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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by CM Punk, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Since it involves every wrestling company, this seems like the perfect section for this thread.

    Any who, we have many professional wrestlers and with that they're given a type of character. They could be a Heel or a Face but I'm here to talk about the "Genre". And by that I mean actually on their genre.

    For Example:

    Kane: Horror/Suspense
    The Undertaker: Horror/Thriller
    Daniel Bryan: Comedy
    John Cena: Action
    AJ Lee: Romance
    Santino: Family/Comedy

    And you get the idea. (Note how I didn't list anyone from TNA.:urm:
    but I'll say Kurt Angle as Comedy and Thriller)
    But in your perspective, which genre in wrestling do you enjoy the most?
  2. I enjoy serious, tehnical, catch-as-catch-can wrestling, but ocassionaly a good comedy wrestling and skits are just something you can't put on a good show without.
  3. I like the serious/badass/comedy heel types as well.
    Kurt Angle is like the perfect role for that.
  4. I get why you put daniel bryan as comedy but i'd more put him in a "technical" category, Which i would say i enjoy the most.
  5. Young Bucks/Generation Me are probably the complete package (just like Bad Influence). They're funny as hell, they can wrestle 4star, 5star matches, flawless in action, no botching, everything is just brilliant. Also, they're #2 in trolling after Bad Influence.
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