Gerald Brisco: "Wes is ready to step up"

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. In an interview with Monday Night Mayhem, Gerald Brisco talked about his son Wes competing in a high profile cage match against Kurt Angle at Lockdown.

    "He better be ready because I know Kurt Angle, and Kurt is not going to take it easy on him because he’s my son. I’ll tell you one thing – film study will help. We’ve gone over every cage match we could possibly see, and he’s been working out a game plan against Kurt. I think he’s ready to step up. I’m really happy that he's getting this opportunity against the caliber of a guy like Kurt Angle. I know Kurt from when he was with WWE. I know how he pushed people to become better in the ring with him – I’m hoping this will happen with my son. I know physically he’s ready and mentally he’s ready. I wish the best for both of them. I’m looking forward to the match, and I’m just really excited that Wes is getting this opportunity. The kid lives, eats and breathes what we do."

    He better be, I think this will be make or break for him.

  2. If he can't have a good match with Angle, he can't have a good match with anyone. We all know Kurt will give him a lot of opportunities to shine, it's up to him whether he rises to the occasion or not.
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  3. Indeed, I'm looking forward to the match because it's a big test, and a big moment for Wes. A singles match against Angle on Lockdown in a Cage will either make or break him indeed. I'm expecting a great match, I really hope I get one and that Brisco gets nothing but benefits from this.
  4. It'll be a decent match I have no doubt but he blows chunks everywhere else, remember when he made Bischoff look like Bobby Roode when they first turned on Kurt?
  5. Too bad heel Wes is - at least to me - completely uninteresting. I expected him to be the better out of him and Garett once they turned but Garett has been much better in my eyes as a heel than Wes.
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  6. Agreed Baby B isn't that bad as a lowercard heel Imo, Daddy didn't waste his sperm as much as we thought.
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  7. I really can't judge on Wes's ability because I (and none of us frankly) have seen in him a high profile, high stakes match yet.

    So lets give him a chance at Lockdown this Sunday.

    And yeah, heel Garett is awesome little heel.
  8. I've seen enough of Wes in ring from his FCW days to know that he isn't all that great. I'll give him a chance to prove me wrong but I'm not holding any high hopes.
  9. I get your point man, but FCW isn't quite a battlefield like TNA and these kinda matches.

    Like I said, Angle probably has faith in him, we'll see what they do Sunday.
  10. FCW at the time when Wes was there was a battlefield in my opinion. He had to wrestle guys like Cesaro, Rollins, Kruger, Reigns, Dalton and Sandow, arguably when FCW had its most talented roster ever.

    Wes can wrestle. I just don't think he is good at telling the story in the ring or really linking moves together. We'll see if Kurt can get it out of him.
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  11. Kurt kind of lacks psychology too so that may be a bad clash, he's not bad at it but it's similar to Punk's move execution crispness in how it stands out at times.
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