Get a load of this shit.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. [video=youtube][/video]

    Is this why people said the product was so bad back then? Holy shit people. Khali? Im pretty sure the winner is one of the girls from Modern Family.

    Let's just use this to share how seriously shitty khali is.
  2. Khali was fine when he first showed up and could move a little bit.
  3. You here to ruin the thread already?

  4. Yoshi is a lucky man.
  5. Thanks for your contribution.
  6. Get a load of this sh*t.

    Still lolling so fucking hard at Regal and Ryder after watching it so many times.
  7. Get a load of this sh*t.

    The Great Khali is an attraction tool for the Asian community especially Indians.
  8. RE: Get a load of this sh*t.

    They deserve better.
  9. RE: Get a load of this sh*t.

    However WWE look at it from a business prospective.
  10. RE: Get a load of this sh*t.

    which is why the product is so shitty at the moment.
  11. RE: Get a load of this sh*t.

    That's understandable.
  12. RE: Get a load of this sh*t.

  13. :dafuq: I hope this is sarcasm! If its not, have you lost your mind.
  14. It's not, and I haven't. And I'll prove it.

    When he FIRST came onto the pro wrestling scene everyone was on board with it. He was fresh off The Longest Yard and people were digging him. He could actually walk to the ring without looking like he was about to trip over his own dick.

    People want to pretend that Khali has been a running joke since day 1 and it's nonsense. I'm not saying the guy was an all world athlete by any means. But with his size and look he was more than formidable. He was a solid monster heel. An all time great? of course not. but people act like he was dog shit. Obviously later in his career he became dog shit. They tried to give him mic time, and stupid gimmicks and he is basically immobile at this point. Now he's a joke. but back in ~2006 he was pretty nice. He had a slick ass big boot.

    Check out his matches with Taker, Cena or HHH. They were most definitely watchable.
  15. Lol, who's Ariel?
  16. Get a load of this sh*t.

    Big Daddy Viscera vs. Great Khali - 100 m sprint, for the Olympic Gold Medal. :ryan:
  17. Wasnt watching back then at all, so all i have seen is him eliminate himself, his 3 move set, and all i ever end up doing is trying to figure out why the bottom half of his leg (knee down) is normal person sized.

    He was just a few years too late to face Kerrigan and the Oddities...etc.
  18. When has Khali ever had more than three moves? A hit to the back and a big boot, and maybe a bodyslam? His match with Kane at WM23 was a borefest.
  19. RE: Get a load of this sh*t.

    Khali makes Viscera look like Flair in comparison. :woo1:
  20. Get a load of this sh*t.

    Khali for the hall of fame!
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