs to be based on them, not other things (like fight club and X-Men).
  5. ....Search for bobby fischer?
  6. Looks more like it. Any other recommendations?
  7. Ill have to look, I have a grip around, but most of the stuff im into is TV.

    Newsroom is a dank, amazing TV show and the dude is at least close to genius level, and it keeps with real events. Ill also look through my netflix.
  8. Jimmy Neutron?
    A beautiful mind seems like it, also Dark matter?
  9. Another TV show that fits is Numbers.
  10. Don't want a TV show.

    Dark Matter looks great Seabs, going to download that later. Keep them coming.
  11. A Beautiful Mind
  12. Amadeus is that the one about Mozart or am I thinking of something else?
  13. Yes, about Mozart's life. The epitome of genius IMO.
  14. Yeah my Mum just mentioned A Beautiful Mind to me and it looks good. Adding that to the list.
  15. Speaking of your mum, is she still interested in a full helping of aids with a side of Kia?
  16. Mullholland Drive, Crayo.
  17. Testify's documentary.
  18. True dat. It was fucking fantastic, Winnie The Pooh, Tooth Fairy and Choco Ono have been bowing down to me ever since.
  19. Not really genius but whatever.

  20. Downloading.
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